Irsin Rashos

Zeltron Force-User

“Sar Khomus’” Bounty Hunter Armor

Rashos armor2

Irsin Rashos (944 points)

ST 15 [50]   HP 15 [0]
DX 18 [160]   Will 17 [0]
IQ 17 [140]   Per 17 [0]
HT 15 [50]   FP 20 [15]

BL 45 lb; Basic Speed 8.25 [0]; Basic Move 8 [0]; Dodge 11.
6’1"; 190.

Dark Side Corruption Level: 2 – Devotee
Dark Side Point Total: 38/2 = 19

Social Background

TL: 11 [0].
Languages: Cheunh (Accented) [4]; Galactic Basic (Native) [0]; Sith (Native) [6].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Sith Saber Template (p. User) [-5]; Zeltron Racial Template (p. User) [48].


Affliction 3* (Force Choke; Costs Fatigue (+1); Dark Side; Force; Choking; Malediction (Receives -1/yd range); No Signature; Requires Concentrate; Requires Gesture) [53]; Altered Time Rate 1 (Force Speed; Costs Fatigue (+5); Force) [65]; Alternate Identity (Illegal) [15]; Appearance (Attractive) [4]; Breath-Holding 1 (Breath Control; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [2]; Burning Attack 5* (Force Lightning; Costs Fatigue (+1); Surge; Force; Jet; Requires Gesture) [23]; Crushing Attack 7* (Force Push; Alternative Attack; Costs Fatigue (+1); Double Knockback; Force; Jet; Requires Gesture; Variable) [7]; Detect† (Force Sight; Force) [9]; Detect† (Sense Life; Alternative Ability; Force; Vague) [2]; Empathy [15]; Energy Reserve 5 (Force; Abilities Only) [14]; Energy Reserve 12 (Force Channeling; Special Recharge (energy bleeds away at 1 pt/10 sec)) [9]; Enhanced Move 2 (Force Move; Alternative Ability; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [7]; Enhanced Parry 3 (Lightsabers; Alternative Ability) [3]; Extra Attack 1 (Alternative Ability; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [5]; Force Alter 1 [5]; Force Control 2 [10]; Force Sense 1 [5]; Force Sensitive [5]; Force Talent 4 (Slicing; Costs Fatigue (Variable) (+4); Force; Computer Hacking*, Computer Operation*, Computer Programming**; Requires Concentrate; Takes Extra Time (+5)) [4]; Imbue 3 (Channel Lightning; Alternative Ability; Limited Skill Access (One Skill)) [2]; Invisibility (Force Cloak; No Encumbrance; Can Carry Objects (No Encumbrance); Costs Fatigue (+2); Force; Glamour (Will-5); Requires IQ Roll) [29]; Leech (Steal Energy; 1HP/sec; Dark Side; Force; Heals Energy Reserve (heals HP or ER); Only Heals FP; Requires Gesture; Steal FP (only drains FP)) [12]; Mind Control (Emotion Control) [25]; Mind Control (Mind Trick; One sense*; Alternative Ability; Force; Requires Gesture; Sense-Based (Hearing) (One sense); Suggestion) [2]; Obscure 6 (Force Concealment; Costs Fatigue (+1); Defensive; Force; Preparation Required (1 minute); Stealthy) [20]; Pheremones [2]; Precognition (Foresight; 1 minute†; Force; Preparation Required (1 minute)) [18]; Regeneration (Channel Light; 1 ER/Sec; Accessibility (Only while at peace) (+3); Active Only; Alternative Ability; Energy Reserve Only; Force; Light Side; Nuisance Effect: Gain Light Side Points; Temporary Disadvantage (-15)) [4]; Regeneration (Focus Emotions; 5 ER/Sec; Active Only; Energy Reserve Only; Force; Nuisance Effect: May Incur DS Points; Temporary Imbalance; Trigger (Strong Emotions) (Common)) [32]; Regeneration (Heal Self; Regular: 1HP/Hr; Accessibility (Only while Meditating) (+3); Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [14]; Regeneration (Siphon Darkness; 1 ER/Sec; Active Only; Alternative Ability; Backlash; Dark Side; Energy Reserve Only; Force; Temporary Disadvantage (Dark Side) (-15); Trigger (Dark Side) (Common)) [4]; Signature Gear 2 (Lightsaber and Father's Gear) [2]; Silence 2 (Force; Costs Fatigue (+1); Dynamic; Force) [12]; Sith Rank (Saber) [10]; Super Jump 3 (Force Jump; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force) [26]; Telekinesis 6* (Move Object; Alternative Ability; Costs Fatigue (+1); Force; Requires Gesture) [5]; Terror (Induce Fear; Will-0; Alternative Ability; Costs Fatigue (+1); Dark Side; Force; Requires Gesture) [5]; Weapon Master (Lightsabers; a small class of weapons; No Damage Bonus) [23].

