Knights of the New Republic

Session 3: The Journals of Irsin Rashos

From the private Journals of Irsin Rashos
35:09:122 ABY; Pre-dawn Hours, on Skiff

So…it wasn’t a Sith artifact after all…

I have never heard the name Vergere before tonight, but the Jedi seem to know of her. She was a Jedi Master some years ago, during the years prior to Sidious’ rise to power. Apparently somewhere along the way she studied with Sidious himself, and several other powerful Sith trying to find a counterpoint to the Jedi teachings she had learned all her life. Ultimately she ended up with the Yuuzhan Vong, learning their ways of pain and trying to find some…middle ground. A place of balance between the Light and Dark Side of the Force, some kind of Grey area.

She believes that neither sect has the whole truth, and the fatal flaws of each is ripping the galaxy apart. To achieve true peace, they must both be washed away and replaced with something new.

I have to admit the whole concept is rather appealing…I’ve lived with the ruthless and unchained anger of the Sith. I’ve seen the coldly rational justifications of the Jedi. The anger at least admits the necessity of emotion, but it almost entirely ignores the concepts of working towards something bigger than a single individual. The Sith will never be able to build anything larger than their most powerful leader, because to do so would require aspirations beyond personal gain. To do so would require sacrifice.

The Jedi do nothing but sacrifice…

The Sith cannot even fathom the idea…

But if there was something more…something bigger than either vaunted coalition could ever have achieved individually…a place where emotion was honed into a razor edge and used to free people from the bonds of the Jedi code. A place where individuals of the Sith are unmade and forged into a cohesive whole that works towards a common purpose.

The Ren sisters are far too apprehensive of this concept. They are still hung up on their foolish Codes and Rules. But I could see the truth ringing in their heads as they listened to Vergere. I could see their instinctive reaction of longing, even if their rational minds still refuse to see.

The sticking point appears to be the dissolution of the parents to create the new child: The death of the Jedi and the Sith both, to make something Greater. What they fail to see is that you need not destroy all the individuals of the order, to unmake the coalition and it’s perceptions. When you burn a tree, are there still not ashes remaining which can be used to fertilize the soil for the next generation? The Jedi Order must be undone, but the Jedi themselves will be offered a choice. Surely these two are not the only two among hundreds or thousands of Jedi who secretly feel this way. Only those who refuse to bend would need to be put down, to protect the whole. To protect the new peace of the New Order.

I sit now in the ship’s skiff with Vergere’s Holocron with me. I have asked additional questions the other did not hear but learned little that is different from what we learned as a group. Vergere wishes us to travel the galaxy and find Holocrons of like mind to she – ones which can be merged with this one, to create a council of Grey Elders we can learn from. Incidentally, as we gather more of these holocrons, Vergere also promised to unlock the Sith secrets stored within…which certainly would be useful.

Momentarily I’ll need to return to the ship with the Holocron – Q’aelene asked me to leave to make their story about me taking it more “truthful”. Apparently after hearing Vergere’s words they decided we cannot give it to the Jedi to be destroyed, so now we must craft a lie to allow us to retain possession of it.

Ah, there’s Q’aelene calling now…

From the private Journals of Irsin Rashos
35:09:122 ABY; Early Morning; back on ship

This Morning Q’alya asked me to help her learn how to detect when someone nearby is moving about using invisibility. I obliged her, but I found the nature of the question a little surprising. It’s as though she had never thought such a thing was possible…I should have thought the Jedi teach their students more than that, there are those back home who would find such a thing laughable…and delightful.

We had come to a planet to meet one of Q’aleane’s allies, a Master in the order who she believed she could trust the whole truth to. Unfortunately as understanding as he might have been, and as intrigued as he was by the Vergere’s Holocron, he was of little use in helping the sisters out of their self-inflicted predicament. I told them they shouldn’t have told the council of the existence of this thing.

So now we craft a plan, a thing Q’aleane insists is “simple and visceral” which nonetheless seems awfully complicated. Regardless I will cooperate within limits. I wasn’t about to let her use my father’s armor as a showpiece to prove ‘Roan’s’ death, but I will fashion a reasonably convincing replica of the chest piece and create a new identity for myself.

Perhaps while I’m waiting for them to be released again from Taris after they tell their tale I will be able to make some alterations to the armor as well so I can support a new identity without risking that Roan might be recognized.



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