Knights of the New Republic

Session 9

Chapter 5: Once More Into the Breach

09:01:123 ABY

The Council is most interested in the discovery of the mythical Promised Land, and even more so in the recovery of a holocron for such a luminary of the Old Order as Bastila Shan. They are eager for the Ren sisters’ report on all matters relating to these finds.

In light of their heroic work these past days, the Council also offers to extend the Rens some additional time to rest. Once such recuperation is complete, however, there is a new task before them: Master Jaylen Darach is in the midst of difficult negotiations on the remote world of Dathomir, and he has requested the aid of the Ren twins. It is his belief that the combination of their prowess and skill – and, frankly, their gender – coupled with his experience (which has been of less value on its own than usual, given the prejudices of the Dathomirians), will enable them to achieve a positive outcome in his assignment.

They are provided with briefing materials before they go:

The Bright Sun Clan has petitioned the Jedi to re-establish the abandoned Praxeum on Dathomir, but a coalition of other, more traditional clans, are resisting the move strongly.

  • Hardly surprising, as a major reason the Bright Sun Clan made the request is they are bounded on all sides by hostile clans who consider them borderline heretical, and the Bright Sun Clan needs allies if it hopes to survive. They’ve managed to fend off enemy clans since the Jedi Praxeum was abandoned, but they’ve slowly lost territory, and soon won’t have enough to support their current population.
    • The Jedi are interested in aiding the Bright Sun Clan, in large part in the hope that their more modern view of men will spread to the other clans, but also because Dathomir has a high incidence of Force-sensitivity in its population, and having readier access to them would be desirable.
      • As much as 60% of the population of Dathomir have enough Force sensitivity to be trained at least somewhat. Between a third to half of these are Jedi-level potential in strength, though only females normally get any local training. This high a prevalence is nearly unique to this world and the Jedi don’t know why.
        • A typical Dathomiri clan numbers about 200-300 people, with about half being adults between 16-40 (in their prime). Average population skews about 55/45% female/male. Males generally live to be between 50-70. Females nearly twice that. Those strong in the Force may double that again if trained.
          • There are presently 32 known clans, holding territory that comprises less than 20% of the total landmass. Most of the planet remains unexplored, and unmapped save through orbital photography.
      • Bright Sun shares a border with 6 other clans. One reason for the resentment amongst their neighbors is Bright Sun has a policy of accepting runaway males into their clan and treating them as free men, rather than returning them as is the custom. As a result, Bright Sun also has a higher population than average, numbering 367 people.
        • Bright Sun’s sex ratio is hence roughly inverted, and males there tend to live more similar lifespans to the females, though still about 10-15 years shorter.
  • There are also rumors of a new Nightsister movement taking shape on the world, and that’s something the Jedi would like to be able to prevent.
  • Though the Jedi technically need no one’s permission to restore the Praxeum—it was deeded to them by the Singing Mountain Clan after the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Bright Sun Clan’s neighbors have all threatened to ally and invade from all sides if the Praxeum is restored. It is Master Darach’s task to convince the other clans that the Jedi do not intend to make war on them, and that a Jedi presence is not a threat to the Dathomiri way of life.
    • The Singing Mountain Clan, whose territory actually contains the old Praxeum, is not one of Bright Sun’s neighbors, but has remained neutral in the matter. They are no longer led by Augwynne Djo, who was a close ally of the Jedi, but her daughter Barukka, who is a redeemed Nightsister. Especially compared to her mother, her reign has been a weak one, as many of her clan are suspicious of her. She is forced to rule in a highly traditionalist manner to avoid weakening her position further. Master Darach has only managed to get one meeting with her, when he first arrived, and she refused to discuss the matter of Bright Sun’s situation at all.
  • The Bright Sun Clan is hosting Master Darach when he is not elsewhere. He has been meeting with the various clan leaders in the area individually, with his Padawan, rather than try to convene a general summit, in the hopes that he can convince at least some of them one-on-one.



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