Jaina Solo

Former Grand Master of the Jedi Order


Jaina Solo was the fifth Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and Asha Ty‘s immediate predecessor. She was born the twin of Jacen Solo, who later fell to the Dark Side and became Darth Caedus. With her uncle, Luke Skywalker’s blessing, she was named the Sword of the Jedi, and tasked with the assassination of her brother, a mission she eventually achieved aboard the ship named for their younger brother, Anakin Solo, who had sacrificed himself years before to win a key victory against the Yuuzhan Vong.

In later years she engaged in a periodic, semi-covert romance with Emperor Jagged Fel, though their respective positions prevented the relationship from progressing far. During her uncle’s period of exile from the Jedi Order, Jaina attained the rank of Master, and not long after he was able to return and resume his place as Grand Master, she was granted a seat on the Council. She remained on the Council throughout her predecessor’s term as Grand Master, and was named to the position herself in 71 ABY when he chose to retire. Jaina died 11 years ago, having been able to reign over the Jedi during a period of relative peace in the galaxy after a youth defined almost entirely by conflict.


Jaina Solo

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