Q'ayla Ren

Newly Knighted Jedi Guardian & Taris Academy Lightsaber Instructor


Q’ayla Ren (944 points)

ST 12 [20]   HP 23 [22]
DX 17 [140]   Will 16 [5]
IQ 15 [100]   Per 15 [0]
HT 15* [50]   FP 25 [30]

BL 29 lb; Basic Speed 8.00 [0]; Basic Move 8 [0]; Dodge 13†.
5’10"; 120.

Dark Side Corruption Level: 1 – Tainted
Dark Side Point Total: 26/2 = 13

Social Background

TL: 11 [0].
CF: Alpheridies (Native) [0]; Ansion (Alien Culture) [2]; Coruscant [1]; Ossus [1]; Taris [1].
Languages: Galactic Basic (Native) [6]; Miralukese (Native) [0].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Jedi Knight Template (User) [1]; Miraluka Racial Template (User) [40].


Acute Vision 1 [2]; Affliction 1‡ (Force Choke; Costs Fatigue (+1); Dark Side; Force; Choking; Malediction (Receives -1/yd range); No Signature; Requires Concentrate; Requires Gesture) [18]; Ally (Darl Ang; 150% of starting points; 6 or less) [5]; Ally (Lucien Tahl; 150% of starting points; 6 or less) [5]; Altered Time Rate 1 (Force Speed; Costs Fatigue (+5); Force) [65]; Alternate Form (Visible Eyes; Cosmetic; Force; Illusory; Low Signature; Specific (+5)) [4]; Appearance (Beautiful) [12]; Crushing Attack 2‡ (Force Push; Alternative Attack; Costs Fatigue (+1); Double Knockback; Force; Jet; Requires Gesture) [2]; Danger Sense (Force) [14]; Dark Vision (Force) [23]; Detect§ (Force Sight; Force; Vague) [4]; Empathy (Force) [14]; Energy Reserve 10 (Force Channeling; _Free; Shared Resources; Special Recharge (energy bleeds away at 1 pt/10 sec)) [0]; Enhanced Dodge 1 (Alternative Ability; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [3]; Enhanced Move 1 (Force Move; Alternative Ability; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [4]; Enhanced Parry 2 (Lightsaber; Force) [9]; Enhanced Time Sense (Force) [41]; Extra Attack 1 (Alternative Ability; Force) [5]; Eye of the Storm¶ (Force Deflection; Accessibility (Only with Lightsaber Form) (+2); Costs Fatigue (+1); Force; Light Side; Requires Ready; Requires Will Roll) [6]; Force Alter 1 [5]; Force Control 1 [5]; Force Perception [0]; Force Sense 1 [5]; Force Sensitive [5]; Imbue 2 (Force; Alternative Ability; Force; Limited Skill Access (1 Skill)) [1]; Independent Income 1 [1]; Inner Balance 1 (Force) [14]; Jedi Rank (Knight) [10]; Legal Enforcement Powers 3 [15]; Legal Immunity 3 [15]; Luck (Combat Precognition; Defensive; Force; Game Time) [11]; Mind Reading (Force Link; Accessibility (Twin Only) (+8); Force; Sensory; Telecommunication) [8]; Mindlink (1 person; Force) [5]; Penetrating Vision 2 (Force) [18]; Perfect Balance (Force) [14]; Precognition§ (Foresight; Accessibility (Only while Meditating) (+3); Alternative Ability; Force; Preparation Required (1 minute)) [2]; Regeneration (Channel Light; 1 ER/Sec; _Free; Accessibility (Only while at peace) (+3); Active Only; Alternative Ability; Energy Reserve Only; Force; Light Side; Nuisance Effect: Gain Light Side Points; Temporary Disadvantage (-15)) [0]; Regeneration (Focus Emotions; 1 ER/Sec; _Free; Active Only; Energy Reserve Only; Force; Nuisance Effect: May Incur DS Points; Temporary Imbalance; Trigger (Strong Emotions) (Common)) [0]; Regeneration (Heal Self; Regular: 1HP/Hr; Accessibility (Only while Meditating) (+3); Force) [15]; Regeneration (Siphon Darkness; 1 ER/Sec; _Free; Active Only; Alternative Ability; Backlash; Dark Side; Energy Reserve Only; Force; Temporary Disadvantage (Dark Side) (-15); Trigger (Dark Side) (Common)) [0]; See Invisible (Glamour; Accessibility (Glamour Only) (+2); Costs Fatigue (+1); Force; Requires IQ vs. Will Roll) [7]; Signature Gear 1 (Lightsabers & Holocron) [1]; Special Rapport (Irsin Rashos) [5]; Special Rapport (Q'Aleane Ren) [5]; Super Jump 1 (Force Jump; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [9]; Telecommunication‡ (Mind Sending; Accessibility (Only Through Mindlink); Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [6]; Telekinesis 6‡ (Move Object; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force; Requires Gesture) [23]; Very Fit [15]; Weapon Master (Lightsabers; a small class of weapons; No Damage Bonus) [23].

