Knights of the New Republic

Session 3 - Q'aleane's Journal

(and details of plan)

I find myself actually excited, which is a strange sensation. The holocron we found is not a Sith artifact, nor is it Jedi. It is, like I am, something /other/.

The gateway personality is fashioned after Vergere. A part of me is very drawn to her but at the same time I find myself extremely wary. She, like I, has spent time with the Yuuzhan Vong… In fact, the wariness comes from the fact that she spent a lot of time with the Yuuzhan Vong, not as equal, not as friend but as pet, as prisoner. I know the pain inherent in the Yuuzhan Vong’s teaching techniques and I am a friend, an equal. How much more pain did she endure as an enemy or pet? How much has that affected her wisdom?

Wariness aside, it is good to have someone else who understands. Q’ayla is starting to, but is not there yet. Irsin is well.. Irsin. And here comes someone who sees the force similar to I and we even have the shared experience of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Which leaves me in a large pile of bantha fodder. In short, we are in too deep to get out. We can’t go back and we can’t go forward. It is not time to split with the order, if we have a chance of actually repairing this schism in the force without bloodshed without destroying the fellowship we hold dear, it cannot be time to leave. Nor can we go back and not have this precious, possibly unique thing destroyed. How many others have sat where I sit and had to make the decision, fix the force and give into history making the personal sacrifice or follow the way of fellowship and friends. How many chose the “light” or the “dark” for no other reason then it was good enough. If there is a chance still that we can do both, even for a short time, it will be worth it. I fear there might not be. We are on the way to meet with Master Zatoq, he will help. He will know how to fix this if anyone does. I must meditate lest I become overwhelmed… Imagine that, being overwhelmed with emotion.

… some days later …

This cannot be. I cannot allow it to be. Master Zatoq is at a loss. We can’t go back… we can’t go forward. I will not allow this schism to continue, but to have to travel the path of blood to accomplish it… no, this I can’t allow. The path of reason and emotion… but death need not be necessary to the end. Vergere… She wants death, suffering, destruction; a rebirth by fire. She does not understand. That will only bring more schism.

I cannot allow us to fail. The Masters will sense any deception, they are strong, they know how to read the fo… wait. calm…


I know Masters who have been wrong. In fact I know these masters, as revered as they are, cannot understand a truth I feel reverberating always through the force. They are flawed, just like the rest of us… they can be moved, changed. How? What is it they expect? What is it they want?

I must plan. By the force, this will not be.

… some time later …

I think I might have done it. It needed some work and help from Q’ayla and Irsin, but I think we have a solid plan. We spent hours going over every detail. There are things I would do differently, but I must trust the force is guiding us. It is a chance. The most ephemeral and imperfect chance, but a chance none the less.

The Plan:

We will feed on their expectations. Not just their lofty logic, not just their repressed emotions, but their base most hidden and simplest of expectations. The expectations taught by their biology, honed by survival. In addition we will feed into their logic, their emotions and plug in where it is necessary.

First we will give pursuit. They expect it, they expect Roan to be crafty.

We will properly lay the web with which to catch our prey, we will set a bounty for Roan among the outcast and criminal, we will lay a trap for him among the police and ports here on Eriadu. We will be the Jedi Knights they expect us to be.

We will leave to check out other possible landing systems and to follow where the force leads, we will be the Jedi Sensitives they expect us to be.

And we will ask them for help, ask that any Jedi in the area watch over the planet while we search, we will be the members of the Jedi Fellowship that they expect us to be.

We will let them know that we know this is important and we are exhausting every planet, every hiding place and will let them know if anything changes at all. We well be worried about this thing of the Sith getting into anyone’s hands, as we are expected.

Meanwhile we will begin to craft their final expectations. We will create and give them what they expect. A holocron, but not a holocron. A physical representation that will say, “all is well”. Even when the logical analysis of it finds it simply to be a strange box with other holocrons in it, their fear will be relieved because there will be little doubt. Some Sith master of old decided to use this lost symbol of his order as a way to display his power. It was never real. The darkness’ great tool remains unique and safe.

Roan will leave in the skiff and will construct the box. It will be as seamless as we can make it and only include a latch that can be opened internally or by the force, after all new Knights can’t be expected to have experienced such a thing often, it was logical based on what little rumors we might have heard to think this was another, something to be feared. It will look the part of an item of status should. It will contain three sith holocrons, their proximity will associate this box firmly and viscerally with the sith and holocrons.

He will construct evidence of our deeds, a breastplate primed, damaged as if in a battle and burned through by lightsaber. Not his families, but one that is visually close enough, one that will match what they saw only briefly and on video. At the proper time Irsin will sacrifice some small amount of blood to make it real. To give that visceral survival reaction, that “whoever was in that is in a world of hurt” reaction we need. After all isn’t a bounty hunter’s armor the most personal thing he could have. And it was more logical to take then to try and haul a body some distance back to the ship.

These thing he will purchase with his own secret funds, accounts not known to the Jedi.

Meanwhile we will be seen, going from system to system, notifying local law enforcement, hunting.

In the end, at the time he would have been expected to arrive, Roan will land on a planet in full sight of the natives, landing in deep forrest. Endor is Q’ayla’s choice. Shortly thereafter, drawn there through the force, we will land a distance away. We will meet, exchange items, mark a few trees with our lightsabers as if fighting and return to our ships. We will take the properly prepared breastplate and holocron back. We will also hide the real one somewhere in an obscure engine compartment on the ship, shielding it from the force.

Irsin will change the transponder of the skiff and make his stealthy escape.

We will return with items locked safely away and meditate on the experience. We will also cancel any APBs, bounties, etc via holonet. We will give our report, the report that we found, through the force, the thief and retrieved the item and are on direct flight back with the items locked safely away. They will start to believe it because they will want to believe it.

The story will be simple. We had holocron, he stole holocron, we found him, he died, we brought holocron back. It is what it needs to be, visceral, easy to understand, hard to doubt and most importantly expected.

When we present the items, the truth of our story will be so self evident that even upon discovering the nature of the holocron, it will no be thought of as a deception on our part but instead of some old Sith long dead.

Once back, we will spend some days in meditation and speaking to the masters about the emotions that this mission brought up and how to better be at peace with them. Eventually they will give us a mission again and we will meet up with Irsin who should have had enough time to create his new identity.

Force willing, this could work.



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