Ardus Tarkin

Seswenna Sector Senator


Senator Ardus Tarkin is a leading member of the powerful Tarkin family, which has controlled the Outer Rim industrial world of Eriadu for centuries. He is also an indirect descendant of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the infamous Imperial officer who commanded the first Death Star, and used it to destroy the world of Alderaan, though his family has worked hard over the last century to distance themselves from him.

For himself, Ardus Tarkin has risen to a position of influence through a combination of political ruthlessness and skillful use of his familial advantages. Until recently, he was the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Banking and Finance, under Senator Bail Thek. With his colleague’s assassination, Senator Tarkin has risen to become the ranking member of that committee, which wields considerable power in the Alliance. He is widely seen as friendly to the interests of the most powerful companies and individuals in the industry over which he has oversight, and was a frequent dissenter from the policies that his predecessor favored.


Ardus Tarkin

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