Dabbler (Misc Skills); Focused Fury (Juyo - Vornskr's Ferocity); Form Mastery (Lightsaber); Grip Mastery (Lightsaber); Off-Hand Weapon Training (Lightsaber); One-Way Fluency (understands Bocce); One-Way Fluency (understands Cheunh); One-Way Fluency (understands Huttese); One-Way Fluency (understands Mando'a); Quick-Sheathe (Lightsaber); Rules Exemption (Lightsaber) (Maintaining Skills); Style Familiarity (Form 1: Shii-Cho); Style Familiarity (Form 2: Makashi); Style Familiarity (Form 3: Soresu); Style Familiarity (Form 4: Ataru); Style Familiarity (Form 5: Djem So); Style Familiarity (Form 5: Shien); Style Familiarity (Form 6: Niman); Style Familiarity (Form 7: Juyo); Style Familiarity (Jar'Kai); Weapon Bond (Lightsaber); Weapon Bond (Off-Hand Lightsaber). [22]


Berserk (Dark Side (Disadvantages); 15 or less) [-5]; Code of Honor (Jedi) [-15]; Dark Channeling Eyes (Always On) [-5]; Duty (Jedi Order; 15 or less (almost always)) [-15]; Enemy (Chaf'trasa'raeleen - "Trasa"; Less powerful than the PC; 6 or less; Hunter) [-2]; Enemy (Fel Empire - Galen Karrde's Conspirators; Medium-sized group (6-20 people); 9 or less) [-20]; Enemy (Sith; medium-sized group, some formidable or super-human; 6 or less) [-15]; Fearfulness -3 (Accessibility (towards Trasa only)) [-1]; Guilt Complex [-5]; Impulsiveness (12 or less) [-10]; Nightmares (9 or less) [-7]; Selfless (12 or less) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Q'Aleane Ren; Individual) [-2]; Sense of Duty (Travelling Companions; Small Group) [-5]; Supernatural Feature (Dark Side Pallor; Dark Side (Disadvantages); Pallor: only when strongly emotional) [-5]; Unnatural Feature -5 (No Eyes) [-5].

Broad-Minded; Humble; Likes Sparring; Obsession (Family Ancestry); Obsession (Protecting Others); Personality Change (Jedi Persona); Smug (Lightsaber Skill); Truthfulness. [-8]

