Tasandra Sihn

Clan Mother of the Dathomiri Bright Sun Clan


Tasandra, named in honor of the first Clan Father of the Bright Sun, the Hapan-born Tasander Dest, and her great-grandfather, Tasandra ascended to her current rank 6 years ago upon the death of her mother. Though leadership amongst the clans of Dathomir is not strictly inherited, it often remains within a family line due to the expectation that a Clan Mother must be the strongest wielder of the Force among her people, and such traits are strongly familial.

Tasandra is the third Clan Mother of the Bright Sun, a post that has remained in her direct matrilineal line since the clan’s founding some 80 years ago. At present, and since shortly after ascending to the rank of Clan Mother, she co-leads the Bright Sun with Kamin Visc, her mate. The two are generally well-liked by their people, and are said to be effective rulers.


Tasandra Sihn

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