Knights of the New Republic

Session 23

...Is the Beginning...

8:2:123 ABY

All has not gone according to plan. The young padawan Yevra lies bound and unconscious, her mind shattered, perhaps irreparably. And yet the companions dare not release her, in the event that the malignant entity that possessed her – and attempted to do the same to Q’ayla Ren as well – will return and assault them again. Clearly, their presence, and their movements, are no longer hidden from their enemies, and it is unclear how much of their plans have thus been thrown into disarray. Fortunately, Q’ayla’s near-possession, after Yevra had been subdued, was not a total disaster – the being that touched her mind did not escape entirely. The young Knight can still feel a trace of its cancerous presence, like a flickering beacon in her mind. Hopefully, the companions can use that to their advantage, and extract victory from this desperate situation still….



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