Knights of the New Republic

Session 1 - Q'aleane Report to Tarisian Jedi Council #1

Report to the Tarisian Jedi Council (date: 30:09:122)
After Action Report

  1. Knight Q’aleane Ren (author)
  2. Knight Q’ayla Ren

Personal Note (not in submitted report)
This is our first assignment. Regrettably with having been on Zonama Sekot just days ago, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend either with my sister or the ship. The trials were fun but I am sure a lot of that was that since I was officially (unofficially?) already a Knight, the pressure wasn’t there.

The reception and ceremony were nice, but it really didn’t give us time to talk. Not having spoken to her in a year, I hope we get some off world assignment soon so we can catch up completely without having to worry about all the ears the temple has.

After Senator Bail Thek’s arrival, we met with the senator and discussed the parameters of our mandate. He wanted assurances of our discretion and I assured him that our mandate was protection and that discretion would not be a problem. He also needed to set some ground rules for certain types of meetings, namely that there would be times that we would need to be outside the room. I discussed that when appropriate he may want to consider having one of us in the room facing away from the meeting and with sound protection to maintain his privacy but still give a greater reaction time if something were to go wrong. He said he would consider it, but that there would be some that even that would not be appropriate for. I found no fault in his reasoning nor duplicity and do not feel this will inordinately hinder our mandate so agreed.

After a day of meetings (typical diplomatic and bureaucratic), we returned to the senator’s place. On arriving I evaluated the current security as sub-par (single non-trained receptionist, limited coverage with cameras, limited access restriction on elevators and only basic border security in the senator’s suite). I later obtained video of the last few days from the security chief (appeared to be ex-police or military) for review later.

On arrival, the senator suggested that it is his routine to go out on a night on the town. My sister was understandably worried about the difficulty in protecting the senator through this kind of situation. While sharing her concerns, I pointed out the potential political need to be seen as a man of the people and to re-invigorate a more personal perspective on the lives of his charges. I suggested that I would be given a few minutes to go ahead and feel the place out and evaluate security concerns before the senator and my sister arrive.

The first place was a dancing establishment with loud music and many movements. I questioned a bouncer as to the current ‘flavor’ of action (rough types, etc) and it seemed like a loud but relatively benign crowd. I then settled in to search through the force for intent, hostility, and dangerous situations. After the senator and my sister arrived, I perceived one vision of a potential threat and relayed it to my sister which appears to have helped divert a misunderstanding with a particularly rowdy dancer who seemed intent on starting a bar fight.

After a while we retreated to a singles bar. This place was much quieter with less direct security risks, so we repeated the same techniques. While sensing a new arrival (later identified as Xora), I picked up no emotional state at all (no expectation, joy, depression, cheer or any of the other emotions you would expect of any patron going to such a place). I warned my sister and attempted to subtly warn the senator (to no effect). I picked up no direct emotions or intent for harm from her so at this point I was only wary. My sister took up station beside her in an attempt to dissuade her from any foolish action. The senator and her hit it off.

On returning to the senator’s place, I again acted as forward guard, and once the rest arrived took up sentry duty outside of the apartment while my sister took up direct protection duties of the senator and his date.

During the evening, a bounty hunter later identified as Roan came out of the elevator and approached. I activated light sabers both as a defensive measure and as a declaration of protection. He made signs that he was not there for conflict so I deactivated and proceeded to talk to him. My senses showed him as a strong in the force. I did not have time for a more detailed analysis.

He claimed to have information that the woman was in fact a bounty hunter who meant the senator harm. His intent appeared to be the questioning of said bounty hunter who had information on the man he was looking for.

I asked my sister to retrieve the woman and check on the well-being of the senator and had the bounty hunter remain in the public area of the apartment. I positioned myself between the bedroom suite and the bounty hunter in case it was in fact the bounty hunter who was targeting the senator while my sister attempted to retrieve the senator.

From her recounts, the senator was in the process of giving information to the woman and once announced, the woman launched a mini-tangler grenade and bound my sister. On sensing the commotion, I put myself in position to protect the senator and attempt to force the bounty huntress to surrender. Instead she grabbed the datapad and made her way to the balcony to escape (a hovercraft awaited her outside the balcony). Due to the situation, the only reliable method I had to retrieve the stolen information and potentially subdue the thief was to retrieve the datapad through direct force. I got in a very clean hit on her arm and took the information out of play. I had hoped that would be sufficient to convince her to surrender. It was not.

My sister (now free from the grenade) then attempted to disable her leg, this resulted in cardiac arrest. I was able to resuscitate her and we decided to return to the temple to both heal the thief and plan for more secure quarters for the senator. I made sure that the security detail brought both her and her arm for re-attachment in bacta.

As we were leaving a lone droid flew off from outside the balcony. This would indicate to me that the disposition of the bounty hunter and end result was observed. Also roan was able to supply information that another bounty hunter was hired at the same time as this one (three days prior) but is unaware of that one’s mission.

The datapad contained a senatorial communique about a cave system leading to man-made tunnels on Wayland that could potentially be connected in some way to a storage area created by Darth Sidious.

Once in the temple, she was secured in the medbay, and I was able to give a verbal debrief to Master Vilmarh Jeisel.

End Initial Report



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