Kamin Visc

Clan Father of the Dathomiri Bright Sun Clan


The fifth Clan Father to take up the mantle of leadership of the Bright Sun Clan, Kamin is named in honor of the clan’s first Clan Mother, Kaminne Sihn.

As has become traditional for his clan, Kamin won the mantle of leadership by proving himself the most skilled warrior among all the men of the clan, and then being accepted into the bed of the Clan Mother, Tasandra Sihn. As such, he is also her mate for so long as he retains his position as Clan Father. His reign has been relatively brief so far — he won his rank only 6 standard years ago, soon after Tasandra ascended herself. By all reports, he is well-liked by nearly all the members of the clan, and is said to be an effective leader.


Kamin Visc

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