Knights of the New Republic

Session 11

Chapter 5.03: Night Falls

21:01:123 ABY

Earlier today, the Ren sisters and Irsin arrived on Dathomir at last. They met with the leaders of the Bright Sun Clan, Tasandra Sihn and Kamin Visc, though the Jedi who was to be their commander in this mission, Master Jaylen Darach, and his Padawan, were absent, meeting with a neighboring clan. The day passed relatively uneventfully, though the opportunity to demonstrate their martial prowess on the practice court was effectively seized. With evening came a banquet in honor of the Rens’ arrival, though Master Darach still had not returned.

Late into the evening, Master Darach’s Padawan, Yevra Pyne, stumbled into the camp, alone and badly injured. She collapsed, unconscious, in the center of the village, in front of everyone, with no sign of her Master, her lightsaber, or her right arm. The savage wound begins to pump blood heavily into the packed earth, the Padawan’s effort to hold the wound closed with the Force finally giving out.



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