Knights of the New Republic

Session 16

Chapter 5.08: Power Overwhelming

28:1:123 ABY
Late Morning

The companions have returned, more or less intact, from an unexpected journey into – what? A hallucination? Another dimension? A different aspect reality? – what appeared to be the Dathomiri Spirit World. They have all been…changed…by the experience, in ways none of them have yet had time to fully grasp. But is there time to sort out these new revelations properly?

Though the journey in that other realm was long and arduous, only a handful of hours have passed. The ship remains grounded, repairing itself from the terrible injuries it suffered when some unknown force tried to tear it from the sky. Aurilia has been sacked, apparently by a horde of corpses. The gathering of the clans still lies ahead. Master Darach’s location, and status, remain unclear. And the forces arrayed against them seem, if anything, to be growing….



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