The Zeison Sha

Less a Force tradition, per se, and more a society that thoroughly integrated the use of Force powers by those able to call on them into its fabric, the Zeison Sha are a culture native to the remote Outer Rim world of Yanibar. Originally established by friends and family of Jedi who brought them there for safety at the beginning of the New Sith Wars more than 4,000 years ago, the colony was forgotten entirely by the wider galaxy when all the Jedi with knowledge of the colony’s location were killed. The colonists, believing they had been abandoned by the Jedi, were forced to survive the harshly variably seasons of their adopted home on their own. In the early years, many of the new settlers did not survive, but in time, the Force powers of those with potential became a key element in their ability to endure.

By the time The Zeison Sha regained contact with the wider galaxy centuries later, they had achieved a thoroughly developed culture that prized self-reliance and family ties above nearly all else. When their first explorers learned the hard way of the Jedi habit of taking Force sensitive children from their families to be raised by the Order, this knowledge was brought back to their homeworld and effectively hardened the entire society’s view of the Jedi Order. The Zeison Sha have remained thoroughly opposed to any sort of integration with the Jedi, or even formal relations with them, ever since.

Given that family ties are such a fundamental element of their culture, it should go without saying that they do not remove Force sensitive children from their homes for training, as the Jedi and Sith generally do. Instead, though they are trained in the use of their abilities, they remain with their families to foster a normal upbringing.

Despite their traditional hostility to the Jedi Order, the Zeison Sha are reluctantly classified as a light-side Force tradition. Although the Jedi disapprove of the personal attachments the isolationist order maintains, and even fosters, the Jedi are forced to admit that the Zeison Sha prize the defense of the weak and aid to the helplesss as high ideals, and they are undeniably zealous in rooting out members that fall to the Dark Side.

The Zeison Sha are typically talented telekinetics, particularly with their signature weapon, the discblade, a razor-sharp throwing weapon. Effective defensive techniques with the Force are also widespread amongst them, including interposing debris in the way of attacks and even barriers of pure Force energy.

The Zeison Sha

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