Knights of the New Republic

Session 6

Chapter 3.2: Delicate Balance

29.10.122 ABY

Significant evidence pointing to extensive Sith involvement in the SeswenAlpha banking company, and quite possibly the most powerful family in the Seswenna Sector as well, has been uncovered. But that is a concern for another day. For the moment, there is a more singular target in mind: Korvus Doone, Sith Master, the one responsible for Irsin’s present precarious position, and, indirectly, that of the Ren Sisters as well. In order to track their quarry down, unbeknownst to their former Master, Lucien Tahl, the Jedi have formed an alliance with Irsin’s own former Master, Vorman Grale, a rival of Doone’s, and the man, they now know, who is truly responsible for the assassination of Senator Bail Thek, a crime they have now implicated Korvus Doone in having committed instead. The Ren sisters have also managed to bring Irsin back into the fold under the guise of a mercenary slicer, hired to trace the hypernet activities of the Senator’s assassin.

They now are forced to wait for Doone to make the next move – his bank account has been tapped, and once he accesses it again, they hope to use it to track him down. Meanwhile, contacts of Master Tahl’s within the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service are tracing the connections between the Sith Order’s suspected banking activities and the political and financial elite of Eriadu, perhaps the single most powerful world in the Outer Rim….

  • Master Tahl is contacted by his friend, Laryn Trey’lis in Alliance Intelligence with their findings regarding the data culled from the SeswenAlpha database and public records.

Well, Lucien, you do seem to be looking to poke a real nest of piranha beetles. Now, this info comes in two parts: there’s the transaction records from SeswenAlpha accounts you flagged, and the ownership trail of the bank itself. The two unfortunately can’t be overlapped too well because most of the accounts are anonymous. What I can tell you for sure is that big account you flagged almost certainly isn’t a single individual. It’s transaction pattern looks a lot more like that of a multi-system corporation than a private citizen. From what you sent me, I’d say there are about 200 or so other accounts it deals with regularly that are probably employees of the organization, including the other two you highlighted. They all receive regular payments in generally predictable amounts. If you’re after the whole organization, those are all accounts you’ll want to investigate further. But that’s not all – there are also regular transactions in much larger amounts that mostly go outside the SeswenAlpha systems that suggest subsidiary organizations that hold accounts at different financial institutions. Can’t really pursue that line without a clearer mandate of what you’re after, and definitely not on the side as a personal favor—this is the kind of thing you’d have to go through official channels to get.
That’s just the regular stuff that’s subject to simple pattern analysis, now. There’s a fair number of less consistent transactions of varying amounts that could be just about anything, but that’s not unusual of a large organization, really. Some of those go to the accounts flagged as probable employees and subsidiaries – probably advances for particular services, or bonuses, or the like – but by no means all. Some of those could be newer employees that haven’t had an association for long enough for the pattern to be apparent, others could be outside contractors, one-time purchases, doubtless some of them are bribes. Regardless, without more to go on, it’ll be hard to nail those down too closely, except where the other end of the transaction isn’t anonymous. And, inevitably, most of those look pretty innocuous. In any case, if you’ve got evidence tying this central account to anything dirty, all of this is certain to be enough to give you the legal justification to get a much wider mandate than it sounds like you’ve got now, if that’s what you’re after. But we can’t really do much more than pattern matching under the table like this.
Now, as far as the other request you sent me, that was almost as complicated. Those Tarkins sure do know how to hide their holdings in plain site, don’t they? All right, here goes: SeswenAlpha is a consumer banking company that is the wholly-owned subsidiary of SeswenAlpha Bancorp, a major publicly held financial company. It has thousands of shareholders, but there are 5 big ones: Hydian Investments, The Rimma Trading Company, Corulag Mutual, Quintad Holdings, and Azure Unlimited. Together, those 5 hold more than 65% of the total stock in SeswenAlpha. As far as we can tell, Hydian Investments and Azure Unlimited are vanilla companies for your purposes. Now, it doesn’t take any great talent in sifting regulatory documents to figure out that Quintad Holdings and Corulag Mutual are controlled by the Tarkin family – Quintad Holdings is the company the Tarkins formed with the other four members of the Quintad when they first moved to Eriadu to establish it as an economic powerhouse, millenia ago, and the Tarkins still have a controlling interest there. In fact, Senator Tarkin’s father, Sionus Tarkin, is Chairman Emeritus, and personally holds about 10% of the company himself, more than any other single individual. Ardus Tarkin owns about 2%, too, and several other members of the family have significant holdings in Quintad, as well. Quintad has its fingers in nearly every big pie in the sector to some extent, though, so that’s no big surprise. But it does hold almost 18% of SeswenAlpha all by itself.
Corulag Mutual is also fairly obvious. It’s nowhere near as old or widespread as Quintad Holdings, but a bit of history will tell you the Quintad families originated on the planet Corulag before emigrating to Eriadu, and the coincidence is no accident. Corulag Mutual is basically a Tarkin family heirloom – it was founded by the late, unlamented Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin’s great grandfather and has been passed from one member of the family to another in an almost unbroken line right up to the present day. The distinguished Senator Ardus Tarkin was the Chief Executive before he entered politics, as it happens. It’s a private investment company, so it doesn’t have to disclose ownership documentation, but it’s very likely the good Senator still retains a significant interest there. Corulag owns another 14% of SeswenAlpha.
The tricky one was the Rimma Trading Company. It’s not a diversified investment company like Corulag or massive multi-system megacorporation like Quintad. It’s primarily a shipping company, albeit a large one. It’s holdings in SeswenAlpha are part of the company’s investment portfolio, which is fairly typical of any large company with a lot of capital flow, though Rimma Trading’s 19.5% stake in SeswenAlpha is a bit larger than is usual. But it has no particular, overt connection to the Tarkin family. In fact, it’s a joint venture between a company called Phelar Horizons Limited and Yankirk Securities. I’ll spare you too many of the boring details, but each are owned by a whole series of shell companies, expertly done and quite convoluted. The dummy corporations can eventually be traced back to two sources, though – one is Corulag Mutual, and the other, somewhat surprisingly, is not a company at all, but a solitary individual – Kelad Tarkin, Senator Ardus Tarkin’s own wife. Perhaps most interesting is she only purchased Lipsec Incorporated, the ultimate parent of Phelar Horizons, about 2 years before she married Ardus Tarkin. It may well be how they met, in fact, since at the time Ardus was CEO of Corulag Mutual.
So all that adds up to nearly 52% of SeswenAlpha is owned or controlled by the Tarkins, and a surprisingly large part of that seems to be directly in the hands of Senator Tarkin’s own wife, and probably himself. Of course, all of that is probably enough to level conflict of interest charges at the Senator and start an ethics investigation, but I get the feeling that’s not really what you’re after. Forgive me for making some baseless conjectures here, but I imagine your interest here is related to the recent tragic and unexpected death of Senator Bail Thek, who just so happened to have been a native of the very same world where your own little Jedi Academy makes its home, yes? No, no, I know you think it’s best if I don’t know anything about your big Jedi investigation, so I won’t force you to test your precious Code by denying anything. I realize this was just a personal favor, not an official request, and I won’t pry. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do, though, Lucien. Just remember, I only owe you 2 now, okay?

  • Later that day, Irsin receives a dead drop message:

Irsin, in future I may be contacted through this account. I have left the old ones in place in case we decide to use them in any sort of plan to ensnare Doone. Has your investigations, or those of your Jedi pets, borne any fruit yet? Remember if we are to salvage our positions, and if we are to have any chance to save Laena, we must hurry. -Master Vormin



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