The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is the top executive body of the Galactic Alliance. It was instituted in 48 ABY after a series of embarrassing and nearly catastrophic episodes concerning successive Chiefs of State to replace that office. Constitutionally, all executive decisions must be determined by a majority vote within the Triumvirate. In the event of an emergency when one or more members cannot be reached or have been officially declared unable to perform their duties, the member with the most seniority is considered to have dominating authority over a junior member should disagreements arise.

The Triumvirate is composed of members elected by the Galactic Senate. Most often, therefore, its members are former Senators themselves, although this is not always the case. According to the Galactic Charter, no one may serve in two branches of government at the same time, so anyone selected for the Triumvirate must resign their previous position.

Though she does not hold an official position amongst the Triumvirate, and cannot vote in council with them, many of their meetings are attended by the Jedi Grand Master, who is among their closest advisers, even more than such notables as the Supreme Commander of Alliance Forces or the Director of the Alliance Intelligence Service.

Presently, the Triumvirate is composed of Gavrin Solo, Kivo Sai’lya, and Dalah Jeth.

The Triumvirate

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