Knights of the New Republic

Conversation with Yevra

Q’Aeleane queries the ship as to the wereabouts of Yevra. She receives an image of Yevra, seated on the floor of her room. She appears to be meditating.

Q’Aleane decides to continue to watch through the ship for her reactions and slowly gets out of her own meditative position and makes her way down to Yevra’s room and knocks lightly.


There is a moment’s silence within the room.



Yevra, this is Q’aleane I was wondering if you had some time to talk or if this was a bad time?


Another pause.

What about?


Q’aleane snickers a little.

Lets see: thing that have happened the last week; the nature of the force and what just happened within the last … wow it was two hours?


Yevra gives a long sigh before rising to her feet and going to the door. She takes a moment to apparently compose herself before speaking again.

Come in.

The door opens, and she gestures for Q’Aleane to enter, indicating the desk chair. A momentary expression of puzzlement comes over her while she moves to the bed, adopting a posture on it similar to what she had on the floor.


Q’aleane enteres and sits down in the indicated chair.

First let me say I am sorry for how the last couple of hours turned out, what happened certainly wasn’t supposed to happen. Also I will talk to the ship about making sure you have access to important functions if I or my sister are incapacitated… although right now it is very distracted repairing itself so it is a bit sluggish to respond unless it is an emergency outside of that.


Yevra’s mouth tightens slightly, though she displays no other visible expression. Her emotional state is something much like how it was in the hospital—tightly controlled, but roiling in a confusing welter underneath the surface. You can sense notes of anger and frustration, fear, confusion, suspicion, impatience. It’s hard to tell what dominates, if anything does. It’s hard for Q’Aleane to look at too closely.

I would appreciate that. It might also be nice to have a little warning if you’re all going to become suddenly unresponsive for hours at a time, in the future. Q’ayla and…Irsin…seemed to just be unconscious. I was more than half convinced you’d entered some sort of strange coma. At least, once I realized you weren’t actually dead. I’ve never seen any humanoid slow their metabolic processes so much. Even a Jedi Hibernation Trance doesn’t slow things down that much.


Q’aleane smiles slightly.

If I had any idea we would all be going unresponsive I certainly would have said something. As it is this was supposed to be a small experiment that went very very wrong and very very right at the same time.

As for the trance, it is a … rare… technique similar to the Hibernation Trance. I learned about it and began practicing it while studying with Master Ixlis on meditative and healing techniques. It is challenging as the conscious mind wants to exert control, which would break the trance at best, and the subconscious mind doesn’t want to leave you conscious or slow the metabolism that much. Basically it is a balancing act to keep the two doing what they are supposed to without exerting too much control.

But perhaps I should start a bit further back at the beginning as it were.

Yevra nods for Q’Aleane to continue.

Ok in a way this all started when you were still in bacta after the attack. We had just pursued and defeated a group of the nightsisters after tracking them from the attack on skybowl. It was very late at night and something and I had a … discussion of sorts. I don’t recall a lot of it and at the time I recalled none of it. All anyone knew is once they woke up they found me unconscious with dried blood over my face on top of a rancor in a riding position with the rancor dead with its brains liquified several miles away from the camp.


Yevra’s eyes get wide.

You…rode a rancor to death while UNCONSCIOUS?!


Well I don’t believe at the time I was riding it I was unconscious but when I awoke I had no memory of the events leading up to my unconsciousness and awakening on the rancor’s back. Effectively the events caused a traumatic response in my memory which has blocked quite a bit of that night out.


What sort of…something…did you converse with that it was so traumatic? I’ve heard of such reactions before, but I thought it only happened in cases of deep emotional or psychological damage.


Well I will definitely be getting to that. But the reason I relate this much first is to give some context to what happened the other night when talking to Baruka.

If you recall among other topics we were discussing what she and her people call the spirit realm and people who had been tested by those spirits.

