The Jensaari

The Jensaari are one of several smaller orders of Force-users in the galaxy. They make their home primarily on the world of Susevfi, in the Suarbi system, of the Quence Sector. According to Jedi classification, they are a “gray” order, in that they do not adhere strictly to the Light Side of the Force, but neither are they given over to the Dark Side.

The Jensaari were originally founded by a group of Jedi, led by a Jedi Knight named Nikkos Tyris, who had gotten his hands on a tome of Sith knowledge and distorted history. He became convinced that the Jedi were duplicitous and built on a lie, and brought his followers to Susevfi to found the Jensaari, which is an ancient Sith word meaning “Hidden Followers of Truth.” Though Tyris eventually fell to the Dark Side, taking his two most advanced students with them, all three were slain by visiting Jedi who believed them to be the only Force users on the world. The remaining members of the Jensaari, misinformed but not yet consumed by the Dark Side, carried on without their former leader, adopting certain traditions and trappings of the ancient Sith, but only scraps of their actual lore, and so remained dedicated to their self-imposed mission of guarding the safety of their adopted world.

Like the Jedi, Sith, and Imperial Knights, the Jensaari wield lightsabers in combat, but the importance of this traditional weapon is less than that of their highly individualized personal armor. The construction of this armor is a key ritual in the completion of a Jensaari’s training, much as building one’s first lightsaber is for a Jedi. This armor often becomes nearly as useful as a lightsaber, as well, for it often incorporates hidden tricks, tools, and weapons.

The Jensaari order is led by a single spiritual leader. In their entire history, which stretches back nearly 150 years, to before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, only 3 people have held this position, including Nikkos Tyris himself. After his death, the wife of his first acolyte was thrust into a position of leadership, and adopted the title Tyris had used for himself: Saarai-kaar. She led the Jensaari for nearly 50 years, before finally succumbing to the march of time in 47 ABY, having healed the rift between her people and the Jedi while managing to retain their independence. In her honor, her title, which means “The Keeper of Truth” was retired, and the new leader of the group is known as the “Saarai-kaar-jan,” or “First Follower of the Keeper of Truth.”

The Jensaari

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