Knights of the New Republic

Session 3

Chapter 2: The Space Between

34:09:122 ABY

When someone attempts to access the giant holocron, a projection of Vergere appears above the device. She makes her speech.

I have said much, and I am sure you have questions. Ask them now, and I will answer what I can.

If asked what will happen when the device is accessed by a true Jedi or Sith, the projection will respond,

This device has been configured to respond to such interrogators as though it is a failed copy. They will receive only garbled messages and useless fragments from its original data. No effort to access this holocron by anyone who does not truly stand outside the tenets of both the Jedi and the Sith will be successful. Fortunately, unlike a normal holocron, which can be made to function for any Force-sensitive, this sort of device is sophisticated enough to detect the intentions of a user and make decisions about their level of access.



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