Lucien Tahl

Twi'lek Jedi Master at the Taris Academy


Lucien Tahl has been a Jedi Master for 24 years. Due to his exemplary performance in training his first two Padawans, Master Tahl was given permission by Master Moza Ixlis to take both the Miraluka twins, Q’ayla Ren and Q’aleane Ren as his apprentices in 109 ABY, despite the long-established tradition of one Padawan per Jedi Master, in light of their unusual closeness and strong connection in the Force.

Though they were twins, Q’ayla and Q’Aleane had opposite, but complimentary, personalities; Q’ayla was more naturally outgoing and emotional, while Q’Aleane maintained a calm and reserved demeanor. Master Tahl spent a great deal of time and effort trying to instill in Q’ayla a sense of patience and discretion, while at the same time pushing Q’Aleane to allow her emotional side to make connections with others and cultivate relationships. Over the years of their apprenticeship, Master Tahl watched as the girls remained utterly inseparable while also pursuing different paths in the Order – Q’ayla’s skills with a lightsaber were incredible, and she spent most of her down-time at the Taris Academy under the watchful tutelage of Battlemaster Darl Ang. Q’Aleane, meanwhile, turned to diplomacy and scholarship – an interesting turn considering her natural reservedness. However, with a strong base in Master Tahl’s teachings, the twins continued to mature and excel.

After many successful (and a few not-so-successful) missions and journeys, Master Tahl decided that the twins should have time apart, in order to keep them from relying on each other solely. It was decided that Q’ayla would stay with her Master primarily, while Q’Aleane would split her time with other Masters, accompanying and learning from them, while still ultimately answering to Tahl. Although the girls were initially hesitant, they obeyed their mandate, and became even stronger with the Force for it – though their natural compliments continued to flourish when they were together.

In 121 ABY, Master Tahl’s students undertook missions for the Taris Council that, if successful, would open their way to the Jedi Trials. While Q’ayla journeyed to Ansion to quell a diplomatic dispute between the natives and the Fel Empire, Q’Aleane traveled to Zonama Sekot, where her dealings with the Yuuzhan Vong are still shrouded in some mystery. Nevertheless, both Padawans were soon recommended for the Trials, and both were made full Jedi Knights around the time of their 25th birthday.

With his students successfully advanced into the greater Jedi Order, Master Tahl now awaits his next mandate from the Council, while continuing to keep in touch with his former Padawans.

Lucien Tahl

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