Zatoq Vantai

Human Jedi Master Operating on Zonama Sekot


Master Vantai has been a Jedi Master for over 30 years. In that time he has been offered positions, both temporary and permanent on both the Taris and High councils. He has refused them all. A naturally curious mind and seemingly unusually young for his age, he claims to choose to travel and learn and experience all he can before he settles down to politics and bickering. In reality he is one of the most politically connected and influential Masters in the order and generally considered to be the preeminent authority on diplomacy. He has been called upon numerous times to mediate in vastly different parts of space, an arrangement he definitely favors.

His sole padawan, Kopos Duine had been promoted to knight six years ago and then master four years after. Despite receiving numerous requests from students, he has had no other formal students. He has however formed a close mentor relationship with Q’aleane Ren during her time on Zonama Sekot.

Unknown to Q’aleane, it was actual Master Vantai that requested her for the assignment and also he that anonymously sent her restricted files on the Yuuzhan Vong after witnessing here calmly berating one of the master archivists on trying to get access to them prior to the mission.

Through previous dealings he has formed a close relationship with a Master Shaper Aaf Rin that is rumored by some to be much closer than is normally appropriate. Although not physical in nature, the rumors do not lie far from the truth.

Underneath his irreverent exterior lies a keen intellect, silent but deep emotions, ferocious loyalty and a deep abiding belief that something is wrong with the order as it stands. A secret proponent of the Unifying Force, he believes that emotions need to be understood and felt in order for balance to be achieved and peace obtained. This philosophy was shared and embraced strongly by Q’aleane in her time on Zenoma Sekot. Sensing it would not take seed, he has never shared his beliefs with Kopos Duine his student.

Playing the long game, he has formed alliances with many on various councils and continues to lay the foundation for the day he sees the opportunity to change the order.


Zatoq Vantai

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