Knights of the New Republic

Session 24

...Is the End?

9:2:123 ABY

Following a brutal assault by the denizens of Dathomir’s lethal jungles, doubtless at the command of their faceless enemy, the companions debated furiously. The bound and still-unconscious Yevra was very nearly slain during the battle while they were engaged, and all agree that they can no longer afford to be slowed by the burden of transporting and defending her. After protracted discussion, it was agreed that the best that could be done was to keep her restrained, and conceal Yevra as best they could. To that end, the trio hollowed out the shell of a still-ripening ruhba fruit and secreted her within. Hoping that will be sufficient and knowing they can do no more for now, the companions press on to their final destination….



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