Acrobatics (H) DX+1 [4] 18**
Acting (A) IQ+2 [8] 17
Area Knowledge (Galactic Alliance) (E) IQ [1] 15
Area Knowledge (Planet/City – Taris) (E) IQ [1] 15
Armoury/TL11 (Lightsabers) (A) IQ+1 [4] 16
Blind Fighting (VH) Per-1 [4] 14
Body Control (VH) HT-2 [2] 13
Body Language (Human) (A) Per [2] 15
Breath Control (H) HT [4] 15
Climbing (A) DX [1] 17**
Computer Operation/TL11 (E) IQ+1 [2] 16
Current Affairs/TL11 (Galactic Alliance) (E) IQ-4 [0] 11
Diplomacy (H) IQ [4] 15††
Electronics Repair/TL11 (Security) (A) IQ-1 [1] 14
Engineer/TL11 (Lightsabers) (H) IQ-1 [2] 14
Fast-Draw (Lightsaber) (E) DX+1 [1] 18‡‡
First Aid/TL11 (Human) (E) IQ-1 [0] 14§§
Force-Guided Weapon (Lightsaber) (VH) IQ [8] 15
Forensics/TL11 (H) IQ-3 [0] 12¶¶
Gesture (E) IQ [1] 15
Hidden Lore (Jedi Order) (A) IQ [2] 15
History (Jedi Order) (H) IQ-1 [2] 14
Holdout (A) IQ [2] 15
Innate Attack (Beam) (E) DX+1 [2] 18
Interrogation (A) IQ+1 [0] 16§§
Intimidation (A) Will [2] 16††
Karate (H) DX-1 [2] 16
Leadership (A) IQ [2] 15***
Lightsaber (H) DX+7 [32] 24†††
Mathematics/TL11 (Applied) (H) IQ-1 [2] 14
Meditation (H) Will-1 [2] 15
Navigation/TL11 (Land) (A) IQ [2] 15
Observation (A) Per+1 [2] 16‡‡‡
Piloting/TL11 (Aerospace) (A) DX [1] 17**
Precognitive Parry (H) IQ+3 [16] 18
Running (A) HT [2] 15
Savoir-Faire (Jedi Order) (E) IQ-4 [0] 11††
Search (A) Per [2] 15§§§
Sensitivity (VH) Per [8] 15
Stealth (A) DX+1 [4] 18
Strategy (Land) (H) IQ-1 [2] 14¶¶¶
Streetwise (A) IQ+1 [4] 16††
Survival (Jungle) (A) Per [2] 15
Tactics (H) IQ+1 [8] 16¶¶¶
Teaching (A) IQ [2] 15***
Theology (Miraluka – The Greater Force) (H) IQ-2 [1] 13
Thrown Weapon (Lightsaber) (A) DX [2] 17
Tracking (A) Per [2] 15****
Urban Survival (A) Per [2] 15


Acrobatic Stand (Acrobatics) (A) [4] 16
Aggressive Parry (Lightsaber) (H) [2] 18
Coordinated Attack/TL11 (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 20
Counterattack (Lightsaber) (H) [2] 20
Disarming (Lightsaber – Sun Djem) (H) [0] 24
Dual-Weapon Attack (Lightsaber) (H) [2] 21
Dual-Weapon Defense (Lightsaber) (H) [2] 18
Feint (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 24
Flying Lunge (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 20
Reflect Bolt (Precognitive Parry) (H) [7] 18
Retain Weapon (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 24
Spinning Strike (Lightsaber – Shun) (H) [0] 22
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Swing/Hand – Cho Mai) (H) [2] 21
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Swing/Leg – Cho Mok) (H) [2] 23
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Swing/Lower Body – Sai Tok) (H) [2] 22
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Swing/Neck – Sai Cha) (H) [2] 20
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Swing/Weapon Arm – Cho Sun) (H) [2] 23
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Thrust/Limbs – Shiak) (H) [2] 23
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Thrust/Vitals – Shiak) (H) [2] 22
Timed Defense (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 16
Whirlwind Attack (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 19