After that I and my sister had a private conversation with Baruka. Basically what happened there is that I had begun regaining fragments of memories about the events and something she said had struck a chord. I asked my sister and Baruka to help me as I used yet a different meditative technique to unlock those memories. It was a long shot but if I could recall them I wanted to get their insight into what occurred.


I guessed that must have been somehow related to what you’re telling me now, given that you said you’d forgotten, or suppressed, all of this, and yet are telling me about it. It was obvious at the time it was some sort of…private matter.

Q’Aleane detects a momentary flare in the frustration and suspicion in Yevra.


It was. I don’t deal well with not remembering things. I can recall most of my life including details that others would forget, so having a section of my life where I have no recall was disquieting to say the least. Having said section culminating with me on top of a dead rancor with dried blood tears over my face, doubly so. Some of that experience is still very private but I will tell you what I can.


How does all this relate to what just happened, though? Did you…remember something else upsetting? And the others had to…help you somehow?


Ok what I have been able to piece together of that night involved a combination of emotional trauma, something I have had little experience with as emotions generally don’t … impact … me the same way as others. And something involving that spirit world referenced by Baruka.

During this experience I was… tested seems like the wrong word, more toyed with than tested… by something that seemed to be of that realm. Something whose only form was a large imprint in the force, appearing to my senses as a large nexus of force energy that felt like this planet feels right now, only moreso…

I can’t recall personally the details so I am unsure if it was corruption I sensed in that nexus or darkness. Something which I really do wish I could recall right now as the difference has new significance that I will get to in time.

Q’Aleane pauses again half waiting for a response, half collecting her thoughts on how to phrase the next part.


Are you saying you…spoke to the planet’s Dark Side? I know the Dathomiri sometimes personify the Force, but the Jedi teach that’s little better than animism.


And now you get to the heart of the matter, although your phrasing is partially incorrect in your initial question I was unaware of that error until two hours ago but the heart of the question… that is where what just happened came from… now with that context I can explain a bit more of why and what I did.

Basically there were several possibilities about what the Dathomiri believe and what happened to me that were at the time equally possible.

One, that the force is as we are taught… an inseparable part of this “universe” and the idea of another realm from which this force or spirits emanate is nothing more than a cultural affectation. This supposition would lead me either to the conclusion was I was being messed with by something else or that I was suffering some form of psychotic break.

The second is that what we are taught as Jedi about the force is limited and flawed in some of the underlying specifics and that the force is more complex than we could have imagined.

Given our experiences with the Yuuzhan Vong and the living planet, this is not an unlikely scenerio. The Yuuzhan Vong unsettled a great number of master’s understanding of the force, and while there are several theories about them there is still no consensus.

With those two possibilities and whatever we are dealing with apparently being tied rather strongly to what the Dathomiri call Shaman, a concept tied rather strongly to their perception of the force and this spirit realm, my only recourse was to take both possibilities as equal and test them.


Yevra looks down for a moment, a thoughtful expression on her face. Then she looks back up, her eyes wide again.

You were trying to SIMULATE dying?! To see if the legends of Nightsister shamans are accurate?!


You my dear padawan are skipping ahead. You are partially correct and partially incorrect. We will get there, have patience.

My first step was obviously to test things far easier and safer to test. For example: perception.

You are no doubt aware that my people “see” through the force?


Of course.


Well despite seeing through the force, various of us are better or worse at interpreting that vision as it pertains to the force itself instead of just physical matters. I happen to be particularly skilled at utilizing that perception of the force and being able to find patterns in it. The same way you and my sister seem to be extremely skilled in the art of the lightsaber, my art is that of the mind and perception.

So what I set out to test first is effectively:

If we take as a hypothesis that the Dathomiri are correct, is there something I could see or some way of perceiving that would provide different results if say there was another “realm” or if there was not another realm.

That experiment was why I was sitting on top of the ship all last night.


I take it you did find evidence you feel supports their view?


Possibly. I was able to perceive what I believed to be a separation and was able to map my perceptions such that I can see some things that I was not able to see before clearly.

