Galactic Senate

The Galactic Senate is the primary legislative body of the Galactic Alliance. It is less powerful than its analogues in the Old and New Republic, because the bulk of the executive power is vested in a distinct branch of government, The Triumvirate. However, it retains influence in that arena to the extent that all members of the Triumvirate are elected by the Senate.

The Senate is composed of representatives from all its member governments, each receiving a single vote. However, this is a massive body, and almost impossibly unwieldy, and so it rarely meets in full session, preferring instead to operate as a series of committees, councils, and commissions. Most of the decisions made by these smaller groups are passed by pro forma votes of unanimous consent by the full assembly. There are also a number of non-voting Legates, who have the right to speak on the Senate floor, that represent a number of major, non-system interests and affiliated but independent governments.

When the modern Galactic Alliance was first organized in 28 ABY, the new members of the Alliance that had been the Galactic Empire and the Hapes Consortium both received full voting membership in the Senate. However, with the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War that brought the groups together, these allies of necessity began to pull away once more. By 52 ABY, the region of space that had come to be known as the Imperial Remnant became once more an independent government, now known as the Fel Empire, with its first Emperor, Jagged Fel, at its head. However, the Empire retained cordial diplomatic relations under the Treaty of Anaxes, and continues to have a non-voting Legate representative in the Senate. Similarly, the Chiss Ascendancy maintains a Legate in the Alliance Senate, now that the isolated empire has developed closer relationships with its neighbors in the galaxy.

The Hapes Consortium has remained a nominal member of the Alliance, with continued representation in the Senate, but the strength of their ties to the larger Alliance, never strong to begin with, have waned significantly for the insular region. A strong, though still somewhat fringe, independence movement has begun to make itself felt in Consortium territory in recent years.

The Jedi Order is granted a Legate position in the Senate as well. At her option, the Grand Master may fill this role, but by custom, it is generally filled by another member of the High Council instead. Typically, this representative says little unless requested to speak, or specifically reporting on a situation in which the Jedi are involved.

Galactic Senate

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