* Conditional +2 from ‘Very Fit’.
† Includes +1 from ‘Enhanced Dodge’, +1 from ‘Enhanced Time Sense’.
‡ Includes +1 skillscore from ‘Force Alter’.
§ Includes +1 skillscore from ‘Force Sense’.
¶ Includes +1 skillscore from ‘Force Control’.
** Includes +1 from ‘Perfect Balance’.
†† Conditional +2 from ‘Mind Reading (Force Link)’ when what the subject is thinking would be useful.
‡‡ Includes +1 from ‘Enhanced Time Sense’.
§§ Includes +3 from ‘Dabbler (Misc Skills)’.
¶¶ Includes +3 from ‘Dabbler (Misc Skills)’; Conditional +2 from ‘Detect (Force Sight)’ when intentionally seeking anything you can detect.
*** Conditional +2 from ‘Telecommunication (Mind Sending)’ when you are telling target what to do.
††† Includes Enhanced Parry (Lightsaber).
‡‡‡ Includes +1 from ‘Acute Vision’; Conditional +2 from ‘Detect (Force Sight)’ when intentionally seeking anything you can detect.
§§§ Conditional +2 from ‘Detect (Force Sight)’ when intentionally seeking anything you can detect.
¶¶¶ Conditional +4 from ‘Precognition (Foresight)’ when successful active use to predict likely outcomes, +2 from ‘Mind Reading (Force Link)’ when what the subject is thinking would be useful.
**** Conditional +1 from ‘Acute Vision’ when vision is a factor.


[None]: Basic Lift 29 lb; TK Lift 7.2 lb. Ground Move 8 yd / 16 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 6 yd. Dodge 13.
Light: Basic Lift 58 lb; TK Lift 14.4 lb. Ground Move 6 yd / 12 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 4 yd. Dodge 12.
Medium: Basic Lift 87 lb; TK Lift 21.6 lb. Ground Move 4 yd / 9 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 3 yd. Dodge 11.
Heavy: Basic Lift 174 lb; TK Lift 43.2 lb. Ground Move 3 yd / 6 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 2 yd. Dodge 10.
X-Heavy: Basic Lift 290 lb; TK Lift 72 lb. Ground Move 1 yd / 3 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 1 yd. Dodge 9.


Parry: 18 (Lightsaber). Block: 10 (DX). Dodge: 13.
Eyes: DR 0; HP 3. Neck: DR 0. Skull: DR 2. Face: DR 0. Torso: DR 0. Groin: DR 0. Arms: DR 0; HP 12. Hands: DR 0; HP 8. Legs: DR 0; HP 12. Feet: DR 0; HP 8.

Melee Attacks

Aggressive Parry Lightsaber (18; 19): 1d-5 cr. Reach C.
Bite (17): 1d-2 cr. Reach C.
Karate • Punch (16; 12): 1d-2 cr. Reach C.
Karate • Kick (14): 1d-1 cr. Reach C,1.
Kick (15): 1d-1 cr. Reach C,1.
Lightsaber (25; 18): 4d(10) burn. Reach 1,2. ST 3.
Punch (17; 12): 1d-2 cr. Reach C.

Ranged Attacks

Affliction Force Choke (16): HT±0 aff mal. Range -1/yd. RoF –.
Crushing Attack Force Push (18): 2d cr dbk. Range 5 yd / 10 yd. RoF 1. Rcl 1.
Telekinesis Move Object • Thrust (18): 1d-4 cr. Range 10 yd. RoF –.
Telekinesis Move Object • Swing (18): 1d-3 cr. Range 10 yd. RoF –.

Equipment (on person):

Q’ayla’s Lightsabers [Lightsaber x2 $20000 – 4lb – Signature Gear ]
[ Lightsaber Customizations: ]
-Handgrip x2; 9 in. Duralloy $2000, -2 to Break
-Belt Ring x2 $20 – .2lb
-Concealed Compartment x2 $200 – Payload .2lb
-Water-proof Casing x2 $400 – .2lb
-Adegan Crystal x2 (equipped) $8000 – .2lb
-Training Lightsaber Adjustment Controls $1000 – .2lb; Stun (HT+1)

Jedi Knight Outfit [Jedi Knight Outfit $580 – 3.9lb (DR 12/4* – arms, torso, groin, legs)]

Jedi Knight Robes [Jedi Knight Robes $768 – 5.1lb (DR 27/9* – torso (back), legs (back), arms, skull, neck (back))]