For example I can see certain aspects of the Yuuzhan Vong biots and their presence in the force in a way that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

However my talent in this case also created a potential flaw in the experiment. With sufficient focus and determination I could convince my own mind that every time I saw you, I saw, for example, a miniature flying rancor hovering over your head. If I was complete enough in programming my mind of this, I would indeed see a miniature flying rancor hovering over your head every time I looked at you that would be indistinguishable from what I would see if in fact a miniature flying rancor /was/ flying over your head.

So I had to take it to another step which is, do these perceptions reflect reality in a measurable way… for example do miniature flying rancors exist and does anyone else see them, if we were continuing with the absurdist metaphor.

Yevra only blinks. Her primary emotional features at the moment are bemusement and puzzlement, with some curiosity. The other feelings she was experiencing earlier are all still there, in abeyance.

Ok… so in order to lay the groundwork for what I chose as an experiment I have to share with you an approximation of what I was able to perceive and what I sensed from those perceptions.

Picture if you would a bright light with a dark piece of paper in front of it.

In that paper there are holes. Out of these holes light comes out, but instead of being a pure reflection of the whole of the light, only certain wavelengths got through in different proportions.

If you step back from the paper far enough the light appears uniform and of the same color as the origin light, but if you get really close to the paper you can see the differenes.

Now imagine if you would what that might look like if the paper was actually in a different direction along a new axis of travel from the traditional three we see around us,

And picture if you would these holes being there for every living thing and most expressions of the force.


Yevra blinks again.

I’m…not sure I’m equipped to imagine a visual representation of more than 3 dimensions, but all right.


Luckily it is not necessary that you actually imagine the representation so much as you understand conceptually what I am saying.

Now I say most expressions of the force as that was the first supporting evidence I found… something that I did not anticipate. It is difficult to program your mind to perceive something you didn’t imagine to be possible.

In this case it is the nature of holocrons.

If you look at a holocron using this method, it actually appears not as a hole in the fabric but as a pale lightsource of its own.

That was not something I anticipated. However it in and of itself is not conclusive.

With me so far?


I believe so. You’re saying that this…perceptual experiment suggests that the Dathomiri are at least partially right, and the Force emerges from some kind of extradimensional space.

Presumably these “holes” you described are life forms. And holocrons, though they are imbued by the Force, are NOT tied to this other dimension, or reality, or whatever. Which I guess makes sense—it’s generally accepted that the personas in holocrons are not the actual people they represent, merely a sophisticated recording, given a semblance of life.

Though it doesn’t sound like you’ve proven anything, merely that you can…program your senses to perceive things in a manner at least somewhat consistent with reality, even when you make them do so in a very unusual manner.

I’ve never heard of anyone reputable that suggested that holocrons were actually alive. Only legends that claimed ancient Sith Lords somehow inhabited them after death.


Correct, which is why it was not conclusive.

The second corroborating evidence was that I was able to perceive something new that matched some of the patterns of a holocron and yet also involved an intersection through this barrier.

Something that had nodes in each of the Dathomiri villages including a few that have long since been abandonded.

You may have caught some obtuse references in the communications with Baruka. That was what I was referring to. Earlier I had made mental contact to discuss what I perceived of them as I did not trust it over a traditional communication line. She was able to confirm that these nodes corresponded one to one with locations of either current or past/abandoned villages.

Again not conclusive but slightly more conclusive since it involved things about which I had no knowledge. In fact things about which I still have no knowledge as I am stuck here instead of being able to followup and track down these nodal points in the villages to find out what in the force these things are. However still not conclusive.


Wait, something LIKE holocrons, but alive? And in every current and former village? What in the Force is that? And you sound like they’re somehow…unified?