Alcohol Tolerance; Efficient Metabolism; One-Way Fluency (Binary); One-Way Fluency (Bocce); One-Way Fluency (Huttese); One-Way Fluency (Vagaari); Style Familiarity (Form 4: Ataru); Style Familiarity (Form 7: Juyo). [8]


Bloodlust (Dark Side (for Disadvantages); 12 or less) [-10]; Callous [-5]; Code of Honor (Sith) [-5]; Dark Channeling Eyes (Only While Channeling Dark Energies; Dark Side (for Disadvantages)) [-1]; Enemy (Sith; medium-sized group, some formidable or super-human; 9 or less) [-30]; Flashbacks (Loss of Parents and Evil Actions; Severe) [-10]; Loner (Dark Side (Disadvantages); 12 or less) [-5]; Nightmares (Dark Side (Disadvantages); 9 or less) [-7]; Obsession (Find Parents Killers; Long-Term Goal; Dark Side (for Disadvantages); 9 or less) [-15]; Overconfidence (Dark Side (Disadvantages); 12 or less) [-5]; Secret Identity (Possible Death) [-30]; Sense of Duty (Friends; Small Group) [-5].

Distinctive Feature; Personality Change; Staid; Trademark; Vow. [-5]

Acrobatics (H) DX-2 [1] 16
Acting (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Aerobatics (H) DX-2 [1] 16
Armoury/TL11 (Body Armor) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Armoury/TL11 (Heavy Weapons) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Armoury/TL11 (Lightsabers) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Armoury/TL11 (Small Arms) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Autohypnosis (H) Will-2 [1] 15
Beam Weapons/TL11 (Pistol) (E) DX [1] 18
Beam Weapons/TL11 (Rifle) (E) DX [1] 18
Blind Fighting (VH) Per-2 [2] 15
Body Language (Humanoid) (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Breath Control (H) HT-2 [1] 13
Climbing (A) DX-1 [1] 17
Computer Hacking/TL11 (VH) IQ+1 [12] 18‡
Computer Operation/TL11 (E) IQ [1] 17‡
Computer Programming/TL11 (H) IQ-2 [1] 15‡
Counterfeiting/TL11 (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Detect Lies (H) Per+1 [1] 18§
Diplomacy (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Driving/TL11 (Hovercraft) (A) DX-1 [1] 17
Echani (H) DX-2 [1] 16
Electric Weapon (Lightsaber) (VH) DX-1 [4] 17
Electronics Operation/TL11 (Communications) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Electronics Operation/TL11 (Security) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Electronics Repair/TL11 (Communications) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Electronics Repair/TL11 (Computers) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Electronics Repair/TL11 (Security) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Engineer/TL11 (Combat) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Engineer/TL11 (Electronics) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Engineer/TL11 (Lightsabers) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Escape (H) DX-2 [1] 16
Explosives/TL11 (Demolition) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Fast-Draw/TL11 (Ammo) (E) DX [1] 18
Fast-Draw (Lightsaber) (E) DX [1] 18
Fast-Draw (Pistol) (E) DX [1] 18
Fast-Talk (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Fencing Lightsaber (H) DX [1] 18
First Aid/TL11 (Humanoid) (E) IQ [1] 17
Forensics/TL11 (H) IQ-2 [1] 15¶
Gesture (E) IQ [1] 17
Hidden Lore (Sith) (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
History (Empire) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
History (Sith) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Holdout (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Innate Attack (Beam) (E) DX+2 [4] 20