Jedi Knight Boots [Jedi Knight Boots $120 – .8lb (DR 18/6* – feet)]

Jedi Knight Gloves [Jedi Knight Gloves $30 – neg (DR 9/3* – hands)]

Utility Belt [Belt $50]

Utility Pouches [Utility Pouches $10 – 1lb]

Jedi Beacon [Survival Watch $300 – .5lb (includes biomonitor, chronometer, GPS receiver, inertial and magnetic compasses, homing beacon, tiny computer 1 sq/inch 2-D display; watch is voice controlled)]

Hush Comlink [Small Radio Communicator (Secure Encryption – Palm-sized) $700 – .5lb]

Imagecaster [Holorecorder/player $60 – .2lb]

A99 Aquata Breather [Air Mask / Mini Tank(20m) $150 – 1.5lb]

Grappling Spike Launcher [Electromagnetic Autographnel $500 – 3lb]

Multi-tool [Fine Quality Multi-Tool $10000 – .5lb (Gives +2; Net -3)]

Medkit [Pocket Medic $1200 – 2lb]

Portable Scanner [Small Ultrascanner $2000 – 1lb]

2 day food tablets [2 day food tablets $20 – .75lb]

Vapor Canteen [Vapor Canteen $450 – 2lb]

Total Weight: 27lb

Equipment (other possessions):

Complete Wardrobe

Jedi Knight Armor [Jedi Knight Armor $3000 – 15lb (DR 30/15* – all but head)]

Jedi Knight Armor Helmet [Jedi Knight Armor Helmet $2000 – 4lb (DR 27/18* – head, face, eyes)]

Jedi Knight Heavy Armor [Jedi Knight Heavy Armor $20000 – 45lb (DR 75/45* – all but head)]

Jedi Knight Light Hood [Jedi Knight Light Hood $60 – .4lb (DR 12/4* – neck, skull)]

Holocron (Jedi Knight) [Holocron $1600 – 5lb – Signature Gear ]

Jar’Kai Dueling Sabers (pair) [Gift from Master Darl Ang]

Ancient Protosaber [Recovered from Sith vault on Wayland]


Starting Wealth: 75000
Signature Gear: 37500

Signature Gear = 33220
Equipment = 41998
Alema = 16000

Remaining Credits = 17002


Qayla Ren

Race: Miraluka

- Alpheridies; Abron system; Farstey sector – Trans-Hydian, Expansion Region (born)
- Taris; Ojoster sector; Taris sector – Outer Rim Territories (as Jedi)

Age: 25


Q’ayla Ren was born in 97 ABY on the Miraluka homeworld of Alpheridies to Hulis and Q’Anilia Ren. At the age of seven, she and her twin sister, Q’aleane Ren were sent by her parents to study with the Jedi on Taris. Possessing, as a Miraluka, an innate and intimate bond with the Force, Q’ayla excelled in her early years of study as an Initiate. After a successful Initiate Trial, she was selected, along with her sister, as Padawans by Master Lucien Tahl.

As Padawans, Q’ayla and Q’aleane accompanied their master on many successful missions for the Jedi – though for Q’ayla, these were not always without difficulty. As she continued to grow and mature, Q’ayla found herself struggling with an internal conflict between the tenets of the Jedi Code and her existing knowledge of the Force. Like most Miraluka growing up on Alpheridies, Q’ayla learned of the Force as the embodiment of two powerful entities, Ashla and Bogan. Although Ashla and Bogan manifest themselves in ways which most cultures would deem good and evil, respectively, the Miraluka do not conceptualize The Greater Force in this way. While Bogan’s existence may at times be uncomfortable or unsettling, all aspects of the Force are necessary and natural. Likewise, for the Miraluka, Ashla and Bogan are not compelled by the baring or suppression of emotions – and this is where Q’ayla found the transition to the Jedi Code the most difficult, and the most problematic.

