Mandalorian Space

Mandalorian Space is a sector in the Outer Rim Territories, located near the Hydian Way between the Ojoster and Demetras Sectors. It contains about 10 inhabited systems, the most prominent of which is the Mandalore System, whose 5th planet is the ancestral homeworld of the Mandalorian culture. At present, Mandalorian Space is governed independently from the Galactic Alliance, which completely surrounds it, though it has cordial relations with its neighbor and regular trade. Mandalore is one of several friendly foreign governments that maintains a legate representative in the Galactic Senate. The Mandalorian Sector has come in and out of independence over the years, most recently following the collapse of the Galactic Empire, though it became a close ally of the Alliance during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Recovering from that conflict took Mandalore nearly 10 years, and brought about a significant contraction of the normally diffuse culture.

Today, though it has no treaty with any galactic-scale government, Mandalorian Space is officially neutral. A non-aggression and mutual-aid treaty does, exist between Mandalore and Roche, the “homeworld” of the Verpine, a treaty established in 40 ABY.

However, in keeping with their ancient tradition, individual Mandalorians, and even groups of them, routinely hire themselves out as some of the most highly-skilled mercenaries and bounty hunters in the galaxy. These Mandalorians are not considered to represent Mandalore itself when they get involved in conflicts. As a multi-species cultural group, many Mandalorians have never even been to Mandalore, but made their homes across the galaxy. But, should the need arise, nearly all would respond to the call of the current Mand’alor, the society’s greatest warrior and leader. This power gives Mandalore outsized influence in its dealings with other governments. Few can forget the key role the Mandalorians have played in galactic history time and again, as conquerors and allies both.

Aside from top-notch mercenaries, Mandalore’s chief claim to significance is as the only known source of beskar, popularly known as Mandalorian iron, a highly adaptable metal with incredible
resistance to damage – even from the fabled lightsabers of the Jedi. The Mandalorians jealously guard the formulas and techniques of working the material effectively, and keep much of what they mine for their own use, but what they do sell on the open market – usually in the form of finished products or refined alloys ready for working, rather than raw ore – fetches an exceptionally high price.

Mandalorian Space

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