Knights of the New Republic

Sessions 4-6: Q'aleane Report to Tarisian Jedi Council

{Holocron: Begin Message to Tarisian Jedi Council}
{Holocron: Encrypt at highest level}

In the force, Knight Q’aleane Ren to Tarisian Jedi Council.

Per your request, here is a summary of the current mission as it exists now on 02:00:123ABY.

Our initial mission, that of investigating the death of Senator Thek and following up on any potential Sith links or discovering any other co-conspirators, is largely complete. Regrettably some ambiguity does still remain as to specifics, I think we can safely draw conclusions and pursue action where appropriate. A summary of currently accepted conclusions will follow the summary of action.

Summary of Action

Our initial lead was that of a single mercenary from the final assassination who was captured by Tarisian law enforcement. The mercenary, a Weequay named Sev, was questioned at length and through some cooperation with local law enforcement we were able to secure details in exchange for potential leniency and a creation of a new identity for Sev.

This interrogation led to several leads, first that several co-conspiritors were known bounty hunters. These were described as a heavily augmented Twi’lek and a female Chiss. Due to potentially strong emotional ties from past experiences of a similar pair, the lack of direct leads on the wereabouts of the pair and the presence of more pressing leads, the information on these to co-conspiritors was forwarded to the Tarisian authorities to followup on.

Second, Sev was able to identify the leader of the mercenaries, a Duros named Cei Baaks. In addition to the identity of Cei Baaks, the location of a frequent contact point was identified. With the help of Sev, we were able to craft an appropriate lure for Cei Baaks and a time was chosen. Further he was able to confirm that their job was simply that of distraction.

While waiting for the appropriate time, Q’ayla and Master Tahl decided to do a followup review of the crime scene for any evidence or impressions that might have been missed. From later reports, they were able to identify a dark side impression that would support the supposition that the true perpetrator was indeed Sith.

Once we were prepared, we proceeded to the cantina well ahead of schedule and we were able to witness the arrival of our target (also early). As Q’ayla and Master Tahl moved to prevent egress from the establishment, I was able to disarm the target and convince the locals that our only goal for the moment was with Cei Baaks and that if they remained calm they would not be included in our business. This and the appearance of two Jedi with lightsabers seem to be sufficient to mollify the crowd and prevent any unfortunate collateral damage.

A detailed interrogation, including the need to utilize the force to directly persuade the Duros, followed. We were able to gain information on the primary suspect and it was confirmed, although later brought into question, that the suspect was indeed the Sith master that interfered with our investigation of Waylan and was the person that hired the initial assassin in previous attempts.

We were also able to identify bank account information and verify that the other bounty hunters had not yet been paid.

Regrettably some form of condition kicked in before we could get any additional information and the Duros experienced a great deal of physical and mental trauma resulting in his rapid demise. Remnants of strong dark side energy could be detected.

I once again liaised with Tarisian law enforcement and provided them with detailed information on the method of contact expected by the bounty hunters and the appropriate bank information. Meanwhile Master Tahl and Q’ayle worked with Taris Security to set up a trace on the bank account (which was discovered to be based out of Eriadu) and were able to find out that there was a ship that had very recently been berthed using funds from the bank account and was now scheduled to travel to Telosian space.

Deciding that the concrete lead of Eriadu was more worthy of follow-up than a possibly forged flight plan to Telos, plans were made to set out to Eriadu immediately.

An initial inquiry was made with the Seswen Alpha bank about the account in question and we were able to determine that the account in question was a dummy account used by someone with another account at the bank. In addition funds transfers came in from a much larger account that seemed to be for a large corporate or sovereign entity (from the number of transactions). It was theorized, and later evidence tends to support the theory, that this account might be one of the larger Sith accounts. Further public records searches were arranged and a local forensic accountant was leveraged to investigate the account further. In addition, Q’ayla was able to secure the services of a local splicer for further investigation if we were able to establish enough probably cause to proceed.