As an early example of this internal conflict: In 110 ABY, a terrorist organization, the Hand of Valcyn, had been taking violent action against former member systems of the Confederation as further punishment for their historic mutiny against the Alliance. The Jedi received word through secret channels that Bespin’s capital, Cloud City, was to be the Hand’s next target. The Taris Council dispatched Q’ayla, Q’aleane, and Master Tahl to both prevent any action being taken against Bespin and discover any new information about the terrorists’ leadership hierarchy. After several days of dangerous investigation on Nar Shaddaa, the Jedi had uncovered a suspect, an albino Rodian named Navik, who had purchased thorium explosives on the Smuggler’s Moon and left for Cloud City two days prior. Knowing that their bomber had a head start, the Jedi rushed to Bespin, and immediately began tracking Navik’s movements through the city. Although other, minor agents of the Hand attempted to thwart their efforts, these assassination attempts were unsuccessful, and, finally, the three Jedi were able to corner Navik in Port Town, at a tibanna warehouse owned by a family who had formerly associated with Thrackan Sal-Solo.

Master Tahl immediately began attempts to defuse the situation, but Navik had been warned about the Jedi, and had laid a trap. Acting without hesitation, he triggered a series of thorium charges near the Jedi, and in an instant, the room was ablaze and crumbling from continued explosions. Navik, though a professional, had thought the charges were far enough away from the tibanna to allow him time for escape – he was wrong. When the most severe explosions finally ceased, Q’ayla looked around and saw both her sister and her master lying face-down on the ground, motionless. She also saw Navik, pinned to the back wall by a piece of debris, and struggling to free himself. Overcome with grief at the condition of her companions, and anger at the fool who would kill himself just to prove a political point, Q’ayla started slowly towards Navik, flames burning and crackling around each of her steps. She drew her lightsaber, and the familiar, sapphire blade sprang to life before her. In that instant, she knew that she alone could complete the mission; by incapacitating Navik and rescuing her sister and master, they could interrogate the Rodian and learn more about the Hand of Valcyn. That was one path before her – she took the other. A simple shiak attack to the leg would keep Navik from escaping, and the terrorist pleaded with Q’ayla for mercy, pointing out that as a Jedi, she would have to let him live if he surrendered. Q’ayla considered his point, and his pleading, to be pathetic – she angled the blade so that the shiak pierced Navik’s chest, burning a hole through his vital organs, assuring a mortal wound. The Rodian’s shriek was deafening, but lost on Q’ayla, who only heard the sound of her blade as she whirled around, and with a simple and effective sai cha, separated Navik’s head from his body, silencing him forever. Q’ayla stood there, staring at the body, breathing heavily and losing herself in her emotions, until a hand resting on her shoulder brought her back into the moment. Master Tahl stood next to her, full of cuts, bruises, and burns – but alive. Q’ayla was so happy to see him, she at first did not notice the look on his face: one of pure disappointment. Q’aleane joined them soon after, also alive and mostly unharmed, though she said nothing when she saw Navik’s body and the look on her master’s face.

On the voyage back to Taris, Master Tahl was relentless with his admonishment of Q’ayla and her actions. By killing Navik, the Jedi had lost a crucial opportunity to learn more about the terrorists, and by giving in to her emotions, she had skirted far too close to the Dark Side. Though she sat quietly and received her punishment dutifully, Q’ayla broiled inside; true, she had in fact failed in her mission as a Jedi, but she loved her sister, and Master Tahl was like another father to her. Her emotions, including her anger, were born out of that love, and she did not feel remorse at taking the Rodian’s life when she thought that her loved ones had been seriously hurt, or even killed through his actions. The love she had for her companions could not – no, must not – be a source of evil, of the Dark Side; Q’ayla would not accept that. Nevertheless, she had disappointed her master, perhaps more than ever before, and once she returned to the Taris Academy, Q’ayla decided to enact a change in herself going forward.

