Taungsday 33:08:122 ABY

It was 11 years ago today that Master Jaina became one with the Force and I was chosen to try to fill her place. They have been good years, on the whole, I will freely concede. There have been no shortage of diplomatic challenges, local disputes, even small-scale wars over that time—and, indeed, in the years I served with Master Jaina in these halls—but looking back, none of them were beyond the means of the Alliance and the Order to manage. Years of peace, if you will.

I cannot any longer ignore, however, a growing sense that all of this is about to change. I have been feeling it for some time now. Nor am I alone. There is a sense of something…impending. As if, to use a human expression, there is a second shoe which will soon fall. I have consulted with our most gifted, and searched through the Force myself, but can gain no definition or shape to this feeling. Nevertheless, it is there. We must be on our guard. I think the galaxy’s time of tranquility may be about to end.

- From the Journals of Asha Ty, Grand Master of the Jedi Order

Global Aspects

Twighlight Is Upon Us, and Soon, Night Must Fall

Although the galaxy has been largely at peace for some time, there are growing signs that is about to change.

Once More the Sith Will Rule the Galaxy, and We Shall Have Peace.

Though it is not yet widely known, the Order of the Sith have been actively working to build their power base across the galaxy, largely from behind the scenes.

The Jedi Are Out of Balance

Though re-founded by Luke Skywalker with a reformist vision of the Order, traditionalists have been gaining strength among the Jedi.

Knights of the New Republic is a campaign set in the Star Wars “Legends” universe, taking place approximately a century after the time of Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. In its first incarnation, this was a traditional tabletop game played with GURPS, but it has been on hiatus for several years, and life being what it is those involved cannot meet regularly in person anymore. We are currently retooling the campaign to be a remote game using a digital tabletop and a new rules set- probably FATEcore.

The campaign’s overarching goal is to explore the nature of the Force, particularly at its margins, in the space between Jedi and Sith philosophy. The intent is to suggest a more nuanced approach to the Light and Dark sides of the Force than is generally seen in official canon materials. The campaign itself focuses on the trials and adventures of the Ren sisters, Q’ayla and Q’aleane, twin Miraluka only recently having achieved the rank of Jedi Knights, and their new companion and unexpected friend, Irsin Rashos, a Zeltron raised in the ways of the ancient Sith who has broken with his Order.

In this age, the Jedi are once more a powerful force in the galaxy, numerous and widespread, with great influence in the affairs of the Galactic Alliance, the largest multi-system government in the galaxy. They also play a growing role in the affairs of the Fel Empire, the reformed successor to Emperor Palpatine’s Galactic Empire, and the Chiss Ascendancy, a relatively new player on the galactic stage, now that they have established regular contact with their neighbors in the wider galaxy beyond their isolated territories in the Unknown Regions. The Jedi have presided over long decades of relative peace, though tensions have bubbled and erupted with inevitable regularity on regional and local levels.

Meanwhile, the Jedi’s ancient foe, the Sith are resurgent, moving in the shadows and gathering power once more, now that this iteration of the old Order – tracing their origins to millennia before Bane’s institution of the Rule of Two – has at last escaped its forced exile. Their existence is no longer a secret, but they have kept themselves largely hidden from both notice and pursuit thus far. The Jedi know, however, that it is only a matter of time before they must clash with their old enemies again.

Knights of the New Republic

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