Knights of the New Republic

Session 8

Chapter 4.2: Durance Vile

05:01:123 ABY

The Ren sisters and their ally Irsin have managed to secure the lost holocron of ancient Jedi Bastila Shan. However, in doing so, they have trapped themselves in the fabled Promised Land of the Taris undercity of old, and discovered potentially dangerous indiscretions on the part of a young Padawan known to Q’ayla as a gifted student in the arts of the lightsaber. Moreover, they have discovered that rakghouls, a deadly plague upon this world in ages past, still survive in the deep caverns beneath the city planet.

The records of those they have found in this legendary place suggest that Bastila, however, was able to leave for many years before returning to spend the last of her days within. This knowledge gives them hope of escape, combined with the unique resources the trio can bring to bear on the problem. But with all the secrets their recent activities have brought to light, escaping back to the world they know is only the beginning….



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