The investigation of the public records and bank account seemed to support both the conclusion that the account might be that of the Sith and that the Tarkin family, who stood to gain most from the demise of Senator Thek, might be connected. It was found that the Tarkin family (and predominantly the Senator and his wife) owned a majority share (52%) in the bank though a web of shell companies and holding corporations. In addition it was determined that the large account was used to pay quite a number of smaller dummy accounts similar to the initial account we were pursuing. This strongly alluded to a possible illicit link between Senator Tarkin and the Sith that should be followed with appropriately or at the very least Senator Tarkin should be closely monitored.

Q’ayla and I were able to assist with some of the social engineering aspects of the slicer’s hack and the result netted some major information. The account was identified as that of a Grale. It was being monitored and manipulted by another account, this of a Korvus Doone. The slicer was able to embed a monitoring program of his own.

A transaction on Denon for temporary berthing was detected and we made excellent time to intercept. Inquiries on Denon indicated that the ship had filed a flight plan to Nar Shadaa. Inquiries along the flight plan were able to determine that he was indeed headed in that direction. We were able to arrive only an hour after he was scheduled to arrive. His ship was located and Q’ayla and the now resident slicer were able to infiltrate the ship and set up monitoring and surveillance while I inquired about the ship’s owner to the crowd surrounding the spaceport.

Further investigation by our slicer turned up a potential residence for Doone and we proceeded cautiously to the residence.

Reaching out with the force at the residence did confirm the presence of strong dark side energy and the images and impressions I received were both disturbing and jumbled. On breaching, we found Doone reclining on a sofa. He then attempted to taunt us and much to everyone’s surprise, transformed both Sith and sofa into a terentatek.

Although the lore on terentatek is sparse, this Sith seemed able to supplement what appeared to be natural shapeshifting with the force and seemed able to replicate all aspects of the terentatek I was aware of. He was highly resistant to the force, highly armored and possessed a strong toxin. The reason these beasts have been called “Jedi Killers” became very clear.

Also early in the combat it became clear that there was a red skinned humanoid being used as mass, and potentially as a life battery for the Sith, trapped within the beast. Somewhere around this time, our slicer became very sparse thankfully.

Finishing off the beast was quite difficult as I was severely hampered due to the resistance to most of my force abilities and my sister, though skilled, had a hard time attempting to pierce the heavy armor. Through the force we seemed to be prevailing when my suspicions that the trapped humanoid was being used as a life battery were confirmed. In but a moment, it was as if the terentatek had not been even touched. Redoubling our efforts eventually resulted in the death of the beast and by extension the Sith Doone. We were able to extract the female from the corpse and I could sense her life force draining rapidly. She would not be able to make it to the ship and I was weakened by the fight. Pouring all the energy I could into the healing I think I was able to stabilize her before going unconscious.

After I was unconscious, my sister has reported that the Sith Master we originally pursued (Grale) came in, incapacitated Q’ayla for a time and removed the female and left.

After carrying me back to the ship, Master Tahl was able to see to my recovery. The act of expending as much energy as I had seemed to have a less than predictable result. Q’ayla and I, who have a strong bond in the force to begin with, have had our bond deepened significantly. It is now similar in effect to my bond with my ship. The disorientation of having such a bond for the first time, aggravated by the additional sensory information coming from the ship was disorientating to me and downright debilitating to my sister. Luckily Master Tahl was able to help us come to terms with the bond and exert some limited control over it.

On returning to Doone’s ship, we found it missing and no sign of it on sensors or in the area. With no further leads to try and track down Grale, we are now returning to Taris to report and receive your guidance on these matters.

Summary of Conclusions

From what we have learned we can determine that a Sith Master had set out to remove Senator Thek and after his hired assassin failed the first time, engaged a group of mercenaries to distract and completed the job himself.

Some evidence exists that this was done to benefit Senator Tarkin. The presence of a large multi-planetary unaccounted for bank account and a large number of subsidiary accounts, several of which have been definitively linked to two Sith Masters, within a bank majority owned by Tarkin and his direct relatives would at least suggest an alliance of mutual interest might exist between the Sith and the Tarkin family, including the Senator.