Linked… the “alive” part as it were is the linkages. And I have no idea, not even a guess… if they didn’t correspond in location to the villages perfectly I would worry about hallucinations again. They could be a communications network of sorts or some form of information storage or really anything. The real kicker is that Baruka didn’t know they existed… so someone or something has to be setting these up, and it isn’t known by the clanmother of one of the places where one is set up. And they must have existed for a very very long time based on how long ago some of these villages had been abanonded.

Trust me when I say this is something I am very curious about and will be pursuing at the first possible opportunity, And you will not be excluded which is why I am telling you about it in the first place.

So that is two pieces of corroborations neither of which is conclusive, but I started to think maybe I wasn’t insane after all.


Well…that second thing might be more compelling evidence once you can figure out what it is, if it’s anything. And it would also help if anyone besides you could directly perceive any of it. But yeah, (she smiles, a little devilishly) I’ll accept, provisionally, that you’re not crazy.


Q’aleane gives something of an impish smile.

Which was exactly how I considered myself… provisionally not crazy.

The last experiment involved something else I perceived about these holes. Attempting to move either perception or body through one of them had an accompanying repulsive force.

Given what we had been told of Shaman being created accompanying a near death experience, I hypothesized that one would have to simulate near death in order to even consider going through one of them.

Since we were grounded and I had little I could do to help, I decided that I would do a small experiment. See if I could get to a state were I could still perceive these holes and see if while in the lowered metabolistic state whether there was still that repulsive force. I surmized that being on the bridge of a vessel that forms something of a partial force blocking bubble around it would help keep me from actually crossing over if such was even possible.

And that is where the biggest surprise occurred. Apparently it didn’t matter and I was right that it was far easier to cross through, in fact after taking a step “inward” so to speak towards my own hole, all hell broke loose.


Well, that explains why you were unresponsive, I suppose. You had some sort of…what? Spirit journey? I presume you feel you accessed this “Force dimension.” But what about your sister? And…Irsin?


Well the unresponsiveness was in part due to the meditative technique. I had lowered my metabolism to the point where external stimulus was not registering. And my Sister and Irsin are what I am referring to as all hell breaking loose.

Q’aleane chuckles slightly.

Basically you are aware of my bond with my sister. Well as I got sucked through the hole, she apparently got sucked in after me. Being unprepared for the journey and doing something in the kitchen… well no doubt you saw the result.

As for how Irsin joined in, I have some speculations on that matter but to my mind it all comes down to the same thing, my sister grabbed onto Irsin as a lifeline and ended up pulling him in with us.

Which is where this becomes conclusive.

An independant third party whom I do not have a mind link with perceived and verified that something did in fact happen that matches with my peception of what happened.


Well, that, or your skill at the mind-affecting applications of the Force is strong enough to drive another into unconsciousness, at least. I gather you did more than fall unconscious, though.


Indeed, and while I am good at mind techniques, Irsin is very strong in the force himself and strong enough willed that I would probably be hard pressed to alter his perception this much on purpose let alone subconsciously.

She pauses and continues thoughtfully.

Now the next part is difficult as it involves a phrase that no doubt you have learned to loathe. I cannot share quite a bit of what happened in that realm as it involves others and extremely personal experiences of those others. In this realm our minds perceive things in abstractions that actually end up revealing a lot about our inner selves. Deeply personal parts of our personality are literally worn as clothing so to speak. However I will share with you what I was able to learn and answer what questions I can. What I can share of my own experiences and perceptions that do not involve the deeply personal perceptions of others I will try to share. Is this going to be sufficient?

Q’aleane looks towrds Yevra appearing quite sincere in her query and waits for a reply.


She half-frowns.

It seems to me like there are an awful lot of secrets on this ship. But I hardly have a choice, do I?

She nods.

Go ahead, tell me what happened.


Q’aleane nods.

There have been, part of my intention of talking with you is to reveal as much as I can about things we have kept secret before.

But just for you to understand how deeply personal we are talking, things that reflect our core being, our greatest fears and hopes and self-image is literally perceived as being worn as clothing in this realm.

