Luke Skywalker

Founder of the New Jedi Order


Luke Skywalker, son of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Republic Senator Padme Amidala, has become a figure of legend and mythology, even so few years after his death. Credited not only with the demise of the oppressive Galactic Empire, and accorded high standing amongst the founders of the New Republic and its current analogue, the Galactic Alliance, Luke Skywalker is also remembered as the founder and first Grand Master of the New Jedi Order. For decades following the foundation of the New Republic he remained a pivotal figure in galactic affairs, and his descendants have been nearly as influential.

Despite his mythic stature, Grand Master Skywalker was forced into a period of exile in 43 ABY due to political unrest and an increasingly anti-Jedi Alliance government. However, this exile came to an end a few years later, and he returned to his temporarily vacated position as Grand Master until his death in 64 ABY.


Luke Skywalker

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