Vorman Grale

Sith Master


Irsin Rashos’ former Master in The Order of the Sith

Vorman Grale once had an affair with Irsin’s mother, Laena Rashos, when they met in the course of overlapping assignments. Grale became obsessed with Laena after their liaison ended, and when he got the chance to do so, followed her to Ord Cantrell, where he discovered that she was with another man, and had a son.

Mistakenly believing the child was his own, for he sensed Force sensitivity in the boy, Vorman became enraged and hired mercenaries to aid him in confronting Laena and her family. His intention was to wrest mother and child from the man who had “usurped” his place and kill him, but the Rashos family fought back too fiercely, and the plan went awry. The husband was indeed killed, but in his rage Grale hurled Laena through the window. He sought to rescue her, only to find she had saved herself and vanished.

By the time Grale returned to the rooms, the Imperial Knights had arrived and taken the “orphan.” Thus, Grale, even more obsessed than before, chased her for years, between missions for the Sith. Chance put her son, now an Imperial Knight himself, into Grale’s path, and he used his knowledge of the boy’s origins to gain himself a new apprentice.

During the years of Irsin’s training, Grale’s agents finally cornered Laena, and, when Grale sought to wrest the “truth” about Irsin’s parentage, her refusal to “admit” that Grale was the true father enraged him enough that he attacked her with the Force. At the last moment, he released his grip. He left here then, and did not return for some time, believing her location secure, only to discover after completing his last mission that the safehouse where he kept her had been invaded and Laena taken.

In desperation, Vorman has risked his own position within the Sith Order by allying with Irsin and his Jedi friends to try to retrieve Laena from Korvus Doone’s clutches before the Order discovers his secret obsession.


Vorman Grale

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