Which is the first thing I can share. Our minds are not set up well to perceive this realm. As such certain… abstractions are applied. However through these abstractions I can tell you, things are not… well… in the force right now.

She pauses to collect her thoughts.


Well, they certainly aren’t here, anyway. But you didn’t have to enter another dimension to find that out. It’s all around us.


Q’aleane sighs.

As I have told you I was going to share what I can, I will share this fear that I was hoping to keep to myself until we have dealt with the problems on this planet.

Please understand, everyone here is under a lot of stress, dwelling on this will only cause things to become more complicated and we need our full focus on the task to come.

When I say this realm is the force, I do not mean this realm is the force representation of this planet. And when I say things are not well in the force… I mean things are not well in the force.

It is reflected in what is going on in this planet, possibly more strongly due to what the Dathomiri perceive as a weakened barrier between the realms here… but it is by no means limited to this planet.


…Are you saying the Force is falling out of balance? Like it did before the Dark Times?


I am saying it already has and in some ways more out of balance then it was before the Dark Times.

The ramifications of this are only now starting to appear however. For an example you might not be aware of, the Sith have started to exert their influence on the galaxy again in some instances even openly. Our last missions involved dealing with the fallout of the actions of several warring sith masters.

The Tarisian council might be mad at me for talking about it with you but frankly if what I fear is right, the tarisian council will soon have bigger things to worry about.

She pauses briefly before continuing.

I worry that is why we haven’t had any scout vessels show up to see what is wrong with the beacon. They would not leave us or your master alone with no report for so long.


I suppose the Sith were bound to start making serious moves eventually. We’ve known they were out there for decades now. It’s strange they were so quiet for so long as it is. Are you saying you think what’s going on here has to do with the Sith? That they’re trying to…I don’t know…take over Dathomir?


No actually. The sith are taking advantage of the imbalance in other ways. As far as I know there are no Sith attempting to take over Dathomir.


As far as the Jedi trying to reach us, I’d be happy if they did, but I don’t think we can expect them to really wonder about us for at least a few more days.

I can’t say how often you usually report to them, but Master Darach generally only does so once a week, at most, or if something really urgent needs to be relayed.

Since he was supposed to be the Jedi in command of this mission, I’m guessing your local Council is deferring to ours on report procedure. They might be starting to wonder about us by now, but it will probably be at least a day or two more before they actually send anybody to investigate.


If all was well, I would agree with that assessment. However a hyperspace beacon doesn’t go offline silently.

Someone would have noticed it and news travels quick, especially bad news. Having us not report for nearly a week with a hyperspace beacon down when they know we have the means to communicate, that I can’t see them not react to.

At the very least sending a single hyperspace capable fighter as a scout to see if something is really wrong.


Well, perhaps they did. I mean, after what happened to that ship trying to lift off from Aurilia, and us, not to mention the hypernet node, maybe anyone sent to investigate has already been pulled down and killed.


True, either way I hope I am wrong.

She shakes her head slightly and continues.

Anyway those are worries best left for another day.

What we enountered there was a landscape choked by the same influence we sense here on dathomir. Except its influence there was more pure, more unfiltered and much much more annoying. The very air was permeated by it making every breath laborous.

She pauses as if trying to get the experience out of her head.

And looking deeply in that place was … disgusting. That is not to say that all of that realm was corrupted, there stood three major landmarks that seemed at first untouched.

Yevra remains silent and appears to be listening intently.

The first of these appeared to us as a tree, when we got close what had appeared clean was in fact under seige, large thorn vines surrounded the tree and corruption seemed everywhere attacking the purity of the tree. At the top of the tree we found a being trapped by vines.

She was less than appreciative of our attempts to free her and seemed more worried that “he” would see us, eventually teleporting us away.

The castle we had even less luck at. A place that sang of order, but was falling to corruption at every corner. A battle being waged in the highest tower could be sensed and the mind controlling that place… I touched a portion of it. It was so far beyond what we could normally perceive that we were little more than knats to it.

