Rogue Fosh Jedi, Former Yuuzhan Vong Familiar


Vergere was a Fosh Jedi Knight in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. She disappeared in 30 BBY, finding the Yuuzhan Vong on Zonama Sekot and secretly living with them for half a century. When Jacen Solo was captured by them, Vergere was involved in his torture, though she also helped him escape and sabotage Yuuzhan Vong activities. She is attributed with partial credit for Jacen’s eventual transformation into Darth Caedus, and is believed to have worked, at least intermittently, with Lumiya to restore the Sith to power.

However, she is also credited with a pivotal role in the climactic battle of Ebaq 9, where she sacrificed herself to save the lives of both Jacen and his twin sister Jaina from the Vong. In her final transmission, moments before her death, she is said to have professed her allegiance to the Jedi.


Vergere holo

Greetings. If you are seeing this message, it is because you, like me, have come to question the wisdom of absolutes. Perhaps you are a Jedi who has come to doubt the righteousness of the Code. Or maybe you are a member of one incarnation or another of the Sith Order who has begun to suspect that there is more to the Force than personal power. It may even be that you hail from one of the smaller orders that have managed to survive the endless clashes of the Jedi and Sith intact. Whatever your origins, you are a Force Sensitive who has begun to suspect that your training has limited you in your interactions with the Force. Know that you are not alone, and, indeed, the entire purpose of this device is now to demonstrate that fact.

I fear that, to explain what I mean by that, I must tell my story. I hope you are comfortable. I have lived long, and this may take some time. My name is Vergere. In all probability, by the time this message is played, I will have been long dead. Likely, my goals in life ended in failure as well. I record these words in the hope that another may come after me and succeed where I did not. May the Force guide you to be that one, if you are willing.

Once, I was a member of the Jedi Order, in the time of what is now called the Old Republic, before Palpatine took control and remade the galaxy in his own image. Even as a Padawan, I questioned the truths of the Order. Why should inner peace be the ultimate—and often only—goal of the Force-sensitive? The Order seemed to feel that what a Jedi did was unimportant, only why. My lessons seemed to tell me that acts of evil—cheating, maiming, even murder—were acceptable so long as they were performed with serenity.

Eventually, my questions drove me to seek answers beyond what the Jedi offered, and I found myself, in time, in the hands of those I had been taught were dead and gone—the Sith. When he first approached me, I knew him only as Darth Sidious, and the things he said to me seemed like wisdom, for a time. But eventually, I came to understand the rot beneath his words. Where the Jedi fear passion, the Sith lose themselves to it. An unchecked passion produces actions that are hasty, ill considered, and often destructive. Serenity, on the other hand, may well result in no action at all. Sidious was strange, I will admit—he had mastered the art of directing his passions to serve his ends, rather than becoming slave to them. Seeing how he did this was a valuable lesson, but ultimately, I saw that the future Emperor was a victim of his emotions the same as other Sith. While he had learned to harness their power to serve him, and he did not allow their storm to buffet him constantly, he had still allowed them to consume his self. He had ceased to question his own feelings. And unreasoning passion is the province of darkness. So I fled the Dark Lord of the Sith, hoping I could glean wisdom from parts of his teachings without being corrupted by them as he had.

I had managed to keep my time with the Sith Lord secret from the Jedi, and so, when a mission to remote parts of the galaxy was offered, I took it, both to give myself time to think and to escape Sidious’ assassins for a time. I was sent to a remote world on the Outer Rim, far to Galactic North, called Zonama. A strange race I had never heard of before was assaulting the unusual world. Distressingly, the were not only blind to the Force, but invisible in it. If the Force is life, how can there be life without the Force? Despite all the years since then, I have never entirely learned the answer to this question. I discovered they sought not just the rare organic technology of Zonama Sekot, but dominion of the entire galaxy, and that they hailed from beyond it. I convinced them that if they would cease their attack and depart, I would go with them, and teach them of the galaxy they sought to conquer. And so I did.

No doubt anyone listening to this accounting knows that I was only able to delay the Yuuzhan Vong for so long. Eventually they learned all they felt they needed to know, and returned to begin their invasion in earnest. The tale of that invasion, and their eventual defeat, is another story, however. What matters here is that those decades spent as a quasi-prisoner and advisor gave me much time to think on the nature of the Force, and myself. It is strange, that in a place where the Force was virtually useless, I came to understand it better than I think I ever could have elsewhere.

