Knights of the New Republic

Clanmeet End of Day One


Once the assembled Clanmothers, and the Ren sisters, have returned to the conference room, Jothelle motions to the seat to the immediate right of the head of the table. Barukka settles into the offered chair gratefully, and Jothelle wordlessly settles into the seat formerly occupied by Kethrianne. For her part, the eldest Clanmother settles without a word into the seat at Jothelle’s left. Jothelle indicates also that she would have the two Jedi take the seats immediately beside Barukka and Kethrianne. The remaining Clanmothers settle into a new seating order along the rest of the table with a surprising minimum of fuss – leaving the chair at the foot of the table and the two immediately adjacent vacant.

When everyone is settled, Jothelle folds her hands on the table before her, smiling sardonically. “Well, this has been an eventful day, has it not?” Sobering, she goes on, “I want to thank you all for accepting my elevation so readily. I’m sure it must rankle many of you to see me of all people sitting here. I am not exactly famous for my respect of tradition, I know, and I have far less experience of leadership than most of you. I want you to know that I will depend on all of you to give me wise counsel in the days ahead, especially in light of…certain losses. I can only hope I do not prove Allya’s trust in me to be misplaced.”

There is a general murmur of assurance from the table. A survey of faces demonstrates that these words were well-chosen – they have served to largely mollify, at least for the time being, any visible sign of resentment, and most expressions around the table are variants of respect, thoughtfulness, and pleasure.

“Now, Sister Barukka, if you are feeling up to it, I think this would be a good time to tell us about this information Allya left with you before her departure.”

" Of course, Mother Jothelle. Firstly, as Allya herself told you, we now have a name to assign to the mastermind of our present troubles: Zethira. She is Clanmother to the Nightsisters, and has been for at least the past 20 years. She has gathered to herself a significant following, though not so large as we might have feared. The clan proper boasts nearly 90 sisters, along with some 50 or so males. Of these, well over 30 are what they call Nightbrothers. These are males that have been trained to be nearly as effective as their women, with both weapons and magic. Even those who are not considered Nightbrothers have been trained to fight, and trained well.
“These numbers are excluding their spies among our own people. Unfortunately, while Mevilla was aware of who else among our contingents here were traitors, she does not know their numbers or distribution in the clans at large, save in her own. I’m sorry, Jothelle, but there are two more traitors still among your people.” At this, a look of pain and sorrow briefly crosses Jothelle’s face, but she doesn’t interrupt.
“Nor, of course, does this include the power Zethira herself can apparently wield. Unfortunately, Mevilla was not of much help here – apparently none of the Nightsisters, save Zethira herself, understand the nature or source of the power she apparently commands. However, it is interesting that they believe she acquired this power, apparently at some cost to her sanity, several years ago, and the capture of Master Darach seems to have somehow alleviated much of the mental instability she has been displaying, along with an apparent increase in her capabilities. I am honestly not sure what this means for our theory that they have a Shaman.”
“Allya was not able to extract the location of the Nightsisters’ stronghold – it was her effort to learn this information which triggered the compulsion that killed Mevilla. I believe that is all the knowledge Allya left with me, though I can, of course, attempt to answer any questions.”

“Thank you, Sister,” Jothelle says then, resting a hand briefly on the older Clanmother’s. “If anyone does have pressing questions for Barukka, please ask. But I think it’s been a tiring day already, so if it can wait until morning, it might be best to do so. We still have much to discuss before we are ready to face the challenge ahead, and I think it would do us all good to get some rest, and some food. Does anyone have anything that can’t wait?”

Q’ayla listens intently as Barukka sheds new light on the Nightsisters. As she begins to dissect this new information for any potential strategic advantage, she remains quiet, does not speak up or ask any questions, and waits until those assembled are dismissed for the day.

Over the comm’s in the Ren sisters ears Irsin offers a short comment “What if Zethira made her contract with a different entity than the previous Nightsisters who became Shaman? What if her contract was with Chaos instead of Darkness? Maybe she needed Darach as some sort of…dumping ground? A place to offload the madness that came with her power?”

Q’aleane, to both Irsin and Q’ayla: {the same thought has occurred to me, and fits some of the theories I have concerning the shaman translation, I will attempt to get some of it clarified tonight… I have a hunch Kethrianne might know more about this topic. If you have time later I can bring you up to speed on what they say.}

Irsin: “Sounds like a plan.”

Q’aleane: “I would just like to express briefly how much of an honor it was to be witness to this event. I think we all have a lot to think about and are probably not going to be getting a lot of sleep. Consequently, I will be in the Praxium most of the night if anyone wishes to make use of my admittedly limited knowledge or have any questions for me.” the last bit, her gaze pauses on the three including and seated around Jothell on the the prhase “use of my admittedly limited knowledge” and pauses on Yethira for a fraction of a hearbeat when she mentions questions.
Once Jothelle closes the event she will lean over to the three Jothelle has chosen as her inner circle and in a lower voice will say, ““If you have the time I would like to talk to you three tonight. I have some questions that are beyond my skill and some observations that might help but that are not appropriate for a larger group as they involve experiences that tread on personal matters.” She will make it clear by her expression that she is including all three Jothelle, Barukka and Kethrianne, specifically looking at Kethrianne during the part where she mentions questions that are beyond my skill. It should be fairly obvious to Q’ayla that Q’aleane has something on her mind as her hair seems to be more visible not quite glowing but definitely at the point where Q’aleane has been “fiddling” while mulling something over.



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