The whole while a creature followed us taunting us telling us to leave before we are seen. It turned out that dark one was of the volcano.

This is where things got odd for me as when I was able to get some information out of him and it appears there are actually four “archtypes” of the force.

The light was the lady in the tree, order the man in the castle, dark the man of the volcano… and a fourth, who is chaos and corruption.


Her eyes go VERY wide.

You…SPOKE to the Dark Side?


Indeed. I have some theories about the nature of these “aspects” but ultimately whether they exist as actual beings or as abstrations of elements of a single unified force so incomprehensible our mind creates these “avatars” bears little difference. We spoke to a being that was a part of the aspect that we refer to as the dark side. Currently he being the only one not under seige in fact in some ways currently able to make use of the chaos to strengthen his position.

It doesn’t seem like that has always been the case, I can think of historical instances where the dark side favored order and the light chaos.

Either way it appears instead of two, there are four “aspects” and the force is imballanced in favor of corruption at the direct expense of order and light. Dark seems to be stronger as a side effect. What we seem to be dealing with here is not dark side as we have been taught to understand it, but this corruption.

That is not to say that there is not significant dark side energy arrayed. By its nature the dark side would make use of these opportunities to grow its power. However the root cause is the fourth.

This is something I had not even envisioned or thought possible.


I…I don’t know what to say. What you’re saying seems to verge on heresy. Are you certain your perceptions weren’t being…influenced?


It seems unlikely. If all I perceived were that one thing I would say so but after so much exploration so much evidence and three different viewers, I have little to conclude but it is far more likely the be correct and the amount of effort or energy to create the false perception the less likely scenerio.

Nonetheless, we were able to learn a few things before leaving that place. One is the nature of Shaman.

They actually die it is a fully transformative process where they become a conduit to one of these four forces. This makes me believe that what I sensed was not your master but whatever was controlling him. It does not seem to be something that could be done to another.

The other is what happens in that realm has real impact on this one… I mean that not just in the wounds we got (she shows her her sores under her ooglith) but in a metaphysical sense the two realms reflect each other… and influence each other.


You’re…you’re saying Master Darach is dead.



I am saying that Mastar Durach could not be made into a shaman by another. If what I sensed was a shaman then there exist two possibilities.

One, I sensed a shaman that was controling master durach and durach is still there just under its control and once we remove the shaman, the control should end.

Or two he is dead.

I tend to believe the former at this time until I see direct evidence to the contrary.

Before this trip the possibility existed that someone was able to MAKE him a shaman… that seems not likely any more.


Are you sure? All you said was that someone has to die for it to happen. Why couldn’t it still be possible?


Because the second part of making a shaman is an agreement between the power and the shaman. And I cannot see Master Durach agreeing to become the embodiment of corruption.


…No. No, I can’t see that happening, either.


The big point is this is not something another can do to someone else. So that is good news at least.

The rest I am unsure about as in our perception it was far longer than two hours and there is a lot to process and when I say I am dead tired, you will believe I don’t mean that as an analogy having been close to that state recently enough to compare.

Q’aleane appears to let her guard down and appears to be barely conscious due to fatigue.

I am sure there will be scars from this experience I have yet to find.

She stops and stares of into the distance absently.


She smiles wanly.

No, I suppose you must have been through a lot in the last couple hours. Much more than me, it seems. And as for scars—you seem to have at least one already.


Q’Aleane seems to be shocked her out of her reverie and back on guard. She looks up towards Yevra intently.

What do you mean?


Your hair? You mean you haven’t noticed it yet?


Q’Aleane grabs a handful of her hair bringing it around to the front to look at it.

I don’t see … what do you mean?


No, not there. It’s a forelock, over your eyes. It’s gone sort of…white.
I didn’t want to say anything. I thought you knew about it, and would explain soon enough. I figured that’s what you meant just now, about scars.


