Clanmother of the Nightsisters


Zethira first began to gather together other disaffected Dathomirians into a new clan of Nightsisters about 20 years ago. At first, they were a mere handful, and for nearly a decade, she kept her small following rigidly secret, hidden beyond the edges of even the most lightly explored regions of the planet, focusing them entirely on aiding her in the discovery of their forebears’ lost knowledge. In the course of this research, she discovered a method of almost perfectly masking one’s thoughts and true feelings from the awareness of even the most sensitive minds, even from within a Mindlink. Armed with this new weapon, Zethira finally began to allow her followers to actively subvert some of their former sisters who remained among the Dathomiri clans, ensuring this new technique was their first lesson before full recruitment. In this way, Zethira steadily grew her power base beneath the notice of the entire clan structure, infecting it like a cancer.

Several years ago, Zethira made another discovery, though her sisters were never aware of its full nature. Whatever it was, for some time their revered Clanmother behaved erratically, seeming almost to be at war with herself, even as she demonstrated remarkable new powers. Though their faith in their leader was eroded somewhat by her altered behavior, this newfound power proved to be extremely valuable in helping to pinpoint new recruits among the various other clans, and their numbers grew significantly.

Finally, not long ago word was brought to her of the return of Jedi to Dathomir, and Zethira’s unpredictable personality underwent another shift. She seemed suddenly galvanized with purpose, and ordered an all-out strike upon Clan Skybowl with the intent of capturing the Jedi Master visiting there. With the assistance of undercover sisters within Skybowl, and the coordination of any nearby hunting parties being more secret Nightsisters, the attack was a near-complete success, marred only by the escape of the Padawan, Yevra, during the battle.

When she and her attack force returned to their hidden territory, Zethira had the captured Jedi spirited off into the jungle, trusting almost no one to know where he had been taken. Upon her return, her followers observed that she seemed to have undergone yet another significant shift – though she appears now to be more often like her old self, she nevertheless seems to be often distracted, and she displays her increased powers less openly now, despite clearly still commanding them, perhaps even more powerfully than before. None of her subordinate Nightsisters have been able to discern precisely what is going on with their Clanmother, but the sheer magnitude of her power has so far guaranteed their continued obedience.


Zethira’s clan of origin is unknown. By the time she accepted the first of her followers as Nightsisters, she had apparently been alone in the wilds, with only a pair of males, for some time, and had replaced any original clan tattoos with those of both the ancient Nightsisters, and new ones, apparently of her own design. She has never spoken of her earlier life, and few have dared to ask.

Zethira displays less of the traditional disdain for males than many from Dathomir, and under her leadership the outcast males her clan have gathered to them have been trained not only to hunt and fight, but also in a fair amount of the magic rituals that the Nightsisters use to master the world around them. The Nightbrothers are not generally treated as equals, in part because they rarely display the mastery of magic that the Nightsisters command, but neither are they virtual slaves. Zethira maintains a close relationship with two males in particular, who have been with her longer than even her oldest Nightsisters. Their origins, too, are a mystery to the rest of the clan, but it is widely assumed that Zethira considers both to be her mates, and they are given wide latitude, and accorded effective equality by even the highest-ranking among the Nightsisters. Nor is this respect unearned – they are among the most capable warriors the clan has to offer, of either sex.


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