The death of Sith Doone still leaves one Sith Master unaccounted for and due to his nature as a shapeshifter and manipulation of the Sith Grale, it is unclear which of the seemingly warring Sith Masters was actually on Wayland and to blame for the assassination.

Regardless of the specifics, it is clear that the Sith seem to be moving again in the galaxy more openly than the past and that if we have a hope of heading this off, resources need to be brought to bear on the Tarkins, the Seswan Alpha bank, and on this remaining Sith Master.

It is also clear that the Sith have significant contacts outside of their order (whether or not one of those is a Senator or not) as they were able to discover information about the Wayland cache and potentially information on the holocron within in addition to information about the Senate and who is most likely to be a hindrance to their aims.

We should be arriving to Taris within a day or so and will look forward to any guidance you might give on these matters and where we would best focus our efforts.

May the force be with us all.

Knight Q’Aleane Ren

{Holocron: End Message}
{Holocron: Encrypt and transmit}
{Holocron: Begin Private Notes}
{Holocron: Encrypt at highest level}

I have already recorded a journal entry earlier today but I wanted to get my thoughts out on the events and those that could not be recorded and shared with the Council.

The slicer we hired was of course Irsin. During the investigation, Master Grale made it clear that it was his belief that he was indeed Irsin’s father. This turned out to be untrue but I believe that Grale does not know this. For the saftey of Irsin and his mother, I hope he doesn’t find out until right before his death.

The victim in the terentatek that was Master Doone was Irsin’s mother. Contrary to previous evidence, she is quite alive (although before I got to her, barely so) and now in the custody of Master Grale. This, understandably, is not an optimal outcome for the mental wellbeing of Irsin. We have pledged our support to Irsin in tracking down Master Grale and retrieving his mother. I can only hope his mother has the mental foresight to not reveal that Irsin is not Grale’s son as that seems to be the only thing keeping her or Irsin alive.

I believe that on arrival on Taris we will be allowed to operate independantly again and it is my hope that as well as tracking down Master Grale, we can begin to pursue the search for gray holocrons.

We have all been through a lot, but I can’t help but feeling it has just begun and that we are in for a lot more before the end of our quest, whatever that ends up being.

My sister seems to be recovering from her experience with the Sith simulation. I think she might have talked to Master Tahl about it, for which I am glad. I am especially glad that he did not react to it in such a way that made Q’ayla further wary of her emotional side.

I must remember to followup with Tarisian law enforcement about the two bounty hunters. If they are the ones my sister has had dealing with in the past, they will be held to account for their actions.

Irsin, well Irsin is Irsin. He seemed to be making some emotional progress, but the universe keeps heaping betrayal and deceit upon him and he maintains an untrusting distance from us wherever possible. I sense that distance might be closing, but we have a ways to go before I can say that journey has begun.

Master Tahl was invaluable in dealing with our new bond, and seemed to sense that we were more capable than it seemed at first blush based on our previous report to the council on the temporary loss of the holocron. Whatever his motivations, he left the investigation almost exclusively in our hands.

I am not sure what the council’s perceptions will be but largely how they feel about me bears little weight on my mind.

I have spent a few hours checking in and centering in the universe again. Master Zatoq is still interested in the holocron and what we might find but is still busy with other tasks. Master Shaper Aaf Rin shared with me the latest news and we spent some time practicing Yuuzhan Vong and discussing bioengineering from both the YV and Republic modes of thinking. I have also received permission to share a certain amount of what happened to me with my sister provided she also promises not to share it. The latter is almost a moot point since I am sure she was able to listen in on my previous journal entry and might already be aware of parts of it. It will be good to talk to her about the YV and might even help in her understanding of the holocron version of Vegere.

In short, I am exhausted. I think I have gathered enough strength from my bond with my sister and my extended family, as I have come to think of them, and think I am ready to take the next steps.

{Holocron: End Notes}
{Holocron: Secure Notes, Private Access Only}
{Holocron: End Session}



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