Korvus Doone

Shi'ido Master of The Order of the Sith


Korvus discovered Vorman Grale‘s secret obsession several years ago and has chosen to keep it to himself, to be used at an opportune moment. An unrivaled slicer with decades of practice, Korvus has had access to Grale’s computers and accounts for some time, and when they allowed him to learn of the capture of Laena Rashos, Korvus made his move. He obtained a recording of Grale’s first meeting with Laena after her capture, then doctored the recording to make Laena appear dead. He then delivered it to Irsin.

Korvus then set out to ensure that Grale’s own mission was compromised. In seeking a way to do this without becoming too directly involved, he learned of the Wayland report detailing the discovery of a previously unknown access point to Palpatine’s Mount Tantiss facility, and impersonated Grale to give Xora orders to retrieve it. Though she was unsuccessful, he followed the Jedi to Wayland, and to conceal his own involvement, he again took on the likeness of Grale when he encountered them in the relic room.

Irsin and the Ren’s finally ran Doone to ground on Nar Shadaa, where they fought him in the form of a tarentatek, while he held Irsin’s mother Laena within his chest cavity. When the battle was won, they extracted her from the massive corpse and dismembered it, to ensure Doone would remain dead.


Korvus Doone

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