Knights of the New Republic

Session 15

Chapter 5.07: Before the Storm

28:1:123 ABY

The support of two more key Clans seems to have been secured. Now that all the principles have been contacted, it is time to arrange for a Clanmeet and, hopefully, convince the leaders of the almost 30 other clans of the necessity of uniting against the Nightsister threat. Still, there is the danger from within of an unknown number of traitorous Witches – secret Nightsisters concealed among the clans of Dathomir, sewing dissent, waiting for the best moment to strike and seize control of this entire world. And even if these challenges are overcome, there remains the matter of locating the enemy to root them out, not to mention rescuing Master Darach, if such a thing is even possible.

And through it all, the companions aboard the strange ship struggle to maintain their own senses of equilibrium as the planet of Dathomir seems to pull at their minds, encouraging their darkest impulses, cloaking their better selves in shadow, and stoking the fires of anger, fear, and greed in their hearts….



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