Knights of the New Republic

Session 1 - Q’ayla Ren's Journal


I am a Jedi Knight.

Wait, let me hear that again…


[playback] I am a Jedi Knight.

Wait, let-[stop]


Yep – that sounds pretty good.


What a day, though. I’m just getting back to my room, and there’s so much to talk about! The knighting ceremony – Master Ang was able to make it from Ossus, and it was so good to see him again! The ceremony itself was humbling to say the least, but I also felt so much pride to be standing amongst the Council as a full Knight of the Jedi. No matter how much my personal beliefs might stand in conflict with the Jedi Code, I was reminded today of how honored I am to call these people my teachers, comrades, and friends.

Hmm, let’s see… Q’aleane’s Padawan braid was gone, which she still hasn’t fully explained to me yet. Instead, she used a stand-in during the knighting ceremony… it was weird. Oh, and we got to see mother and father at the reception afterwards. Mother, in particular, kept looking at me funny, until I realized I was still in “Jedi Mode,” and let my guard down some – once I knew Master Tahl wasn’t around! I forget that there are some people in the galaxy who know me from before my time with the Jedi – I just don’t get to see them very often (Q’aleane included, unfortunately!). And it was so good to see Q’aleane and my parents again. I hope that a visit to Alpheridies can be planned – although it’s not likely to be in the near future…

Speaking of which, the Ren twins have our first mission! This evening, the Council assigned us to protect Senator Bail Thek of Taris, who is returning home while the Senate is on recess. Apparently, there was an assassination attempt on Coruscant, and the Senator has requested Jedi assistance while staying on Taris. I’m really excited for this assignment, but also pretty nervous; after all, this is my first real assignment as a Jedi Knight! … I mean, I know things on Ansion went well, but this is different… although, I’ll be working with Q’aleane again, so that’s something to look forward to!

Anyways, I’d best keep this short – we’re meeting Senator Thek tomorrow, and this Jedi Knight needs to be at her best.



BY THE FORCE! [auto-volume-adjust]


…Sorry about that.

You know what? I don’t even know where to begin. This day – although I realize now it’s technically tomorrow – has been one thing after another. I honestly don’t have the energy to go over all of it, but needless to say, Senator Thek has not made our mandate of protection easy! Here are some of the things I’ve had to put up with today:

1. The Senator had private meetings that Q’aleane and I were not allowed to attend! I mean, I know what Q’aleane said is true; the Senator does business that we cannot be privy to, but honestly!
2. For a man of power and influence – and with one assassination attempt under his belt – the Senator apparently does not believe in living with any kind of sophisticated security.
3. Again, despite having his life at risk, the Senator is a man of tradition. Specifically, this tradition meant that I’d spend my evening escorting him around town, from a rowdy, noisy, and packed club, to a quieter singles bar. There was almost an incident at the club, but thankfully, Q’aleane had already sensed it, and I had time to act and keep the Senator from being assaulted by an Arkanian.
4. Finally, despite both of our efforts, the Senator thought the best course of action would be bringing a stranger back to his apartment for the night…

…this final point does deserve some elaboration, as it defined the rest of the night. This stranger, a Falleen woman named Xora, had already made Q’aleane uneasy. That should have been the end of it, and I tried to get that point across to the Senator. But, he was probably too drunk – or aroused – to care, and so she joined us back at the Senator’s home. While we waited for … well, whatever was going to happen, I got a sudden sense from Q’aleane. Keeping half of my attention on the Senator, I exited the apartment to find my sister facing down a fully-armored bounty hunter – who happened to be Force sensitive! This bounty hunter, whose name is Roan, informed us that the Senator was in grave danger from this Xora woman, so I rushed back into the apartment, and stormed into the bedroom, only to find the Senator in the process of giving her a datapad. Immediately, I commanded them to drop what they held, stand up, and not move. And that should have been the end of it. After all, most people listen to the end of a lightsaber.

But not Xora.

