Kopos Duine

Omwati Jedi Master


Student of Zatoq Vantai, the two Jedi masters are an interesting study of contrasts.

While Master Duine quickly became a master diplomat in his own right, his style of diplomacy focused less on the organic diplomacy of Master Vantai and instead was a more measured and studied diplomacy. Consequently, Master Duine is the scholar to go to if you want to know the theory, history and techniques of diplomacy and political theory.

While Master Duine has no formal Padawan of his own, he has several students (both Padawan and Knight) who study and travel with him on occasion with the blessing of their Masters.

Master Duine is a traditionalist who some think rose to the rank of Master too quickly. While being a major proponent of the code and its strict control of emotions, his still all too frequently rise to the surface. Although he does not act on them and exhibits all the control of a Master, his facial expressions will occasionally betray him. This struggle has only strengthened his resolve to master his emotions. It also results in some context blindness when it comes to the emotions of others. He knows the theories and techniques of emotion, but can miss certain contextual clues that would be obvious even to a human teenager.

As an example, on a trip to Zonama Sekot he encountered Q’aleane Ren while she was still a Padawan. Since they had not been introduced, Padawan Ren mistook the master for one of the students who were accompanying the expedition (Master Duine’s students to be precise) and due to his age assumed he was a recent Knight (in other words at most a year her elder). The two spent considerable time during the trip (a several week trip on the slow transport) in each other’s company. Luckily for Padawan Ren, her own inexperience with emotions and tendency towards subtle emotional behavior along with the emotional blinders of Master Duine prevented the considerable embarrassment that would have resulted in the revelation that she was under the impression they were in the nascent stages of a romantic relationship.

Luckily for both, Master Vantai noticed what both missed and was able to engineer a social situation that resulted in Padawan Ren finding out who Master Duine was.

Fortunately due to Q’aleane being assigned to learn/aid Master Duine for negotiations late in the year long trip, the two did form a sort of peer/mentor friendship that does persist to this day. The two maintain some casual correspondence about scholarly topics and the latest political news. Though Q’aleane learned more about being a diplomat from Master Vantai, it is Master Duine’s theory and teachings that help her to implement Master Vantai’s lessons and examples in her own endeavors. To this day Master Duine is unaware that Q’aleane was asking him on dates all those times they had dinner and the like.

Master Duine due to his frequent trips to Zonama Sekot while Master Vantai’s Padawan maintains a close working relationship to several of the species inhabiting the planet and even more than Master Vantai is the person they tend to go to help resolve normal conflicts.


Kopos Duine

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