Interrogation (A) IQ-1 [1] 16**
Intimidation (A) Will-1 [1] 16**
Jumping (E) DX [1] 18
Knot-Tying (E) DX [1] 18††
Lightsaber (H) DX+2 [12] 20‡‡
Lip Reading (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Mathematics/TL11 (Applied) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15
Meditation (H) Will-2 [1] 15
Observation (A) Per-1 [1] 16¶
Piloting/TL11 (Aerospace) (A) DX-1 [1] 17
Piloting/TL11 (High-Performance Spacecraft) (A) DX-1 [1] 17
Precognitive Parry (H) IQ-1 [1] 16§§
Psychology (Humanoid) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15¶¶
Research/TL11 (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Running (A) HT-1 [1] 14
Savoir-Faire (Criminal Underworld) (E) IQ [1] 17
Savoir-Faire (Imperial Knights) (E) IQ [1] 17
Savoir-Faire (Sith) (E) IQ [1] 17
Scrounging (E) Per [1] 17
Search (A) Per-1 [1] 16¶
Shadowing (A) IQ-2 [1] 15***
Shoto Lightsaber (H) DX+1 [6] 19†††
Soldier/TL11 (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Stealth (A) DX-1 [1] 17‡‡‡
Strategy (Land) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15§§§
Strategy (Space) (H) IQ-2 [1] 15§§§
Streetwise (A) IQ-1 [1] 16
Survival (Desert) (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Survival (Island/Beach) (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Survival (Jungle) (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Survival (Mountains) (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Survival (Plains) (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Tactics (H) IQ-2 [1] 15§§§
Throwing (A) DX-1 [1] 17
Thrown Weapon (Lightsaber) (A) DX-1 [1] 17
Tracking (A) Per-1 [1] 16
Traps/TL11 (A) IQ-1 [1] 16


Breakfall (Acrobatics) (A) [0] 16
Coordinated Attack/TL11 (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 20
Disarming (Lightsaber) (H) [3] 2
Dual-Weapon Attack (Lightsaber) (H) [3] 18
Emotional Focus (Meditation) (H) [7] 16
Neck Snap (ST) (H) [2] 12
Reflect Blaster Bolts (Precognitive Parry) (H) [3] 12
Set Trap (Explosives (Demolition)) (H) [0] 14
Targeted Attack (Lightsaber Thrust/Eye) (H) [0] 20
Timed Defense (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 14
Timed Defense (Shoto Lightsaber) (H) [0] 13
Whirlwind Attack (Lightsaber) (H) [0] 15
Whirlwind Attack (Shoto Lightsaber) (H) [0] 14

* Includes +1 skillscore from ‘Force Alter’.
† Includes +1 skillscore from ‘Force Sense’.
‡ Conditional +4 from ‘Force Talent (Slicing)’.
§ Includes +3 from ‘Empathy’.
¶ Conditional +2 from ‘Detect (Force Sight)’ when intentionally seeking anything you can detect, +2 from ‘Detect (Sense Life)’ when intentionally seeking anything you can detect.
** Conditional +1 from ‘Callous’ when you use threats or torture.
†† Conditional +4 from ‘Telekinesis (Move Object)’ when performing DX-based tasks.
‡‡ Includes Enhanced Parry (Lightsaber).
§§ Includes +1 from ‘Force Sense’.
¶¶ Conditional -3 from ‘Callous’ when attempting to help people, +3 from ‘Empathy’ when you can converse with subject.
*** Includes -1 from ‘Dark Channeling Eyes’.
††† Includes "Enhanced Parry (Shoto Lightsaber).
‡‡‡ Conditional +9 from ‘Invisibility (Force Cloak)’ when being seen would matter, +4 from ‘Silence (Force)’ when moving, vs. hearing only, +4 from ‘Silence (Force)’ when standing still, vs. hearing only.
§§§ Conditional +4 from ‘Precognition (Foresight)’ when successful active use to predict likely outcomes.