And… it was my fault. I wasn’t concentrating enough, even though my senses were heightened. The next thing I knew, she had launched some kind of tiny, trapping grenade at me. I tried to parry it, but … I missed. <sigh> I can still see it coming at me, and moving my blade to meet it… I just missed it. And I don’t like missing. So, while I was busy cutting at these tanglers, Q’aleane and Roan moved into the room and engaged Xora. She grabbed the datapad from the Senator, and then made for the balcony, off of which was a speeder – most likely hers. Roan was able to get a shot off that hit her square in the back, but to all of our surprise, her clothing was armored. Unfortunately for her, her clothing did not cover her whole body. Q’aleane was on her in an instant, and – shockingly enough for me – my sister used her lightsaber to slice of Xora’s arm, the datapad still gripped in her hand. And then I cut through my bonds, and moved in as well… and my blade found her leg, crippling her… and killing her…


I know it was wrong. And I know how Master Tahl would have reacted if he had been there… I just… it was just like Bespin all over again. There was just this woman, and there was me. And I had to stop her from escaping, or from doing further harm to anyone else in that room. The next thing I knew, my blade flashed off, and Q’aleane was on the floor trying to resuscitate Xora. Thankfully, she was able to, and we moved everyone back to the Taris Academy to fully restore our victim, while continuing to protect the Senator. We also were debriefed by Master Jeisel… which, considering the gravity of our actions, was not as bad as I feared it would be – and it would have been bad if Master Tahl… well, thankfully he wasn’t there, although I’m sure he’s heard by now…

With Q’aleane off filing her formal report of the day’s events, I decided to try and get to know Roan better while I escorted him from the Academy. I learned two important things about Roan tonight: he is not very talkative, though he seems pleasant enough for a bounty hunter… and his face is being obscured by holographic technology. Okay, that’s actually three things, but… anyways, I of course didn’t mention his face to him, but I also haven’t mentioned it to Q’aleane yet. I don’t really believe in coincidence, and the fact that Roan is a Force sensitive, and somehow tied into all of this… well, I don’t want to arouse any suspicions until I get a better idea of what his mission might be, and what his intentions are going forward. I’m sure once Xora regains consciousness, I’ll learn more about our mysterious new companion.

…And that is going to do it for tonight. I’m dead tired, and I still need to meditate on my impulsive and …dangerous behavior from earlier this evening. This mission, my actions… I am uneasy to say the least.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I’m going to need to reschedule Padawan Ward’s Shien lesson from first thing tomorrow – well, now this morning…


…Alright, message sent – we’ll get around to it as soon as I’m through with this mission. And trust me when I say: he needs it; that reverse-grip Shien is only slowing him down, and doing him no favors…

No, none of that now. Signing off – time for meditation.



It’s been a busy two days since my last entry, and things are about to get much, much busier, so this entry will have to be short. Which reminds me…


Sorry, Master Onasi – I’m afraid I won’t be able to help tutor the Padawans, at least for the time being.

Instead, Q’aleane, Roan, and I are headed for Wayland. To possibly intercept the Sith in their plot to uncover new sections of Darth Sidious’ storehouse there.

<sigh> Yeah, I know. It’s still a lot for me to take in.

Needless to say, the person who hired Xora to assassinate the Senator and recover his datapad – who is also the person Roan is hunting – may be a member of a splinter group of Sith. And, speaking of Roan – no, I haven’t asked him about his holoface yet. But, once we leave Taris, I intend to talk with him more. Anyways, speaking of Roan, we did find out that he’s a Zeltron after he tried to coerce Xora by affecting her emotions without the Force. Also, his intentions towards her – and most especially the person who hired her – seem quite dangerous. However, I believe he has his reasons. I know the Council considers Roan dangerous, and darkness does surround him, but I feel – although I freely admit that my empathy isn’t as powerful as Q’aleane’s – I feel that Roan has an important part to play in what is to come. And he hasn’t yet done something to make me question his honor… although the Council pointed out that as a Zeltron, he could affect our emotions as he did with Xora. I don’t believe this has yet happened – instead, I hope that Roan proves himself a true companion, as I would very much like to get to know him more.

We leave Taris tomorrow, and this will be my first voyage in Q’aleane’s ‘living ship.’ Hopefully it doesn’t eat me while I’m meditating <laughs>! While this new assignment from the Council is potentially the most dangerous thing we’ve ever attempted, I am greatly looking forward to spending more time with Q’aleane – the year apart from her was not easy for me, and a trip into Sith-infested Wayland seems like the perfect time to catch up! <snickering>




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