Knights of the New Republic

Session 12

Chapter 5.04: No Dawn

Irsin and Q’ayla have awakened to find the third member of their company inexplicably missing. The campfire is cold, and her bedroll has not been tidied, suggesting Q’aleane has been absent for some time. It has been a difficult night for everyone – yesterday was long and trying, and no one has slept either well or sufficient to recover from it. The importance of their present mission – to track down the war party that has taken Jedi Master Darach – as urgent as it may be, fades into insignificance at this new emergency.

Despite this, it is lost on neither Jedi nor Sith that there is an increasingly ominous quality to this place. To Irsin’s eyes, the morning light seems dimmer than he remembers it being the day before. To Q’ayla’s senses, the surging Force energies all around her have taken on a distinctly sinister tone. This world has felt vaguely disturbing since they first landed here, but clearly it is getting worse….



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