Founder of the Witches of Dathomir


Most of Allya’s early life is lost to history, perhaps because she went by another name than the one she is known by now. It is known that she was a Jedi Knight more than 700 years ago, during a period of time when the Old Republic used Dathomir as a penal colony. Some unspecified series of transgressions against the Jedi Code prompted her era’s Jedi Council to deem her as having fallen to the Dark Side and exile her to the prison world.

Upon arrival, Allya used her power to conquer the existing denizens and establish a matriarchal society ruled by those strong in the Force. She produced many daughters, who in turn produced for her granddaughters. It was only in the twilight of her life that she came back to the Light, and wrote her Book of Laws, establishing the guiding principles of her descendants.



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