Knights of the New Republic

The Journals of Irsin Rashos - Session 13

From the private Journals of Irsin Rashos
26:01:123 ABY; Late evening aboard Ship

(Irsin walks into view, his gait a little more shufflin than usual. He looks terrible, with a bloody gash cut through the chest of his armor, though the wound itself seems mostly healed. His face is flat, but tension in his bearing speak of suppressed pain.)

Well that could have gone better I suppose. (He winces as he moves to unbuckle his armor) Then again any fight you can walk away from…and we actually managed not to kill anyone. I wasn’t so sure about Q’ayla for awhile there, she seemed to have lost herself in the battle again. I think if she hadn’t already set her sabres on training she’d have cloven through everyone there.

Of course the very fact that we were there at all was something of a difficult situation. It would seem that the Dathomiri take the threat of a resurgent Nightsisters movement amongst them so seriously, that they call upon two Jedi they have barely met and a man they hardly refuse to acknowledge to solve all their political problems first. Perhaps then we can get to the business of saving their planet from certain doom… (Irsin chuckles until it turns to coughing causing him to double over briefly) I should probably spend some time meditating before I sleep for the night it seems…

At any rate, in truth it seems that the witch’s clan structure is their biggest weakness, and probably the primary reason such large orders of Dark Side users keep popping up on their planet. But nobody seems capable of organizing any kind of cohesive response to any sort of threat without the approval of each of the major clans. This of course requires that we get these leaders to all agree on the same thing, which is hardly an easy task.

That being said I don’t think we’d have a chance at all if not for Q’aleane. That woman certainly knows her way around a negotiation. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone capable of weaving fact in such a convincing way. Without ever saying a single untrue word, she made it clear what direction was the correct one. Brix, I’m not sure I wasn’t convinced that we needed to go charging into the jungle to root out the Nightsisters, and she wasn’t even talking to me!

Sadly Q’aleane’s silver tongue couldn’t work on a woman who had already left her sanity at the door. I’m not sure what is wrong with Devira…there’s something there that doesn’t add up. Her emotions…her face. She wasn’t reading like someone who was manipulating people for personal gain. She felt like someone who was in pain, and wanted to get revenge. I wonder if perhaps she had a loved one who was in the Sky Bowl clan? Perhaps their alliance was more than simply political…

Ah well. Perhaps I’ll talk to Q’aleane about it when we’ve all had some rest. Of course I might have had a chance to voice my thoughts were we not on a planet full of backwards chuff-sucking, self-important, mynock brains, who don’t seem to know sense when they hear it just because it came from a kriffing male. (Irsin’s voice grows in volume as he goes, and extends the last word out with all the derision he can muster) Sometimes I honestly wonder why I bother. I could be in a thousands places, doing a million things, and I shouldn’t allow such disrespectful kung treat me like that. If Devira is any indication of the strongest they can muster, it wouldn’t even take that much to show them the proper way to address people who are supposed to be here to help them! And the men are even worse. If you didn’t know better it’s almost as though they actually believe they are better off being submissive slugs crawling around on their bellies!

(Irsin takes a long deep breath) No…I don’t really mean it. I know why I’m here, and it has nothing to do with the blasted witches. Q’ayla needs help, and Q’aleane clearly can’t talk her way out of everything these backwater savages can throw at her. I’ll do what I set out to do here and help them achieve their goal. But it doesn’t mean I have to like being ignored like a servant.

Q’aleane mentioned teaching me how to mind send. I might very well take her up on that. Might not hurt to ask her about some of those Jedi Barrier techniques I’ve seen too. Getting carved up is…unpleasant.

As for Q’ayla…well…

Last night I went to her. It was…right. I said a lot that in the moment I was screaming inside my head that I was going too far, trusting too much. There is a voice, somewhat muted now, still yelling at me that I’m going to get myself killed…and maybe its right. This is a different road, with different people, but I’ve seen Love get people killed before. I guess I’m just not sure it wouldn’t be worth it anymore.

We were talking about nightmares, and what they mean when she said let on that some of her nightmares were about the things I had told her about Trasa…I nearly thought it was over then. When your mind is telling you things in your dreams you are trying to convince yourself awake aren’t true…well that battle never ends well for anyone.

But then as I was accepting the truth she comes out with the fact that she loves me…I was so taken off guard I started gibbering practically. All I could see was Morn’Arnil – and all the tender moments we’d shared, and then that last expressions I’d seen, full of contempt and hate…I don’t know if I could handle that coming from Q’ayla. I’m not sure I’d survive that again.

Anyway, when the dust settled, I had told her how I feel as well. I suppose the Mynock is out of the sack now, and there’s no going back. I also told her a bit about Arnil, and…what happened. I feel lighter…almost happy. Lords, I’d all but given up on happiness, and here I find myself, with a family of a sort, and a home, if a mobile one. All I know is that I have something worth fighting for, something worth having here. And I’ll be a pile of Hutt slime before I let a bunch of renegade Sith wannabe witches take that away.

(Irsin reaches up and switches off the holocron, a look of determination having replaced the one of exhaustion from before)



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