Master Holocron

A Copy of the Great Sith Holocron Repurposed by Vergere


This massive object, an apparently perfect replica of the Sith Holocron found on Telos, was discovered in an abandoned secret vault of the late Emperor Palpatine, on the planet Wayland. At some point, the rogue Jedi Vergere gained possession of it and was able to learn how to repurpose it to her own ends. She imprinted her own personality on the device, and sealed the original data on it away from ready access. She has tasked anyone that discovers the device to supplement her own knowledge with that of others like herself—Force-users who rejected the ways of both the Jedi and the Sith, and to use the accumulated wisdom to forge a new, more balanced path for the Galaxy.


The Master Holocron is programmed to provide guidance to its wielder in the task of locating lesser holocrons recorded by so-called “Gray Jedi,” and, when found, to upload their data and personality imprints into itself. It will only function for a Force-user who has come to doubt the rightness of the Jedi and Sith ways. For anyone else, it will appear to be a failed copy of the original Telos Holocron, containing only garbled and useless data.

Master Holocron

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