Knights of the New Republic

Session 19 - Q'aeleane Ren's Journal (part 1)

Q’aleane finds an empty room and sits on the floor, fumbling with her communicator setting it to record

I am stealing 5 minutes to try and rest and get some of the many thoughts out of my head so I can sort them later. I should have brought my datacron, but I don’t want to go back to the ship as there are several conversations I am expecting to have tonight.

Let’s see. Today has been a truly interesting day.

It started as usual of late with me being unconscious, well asleep, and Q’ayla being worried and unhappy about it. (Q’aleane sighs.) Hopefully after today she can see some of the benefit of my experiments as of late… and hopefully I won’t have to do them quite so frequently soon.

(Q’aleane sighs again.) I am so tired, I am giving myself migraines. I just want to sleep for a week. (She shakes her head.) well that is not possible, so might as well not dwell on it.
Meeting the various Clan Mothers was a rewarding experience. Sometimes I wish the council could meet each of these women in person, they truly underestimate this world and its people. Not a surprise given their self-centric view of the universe.

On that topic, at first Yethira and a few of the others seemed to be wary of our inclusion in the proceedings. I was able to allay their fears somewhat by pointedly separating the current crisis from any future or past negotiations on any other subject. I was tempted to tell them in an open room that I didn’t consider myself one of the Jedi order anymore but I don’t think that complication would have helped anything. I am half-hoping Yethira seeks me out tonight so I can allay her fears more completely, I find myself seeking these women’s approval more than I have the Jedi council. Which is odd, considering there are parts of their society that are … I am not sure abhorrent is the right word … more frustrating to me. Especially the gender split. However I suspect that has very deep rooted historical basis that I am unaware of. Given what I know about Alia and the predominance of force users based on her work, I would suspect said divide goes back to her. Either way it is not my place to try and alter their culture. And aside from that one point, I find I have much in common with some of them. Looking as I am at a piece of technology, it is clear that I do not distrust technology to the same extent but I do tend to favor not using it when I can avoid it.

Anyway, I only have a short time I suspect so I will move on.

Much discussion and dancing around all sorts of subjects ensued, but the subject of who we can trust kept dancing out of reach. I didn’t want to push, but as fate would have it, the Nightsisters decided to push things along.

They sent, probably through that same technique they used with the monkey-like creatures, a pack of herd beasts crashing through our camp. On their heels were a pack of rancor. This was obviously a diversion, but regrettably it was a diversion that couldn’t be ignored.

With most of the force on the outside preoccupied, it fell to us and our guests to deal with what was likely the real threat. One of the side doors was breached and the guards killed. Of course with the subject of who to trust unresolved, it was a difficult time as I was unsure if any of the people with me were reporting back to the enemy. Luckily I was able to coordinate through my sister and telepathy with Irsin and since I was the first to volunteer going out with the other seeming to want to stay behind, any spies would have likely gone with me. So I played decoy while others sought out the real target. Eventually the target was taken out capably by my sister.

After a tense moment between Irsin and Kethrianne around the disposition of the prisoner where both underestimated the other. I think Irsin confused the Clan Mother with a Jedi…. I don’t think he is under such … misconceptions … anymore. However capable she was, however, her probing did not work, and probing with the weight of a gestalt only resulted in the attacker’s death.

Well death might not be the right word. I happened to be observing it in the world split modality and instead of just dying, it was as if her portal was literally closed by the other side. The only thing I can think of that could wield that kind of power is one of the principles or one of their Shaman. It was not a pleasant sight. If I wasn’t already sporting a headache it would have probably given me one.

However this gave us the excuse to bring up the subject that should have been first. That of whom we can trust. I asked to speak with Kethrianne personally and shared both my thoughts about using a gestalt, which she explained would not work for what should have been obvious reasons if I weren’t so damned tired, and I was able to share with her my observations concerning their connections to each other and to the book.

After some discussion where the Clan Mothers rehashed ideas that I and apparently Kethrianne had already discounted, and the gestalt idea, which made me feel a little better that I wasn’t the only one tired enough to miss how that wouldn’t work. It came to me to explain to these powerful women that the source of their society, the person they revere above all others, wasn’t in fact dead in the spirit world, but was instead hanging out in a bunch of books. And that those books had connections to each of them.

Strangely, the in-credulousness of it was overcome by their curiosity as Barruka described the ritual where we were able to call forth Alia and they were able to talk to her. For a brief moment I thought they were going to ask me to take her place again. Even the thought of that is giving me another headache. Luckily Barukka explained that they were able to come to some other arrangement that would allow Barukka to channel her. For a brief moment I was hopeful I would get a chance to talk to her. She who walked away from the jedi and founded a new order.

Regrettably the needs of the current situation were such that a private conversation was not possible. However the ensuing ritual gestalt and summoning went smoothly and she did put on one hell of a show. She was immediately able to identify, restrain and eliminate several Clan Mothers who were allied with the nightsisters. If anyone doubted whether it was Barukka putting on a show or the real thing, that doubt was quickly erased. As she left to go deal with any remaining advisers and whatnot Irsin reminded me to ask her to save one for questioning. She suspended and carried around Jothelle’s aunt while she killed several others.

She then… mind probed seems too gentle a term but it will have to do… then she mine probed her resulting in the same result as the other prisoner. As we walked back, I expressed to her my observations about how the prisoner died and she confirmed that she believed it to be the work of either a Shaman or one of the principles too. She then said goodbye and related that she was able to get some information before it was too late and left that information in Barukka’s mind.

She was then asked to name a leader and chose Jothelle. Which in my opinion was a particularly sage decision based on my observations of her during the gestalt. She was the one among them with a will powerful enough to hold her own personality as well as being a part of the gestalt. Regrettably the sign of that came because someone close to her betrayed her and had to die. She will make an extraordinary leader if her actions and words to date are any indication…. and I hope to be able to call her friend before this crisis is through. She picked the three most interesting people to be her advisors, people I definitely respect and would hope to earn their approval and esteem before this is through.

I hope to have a place here I can come to after this is all done as I am beginning to feel a real kinship with these Dathomiri. I will definitely be sharing with them my insights of the Jedi order after this is through in the hopes they go into new negotiations with them with eyes fully open… they will probably know of my intentions before the council does. My hope is they will choose to do something different than has been tried in the past, maybe a place where all force traditions can come to learn from them and share with them, not just the Jedi. Maybe such a thing would help with their recurring Nightsister problem. I don’t know, those are thoughts better pursued later, after this is all done.

The details of the information left in Barukka’s mind I will leave till later after I have had a chance to talk to Barukka and clarify some things. Lets just say it confirmed some suspicions and theories I had, but I am not sure about all of it. I have asked to speak to Jothelle’s new… I guess cabinet would be a good word… about it and will probably relate part of my experiences in the spirit realm. I just hope I don’t have to share my vision again, as I think i would pass out. In fact I think it would be best if I spend the next day not using my altered perceptions and even going as light as possible on the force powers. I think tomorrow might be the one relatively peaceful day we have before this explodes.

Either way I have rested perhaps too long and I should go grab some food before I have to get back to the tough stuff and before Jothelle, Barukka and Kethrianne come looking for me.

Q’aleane, stops the recording, sends it to the ship to be archived and uploaded to the holocron later, takes a few deep breaths savoring the few moments of relaxation she could claim, stands up and heads out to get some food.



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