Blaster Pistol (Ammunition; $50; 2.5 lb);
Blaster Rifle (Ammunition; $100; 5 lb);
Holobelt (Facial Mask: No Tattoos; $2000; 2.5 lb);
Lightsaber (Silver; Signature Gear; Call Beacon; Cell Recognizer; Length Adjuster (C to 2 Range); Trapped Handle (1d Cutting); Water Proof Casing; $13000; 2 lb);
Nordt Blaster Pistol (Signature Gear; Targeting Scope: Compact (TL 11; +3); Increased Damage (+2); Fine Quality; $6400; 1.6 lb);
Nordt Blaster Rifle (Signature Gear; Field-Jacketed (+1); Targeting Scope: Enhanced (TL 11; +4); Variant: Damage Bonus (per die) (+1/die); Receives Skill Bonus (+2); $26000; 12 lb);
Nordt Combat Hardsuit (TL11; Signature Gear; Hardened (+1); $12000; 25 lb);
Nordt Combat Hardsuit Helmet (TL11; Signature Gear; Hardened (+1); $2400; 5 lb);
12× Plasma Grenade ($1200; 12 lb);
Shoto Lightsaber (Red; Signature Gear; $6000; 1 lb);
Sith Saber Armor ($3000; 15 lb);
Sith Saber Armor Helmet ($2000; 5 lb);
Sith Saber Boots ($120; 12.8 oz);
Sith Saber Gloves ($30);
Sith Saber Heavy Armor ($20000; 45 lb);
Sith Saber Outfit ($580; 3.9 lb);
Sith Saber Robes ($768; 5.1 lb).

None: Basic Lift 45 lb; TK Lift 7.2 lb. Ground Move 8 yd / 32 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 6 yd. Dodge 11.
Light: Basic Lift 90 lb; TK Lift 14.4 lb. Ground Move 6 yd / 25 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 4 yd. Dodge 10.
[Medium]: Basic Lift 135 lb; TK Lift 21.6 lb. Ground Move 4 yd / 19 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 3 yd. Dodge 9.
Heavy: Basic Lift 270 lb; TK Lift 43.2 lb. Ground Move 3 yd / 12 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 2 yd. Dodge 8.
X-Heavy: Basic Lift 450 lb; TK Lift 72 lb. Ground Move 1 yd / 6 yd; Water Move 1 yd; TK Move 1 yd. Dodge 7.


Parry: 16 (Lightsaber). Block: 10 (DX). Dodge: 9/11.
Eyes: DR 27/18; HP 2. Neck: DR 30/15*. Skull: DR 27/18+2. Face: DR 27/18. Torso: DR 30/15*. Groin: DR 30/15*. Arms: DR 30/15*; HP 8. Hands: DR 30/15*; HP 6. Legs: DR 30/15*; HP 8. Feet: DR 30/15*; HP 6.

Melee Attacks

Bite (18): 1d cr. Reach C.
Echani • Punch (–; 3): 1d cr. Reach C.
Echani • Kick (–): 1d+1 cr. Reach C,1.
Kick (16): 1d+1 cr. Reach C,1.
Leech Steal Energy (–): 1 FP. Reach C.
Lightsaber Silver (20; 16): 4d(10) burn. Reach 1,2. ST 3.
Neck Snap ST (12): 2d+1 cr. Reach C.
Punch (18; 12): 1d cr. Reach C.
Shoto Lightsaber Red (19; 15F): 3d+2(10) burn. Reach 1. ST 3.