From that day on, Q’ayla made a concerted effort to suppress her emotions while acting on behalf of the Jedi Order. To most, she was utterly changed – where before, she was outgoing, passionate, and emotional, instead she now seemed quiet, shy, and reclusive. Her peers assumed that the experience on Bespin had traumatized her irreversibly. However, Q’aleane alone knew the truth. She knew that Q’ayla was still herself at her core, and only put this facade on in order to reduce conflict between herself and the greater Jedi Order, especially Master Tahl. Although, for the most part, this perceived change worked exactly to plan, there was no doubt that for Q’ayla, this was one further barrier between her and the Jedi she aspired to be.

While general training, missions, and increased self-imposed meditation continued to dominate Q’ayla’s life as a Padawan, her true passion was elsewhere.

In particular, her skills with a lightsaber were unmatched by her peers. Early on, Q’ayla’s abilities were noticed by then-Battlemaster Darl Ang, and the two quickly formed a close bond. In fact, over time Master Ang became closer to Q’ayla than even Master Tahl. Where she was otherwise bound by her self-imposed Jedi ‘persona,’ Master Ang encouraged Q’ayla to channel her emotions through the art of the saber in order to fully realize her potential. Though she came to practice all saber forms, Q’ayla’s skills and personality clearly favored Form II: Makashi for its elegance and melee-focus, and Form VII: Juyo, through which she could truly lose herself in her emotions and feel The Greater Force. Lightsaber training, sparring, and combat quickly became Q’ayla’s obsession, as it was the only avenue – as a Jedi – for her to embrace her true self. Her skills improved exponentially over the years, and Master Ang even took it upon himself to train the young Miraluka in the art of Jar’Kai, a skill taught to only the most dedicated lightsaber specialists. Unlike the Taris Battlemaster, Master Tahl had reservations about Q’ayla’s use of Form VII, and her utter dedication to the saber arts, though even he could not deny her talent with the Jedi weapon. Nevertheless, Master Tahl continued to stress a need in Q’ayla for patience and diplomacy in all things, fearing that her reliance on the blade could further her impulsiveness, and even lead to a repeat of the Bespin incident.

Though they were twins, Q’ayla and Q’Aleane had opposite, but complimentary, personalities; while Q’ayla was more naturally outgoing and emotional, Q’Aleane maintained a calm and reserved demeanor. Over the years of their apprenticeship, Master Tahl watched as the girls remained utterly inseparable while also pursuing different paths in the Order, even as they continued to mature and excel under his watchful eye. After many successful missions and journeys, Master Tahl decided that the twins should have time apart, in order to keep them from relying on each other solely. It was decided that Q’ayla would stay with her master primarily, while Q’Aleane would split her time with other masters, accompanying and learning from them, while still ultimately answering to Tahl. Although the girls were initially hesitant, they obeyed their mandate, and became even stronger with the Force for it – though their natural compliments continued to flourish when they were together.

In 121 ABY, the Ren sisters undertook missions for the Taris Council that, if successful, would open their way to the Jedi Trials. Q’ayla was sent by her master to the planet Ansion to resolve a volatile political standoff between the ruling Unity Council and a regional outpost of the Fel Empire. After diplomatically stabilizing the situation, Q’ayla was at last recommended for the Jedi Trials by her master. And, two weeks after her twenty-fifth birthday, Q’ayla passed the Trials and was made a full Jedi Knight. Now following the path of Jedi Guardian, Q’ayla continues to hone her skills while looking towards her future. Though she now assists current Taris Battlemaster Van Onasi as a lightsaber instructor, Q’ayla is hopeful that someday, she may attain the title of Jedi Battlemaster, and pass on to future Jedi the mantra taught to her by Master Ang years ago – the Crystal Code:

The crystal is the heart of the blade.
The heart is the crystal of the Jedi.
The Jedi is the crystal of the Force.
The Force is the blade of the heart.
All are intertwined.
The crystal, the blade, the Jedi.
We are one.

Q’ayla’s Lightsabers:

Qayla saber1

Qayla saber2

Q’ayla’s Holocron:

Qayla holocron negwt2


Q'ayla Ren

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