Yevra Pyne

Zabrak Jedi Padawan, Student of Jaylen Darach


Yevra Pyne was 14 standard years old. She had been a padawan for 2 years, after having been a Jedi Initiate for 7 years.

Though it is highly unusual, Yevra and her Master, Jaylen Darach were actually cousins—Master Darach’s mother was Yevra’s great aunt on her father’s side. Master Darach petitioned the Ossus Council for permission to train his relative at her parents’ request. Perhaps due to this, the pair were known to have an exceptionally close bond, even beyond what is normal for a Master and his Apprentice.

Tragically, in their final mission together, on the world of Dathomir, events spiraled beyond their control. Nightsisters kidnapped Yevra’s master and turned him into the vessel for dark powers. The combination of trauma from injuries sustained in his kidnapping, the stress of seeking to recover Master Darach, and the influence of Dathomir’s unusual Force signature ultimately proved too much for her mental stability. During the final hunt to reach her Master, Yevra succumbed to the hostile influence of the Nightsisters’ powers, and was ultimately slain by them.


Yevra Pyne

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