Knights of the New Republic

Session 4

Chapter 2.2: Doubt Leads to Fear...

11:10:122 ABY

A difficult task lies ahead. The Ren sisters and their companion Irsin have determined that they must deceive the Jedi Masters of the Tarisian Academy to avoid surrendering the Master Holocron and risking its destruction. They have devised a plan to accomplish this, but must now risk everything putting it into action. Only time will tell if they shall succeed…

Irsin has received two messages on his Sith dead drop:

Saber Rashos, I have just reported to the Circle. I am told that you were given an assignment as well not long after myself, and yet you have apparently not reported in on your progress even once. This behavior does not bode well for you, and it reflects badly on me, as your former Master. Report in at once on your progress. -Master Grale

Irsin, it is vitally important that I speak with you as quickly as possible. We have both been played for fools by a fellow Sith, I don’t know who. If, as I suspect, you believe I have done you a great wrong, I assure you it is a lie. I dare not say more, even encoded. Our best chance to overcome this enemy is to pool our efforts. Contact me and we shall arrange a meeting. -Master Vorman

The first one arrived hours before his return to Taris. The second arrived 3 days later.



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