During my time among the Vong, I did encounter a few others from my home. Some were even Jedi like myself. One such, A’Sharad Hett, was a disappointment. Sadly, he had already fallen victim to the lure of the Sith’s teachings, thanks to the losses and suffering he experienced being given no outlet within the teachings of the Jedi. I chose not to reveal the full truth of my thoughts to him, though I did aid him in learning to endure what the Shapers were putting him through. It was my hope that, in time, he might realize that the Sith were as hollow as the Jedi. But I do not know what became of him.

In my time with them, the Vong came to trust me, but the feeling was never mutual. When the invasion could be delayed no longer, I made sure I was included in key missions. Finally, I was able to meet some of those responsible for remaking the galaxy again after the death of Palpatine—the Solos and Skywalkers. It was then that I knew my time with the Vong was, for now, at least, at an end. I took advantage of circumstance and escaped.

Unfortunately, my freedom was short-lived. At the time, I thought perhaps the Force was guiding me to where I needed to be, and perhaps it was. If that was so, I fear I did not perform the tasks that came after as well as they should have been. I was found by one Lumiya, who styled herself Dark Lady of the Sith. She believed herself to be all that remained of Palpatine’s Sith. She was most pleased to learn that I, too, had been trained by Sidious, and even more so that I had far more experience in the Force than she did, since she came to train under Darth Vader much later in life, and her master died before it could be completed. Believing me to be the Sith Master she needed, she demanded that I complete her training. Lest she turn on me, I complied, and sought to subtly guide her training away from the true Sith. Sadly, she was far too steeped in Sidious’ ways, and I failed. Still, I was able to learn the current state of affairs in the galaxy from her, and in so doing, I now knew what I needed to do.

Lumiya did not believe she was strong enough in the Force to truly remake Palpatine’s Empire, so she sought my advice on who amongst the Jedi to turn to “our” cause. I aided her in this, but for my own reasons. A Jedi suited to Lumiya’s goals would also serve admirably in my own, after all. We finally settled on a candidate, and I convinced Lumiya to go along with my own plans for his recruitment, which I hoped would allow me to ensure that he would become no true Sith.

I record these words now before embarking on my grand plan. I have left the self-styled “Sith Lady” behind, believing herself fully trained in the ways of the Sith, though she is not. It is my hope to find a path through the disaster I see brewing on all sides. There is great potential in the Yuuzhan Vong, but their racial pain has twisted them. Still, They’ve a right to exist the same as any other species, and a way must be found to end this war without destroying either side. If I am cunning, and careful enough, I think I know how it may be done, and at the same time put an end once and for all to the war between Dark and Light, Jedi and Sith. Jacen Solo is the key.

This device is my fallback position. If I should fail—and there are so many ways my efforts could come to naught—it is my hope that this holocron, which I have repurposed, will serve as a guide to ones that will come after me. I do not know how long it has been, but I do not doubt that if I did fail, the Jedi and the Sith still battle in their misguided aims to mold the galaxy into their visions of reality.

The Jedi and the Sith both have come to understand parts of the greater Force, and, by reflection, themselves. But they have each become lost in their own dogmas. Both are right. Both are wrong. And the galaxy will never know true peace until both are ended, and a new, more balanced Order takes both their places. This is the task I set out to achieve upon my return. And it is the task I set before you, now, since I could not.

Locked within this device is all I have come to know of the nature of the Force. The imprint of my personality will serve as a guide to you in learning those truths. Contained herein are also the accumulated teachings of the Sith. These secrets are dangerous, however, and must not be taught to the unready. I am uncertain my own wisdom is sufficient to judge such a matter, and so I have sealed most of that knowledge for the time being, and erased the personality imprints of all the Sith Lords contained within.

But take heart, seeker of knowledge, the data itself is not totally beyond reach. I am not the first in the galaxy’s history who has come to understand the fatal limitations of both Jedi and Sith. We have been few, over the millenia, so few that there has never been a true name for us as a group, but we have been here all the same. Some of these “Gray Jedi” recorded lesser holocrons of their own. While studying this, one might call it, Master Holocron, I discovered that it is capable of acting as a tracking device for other holocrons, after a fashion. It has taken me some time to understand well enough to utilize, but this function can home in on a particular range of harmonic frequency in the Force. Simply, it can detect holocrons that resonate along a chosen range of Light and Darkness in the Force. I have set it to match my own resonance, and that of you, if you are hearing this message. Linking yourself to this holocron will enable you to sense where holocrons recorded by others of our school of thought lie, and seek them out. Once located, the knowledge and personalities of these iconoclasts of the past may be uploaded into this one. I hope that together, we may all serve to advise you better than any one of us could alone. When there are enough of us, and we believe you are ready, the original secrets of this Master Holocron may also be available to you.


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