Female Chiss Bounty Hunter


Chaf’trasa’raeleen, known to most simply as Trasa, is a professional bounty hunter and mercenary, with a career spanning nearly 2 decades and a nasty reputation. For the past dozen years, she has been partnered with Desvin Fortuna, a Twi-lek known for extreme sadism that suffered near-fatal injuries a few years back. Trasa was able to buy life-saving cyborg parts for him, at the cost of much of his old personality. Prior to these events, the pair were also lovers, and the disaster, caused, Trasa says, by a Jedi, has left her with a mountain of crushing debt, and a seething hatred for the entire Jedi Order.

Trasa and Desvin are wanted by both the planetary authorities of Taris, and Alliance Intelligence in connection with the assassination of Senator Bail Thek several months ago.



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