Knights of the New Republic

Session 5

Chapter 3.1: What Lies Beneath

15:10:122 ABY

The Council is pleased at the Rens’ progress in the investigation, and asks them to pursue the leads they have uncovered. They also request that Master Tahl accompany the twins to provide his guidance as necessary.

Following the meeting with the Council, Tahl will tell the sisters:

It is my intention to keep my distance on this phase of the mission. I have seen that my former Padawans are capable of proper Jedi behavior, as I always knew you were, but being under constant supervision only proves that you know how to remain on your best behavior while you are being watched. Once we arrive on Eriadu, I shall remain aboard the ship while you two pursue the investigation. I will be available to provide aid and guidance if you require it, of course, but I see little value in looking over your shoulders constantly. I presume you have no objections to this course of action?

The journey to Eriadu will take 6 days (8 days for Irsin, but he leaves 1 day sooner).

The day after setting out himself, Irsin receives another message from Vorman Grale:

I can provide no assurances that would satisfy you, of course. Except to say this: if it were my intention to see you dead, what was stopping me from doing it when I had you at my side? I made you my student all those years ago because I saw your potential for greatness, Irsin, not to toy with you. I am already taking a great risk by contacting you in this fashion at all, but I feel it is a necessary one. I suspect that, due to the duplicitous actions of a common enemy within the Sith Order, we are both in great danger. Pick a location that will maximize your security, only do it quickly. I fear we have little time. -Master Vorman



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