Jedi High Council

The Jedi High Council, under the leadership of the Grand Master, directs policy for the Jedi Order. They also directly administer the flagship Academy located in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a fashion similar to the manner in which regional Jedi Councils administer their local academies on various other worlds throughout Galactic Alliance space. At their discretion, they may assign any Jedi to a given mission, though customarily this is couched in the form of a request to the regional council to which the Jedi reports. Most often, the High Council assigns Jedi under their own command to missions, just as the local councils do, but exceptions are sometimes made when a particularly unusual skill set is required.

The High Council is generally composed of between 8 and 14 senior Jedi Masters, plus the Grand Master. Similar to older formulations of the High Council, the modern version is composed of 3 types of members: lifetime appointees, long-term appointees, and short-term appointees. Typically, the lifetime appointees are the most experienced, and thus generally oldest, Masters on the Council, though this is not always the case. Long-term appointees serve until they choose to step down. These are general Masters who have held their rank for several years already, and often have sat on regional councils previously. Short-term appointees are given a fixed term of 5 years on the Council. Most often these are Masters who have only recently attained their present rank, and are typically the youngest members of the Council. Nominees for the Council are normally suggested by the Grand Master and approved by the existing members, though theoretically any sitting member can offer a name to the rest for consideration.

Although technically matters under debate are decided by a majority vote, in practice the Council seeks a broad consensus before making a decision, preferably with few to no dissenting voices. Depending on how contentious an issue may be, and how charismatic the current Grand Master is, this can be difficult to achieve. For this reason, the number of Masters on the High Council is always kept at an even number, so that, if necessary, the Grand Master can act as a tie breaker. Fortunately, this eventuality has rarely had to be invoked since the Order’s current formulation.

At present, the High Council contains 10 Masters: Aril Jae, Darik Thorme, Del Toreena, Genkal Baraka, Kaira Thane, Karth Rendar, Leemoth Vamm, Thalia Ven, Vordai Delfin, and Zhar Secura.

Jedi High Council

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