Q’aeleane goes into the refresher and stares at it in the mirror leaving the door to the refresher open. After a few minutes she can be heard exlaiming partial thoughts such as “well I …” and “this…”. She then wanders back shaking her head a bit and pauses sitting back down.


Now that I look at it more closely, it isn’t quite white. More…faintly iridescent. Strange.


It isn’t white. In fact this is the most odd annoying yet useful development I have had all day. Annoying because I am afraid I am stuck wearing a part of me as clothing again. Useful as the colors I see and the colors the ship sees are the same… and it is a reflection of the light as I see it through the holes I was talking about earlier.
The “proof” of my sanity is litterally stamped on my head.

Q’aleane appears to be really, really distracted by this development.


But…why only you? I…saw Q’ayla earlier, and her hair is still the same. She seemed pale, but I figured that was because she was so tired, which she clearly was.


I don’t even know why me, let alone why not them… perhaps because I initiated the transition? It is clearly a side effect of something.

I don’t even have a vague hypothesis of how something like this comes about.


Come to think of it, why aren’t YOU pale, too? You’re twins, after all, and have been through the same amount of exertion. Shouldn’t your physiological responses be more similar?


While I am under a lot of fatigue remember, I had time to prepare for this. I spent a good amount of time last night preparing for what I thought was going to be phase two of the experiment. My sister was both more physically active, if that could be considered physical, in that realm as well as completely unprepared.
Honestly I haven’t a clue why she is pale and I am not. But as far as theories go that seems the most likely without additional data points.


…I suppose.

The suspicion in Yevra flares, and does not appear to recede.

You said you spoke to this…spirit of the Dark Side about shaman. Is that ALL you spoke about?


Q’Aleane continues seemingly continuing her previous thoughts almost absently)

… also my metabolism was almost nil… mayb…

She comes back around realizing she had been asked a question.

What? sorry no… although it was the most revealing of the conversation, we were there for quite some time.
I was able to confirm aspects of my theories (absently) whether he knew he was confirming them or not is hard to say, probably was and probably didn’t care (back to firm) and the like.

There are parts of the conversation that I don’t particularly want to go into, I will be happy to share any conclusions I come to when I have had a chance to review it all in my head or answer any questions, but it was a rather long and at times personal conversation. One that I haven’t had a chance to review myself.

But as I said, I would be happy to answer any questions you have, if I can.


I think I…also need some time to absorb all this. I think my only question for right now is what our next move is. Once the…ship repairs itself, that is.


That is the one question I know I can’t answer. I have no idea.

While I got information that might be useful it doesn’t exactly plot a course of action nor does it stop the rampaging horde of the walking dead.

We still have a summit to do and I am going to need your help more than ever there.

And we still need to find out what if anything those nodes have to do with anything and whether they are useful at all to us.

However we are effectively grounded for another 16 or so hours while the ship repairs. We also need to figure out a safe way to get back and avoid having to touch down again.


All right. Well, from the way you and Q’ayla both seem so tired, I’m guessing you’re all going to want to sleep for at least a lot of that repair time. Is there anything I should keep track of or do while you’re recovering?


Shower, healing trance then sleep, yes.
As for what to keep track of, if you can get the comm codes from Irsin, if you don’t already have them, once he is done talking to my sister and keep track of the refugees and be there if Baruka calls. That is top priority.

Anything else you can think of as well but thats all I can think of right now.

Also keeping an eye on the sensors in case someone tries to get to us through the ship would probably be useful since the ship is distracted…. althought it is camouflaged really well and is unlikely to be seen by casual observation.


I guess I’d better go up to the bridge then, since that’s where most of that sort of thing is. So I suppose I’ll walk you up there?


Sure, and if you need anything please wake me.


I’ll keep that in mind.


Once on the bridge, Q’aleane shows her how to activate and use the holographic interface on the center seat.

This one will probably be the easiest for you to keep track of everything and even watch the repairs if you are so inclined.


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on all of it. Rest well.



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