Fel Empire

The Fel Empire, also known as the Fel Imperium, or simply The Empire, is the direct governmental descendant of the Galactic Empire created by Supreme Chancellor—and later Emperor—Palpatine in 19 BBY. Following that government’s overthrow in 4 ABY, what came to be known as the Imperial Remnant began a long downward slide in influence and territory in the galaxy, until reaching a nadir where it controlled barely 8 systems in a backward corner of the galaxy. Throughout this period there were a series of efforts to reorganize their governmental system and regain their former power, with varying—but always temporary—degrees of success.

Finally, with the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, the Empire and the New Republic that had arisen to replace it were provided with a common enemy and put aside their differences. Together with the Hapes Consortium, the three galactic powers were reorganized into the The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, though this event did come nearly 10 years after the official cessation of hostilities between the Empire and the Republic, with the signing of the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty in 19 ABY.

However, with the events surrounding the Swarm War and the problems associated with Darth Caedus’ seizure of power, and subsequent alliance with the Council of Moffs, Jagged Fel was installed as the semi-autonomous region’s head of state in 41 ABY, during the aftermath of the Second Galactic Civil War. He became Emperor of a newly-independent Empire when talks broke down during the Unification Summit in 45 ABY.

Today, the Empire under the Fel Dynasty is not unlike the old Galactic Empire in structure, though it is nowhere near so oppressive. At the top is the Emperor, currently Anakin Fel. Advising and administering for the Emperor is the Moff Council, who each control a sector. The Fel Empire currently holds sway in 50-odd major systems, with its capital being located on the world of Bastion. So far, though the new Empire is not without its power games and political intrigue, the reign of the Fels has been fairly benevolent, especially in comparison to the Empire under Palpatine. Though the backbone of the Imperial military remains the Storm Troopers, the humanocentrism that characterized its earlier incarnations has been largely forgotten, as there are now any number of non-humans in all levels of the military.

In addition to the regular military strength of the Empire, the Fel Emperor also boasts his own loyal order of Force sensitives in the form of the Imperial Knights. Considered a sort of “gray Jedi” by the Jedi Council, these force users serve as both an arm of the Emperor and his most direct check against excessive ambition, for they are sworn to his service, as an embodiment of the Force itself, so long he remains in service to the Light. Should the Emperor fall to the Dark Side, it is their sworn duty to restore him to the Light, or remove him from power.

Fel Empire

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