Ranged Attacks

Affliction Force Choke (18): HT±2 aff mal. Range -1/yd. RoF –.
Burning Attack Force Lightning (21): 5d bu sur. Range 5 yd / 10 yd. RoF 1. Rcl 1.
Crushing Attack Force Push (19): 7d cr dbk. Range 5 yd / 10 yd. RoF 1. Rcl 1.
Nordt Blaster Pistol (18): 3d(5) burn sur. Acc 9. Range 300 yd / 900 yd. RoF 3. Shots 40(3). ST 4. Bulk -2. Rcl 1.
Nordt Blaster Rifle (20): 3d+3(5) burn sur. Acc 14+2. Range 700 yd / 1.19 mi. RoF 3. Shots 10(3). ST 7†. Bulk -4. Rcl 1.
Plasma Grenade (17): 6dx4 burn ex. Range 52 yd. RoF –. Notes [2].
Telekinesis Move Object • Thrust (19): 1d-4 cr. Range 10 yd. RoF –.
Telekinesis Move Object • Swing (19): 1d-3 cr. Range 10 yd. RoF –.


Outstanding Dark Side Points – 1
Outstanding Light Side Point – 0
Money: 64648

Bought DR 20/12 Suit from Nar Shadaa

Imbuement power for alternate on lightning to set it in through lightsaber.

Frik coated Naginata type Dathomir weapon


Player: Matt
Character: Irsin Rashos
Race: Zeltron
Affiliation @ Start: Sith (Former Imperial Knight Apprentice)
Rank: Saber

Irsin Rashos was born, like many Zeltrons, on the planet Zeltros, though he didn’t live there for very long. His family was fairly wealthy, driven mostly by their work as jacks of all trades for the Hutt Syndicates. His mother, Laena, was a legendary seductress, being used on many missions as assassin, spy, or political manipulator as the situation required. His Father, Nordt, on the other hand was one of the most well known Bounty Hunters for Gragen The Hutt, and infamous member of the galactic underworld, with suspected ties to the Hutt criminal networks, The Black Sun, and half a dozen other organizations. Both jobs required they move around rather frequently, however it was important for both parents that their son be born on their homeworld, in order to preserve his tie with someplace stationary. So after a short stop on their homeworld to naturalize their son with the Zeltron government, the Rashos family was on the move again.

Less than two years later, before Irsin had learned to speak more than a few syllables, the family was operating on the planet Ord Cantrell within Imperial Space. Laena was working a political angle with one of the local governors, trying to “convince” him to endorse legislation that would preserve underground trade networks vital to her particular employer. While in the area Nordt had been sent to hunt down a few people who had defaulted on debts or otherwise skipped out on something they owed to Gragen.

On the evening of their third week on the planet, the room of their small rented apartment was blown inward. Records of the fight are sketchy and are filled in with a lot of supposition, however security cameras in the region saw a squad of soldiers in dark shining armor approach the apartment accompanied by a hooded figure who’s face was never seen.

When the squadron of Imperial Knights who had been presumably trailing the dark figure burst onto the scene, they found the father’s body riddled with blaster fire and his neck broken. Several of the dark armored soldiers also lay dead and the wall was blackened where a small exposive presumably was detonated. the remaining soldiers found in the room were cut down, and few thought they were left behind as anything more than to slow down any pursuers. The rear window of the apartment was broken outward, presumably out which both the hooded figure had escaped and the body of the mother had been cast to open the way judging by signs of her blood and clothing on the window.

Somehow, in the man’s haste however, the child, Irsin, had been left behind. The leader of the Imperial Knight group, Karn Logrin, picked the child up intending to convey him to his superiors and confirm the child transportation to the orphanage system. However upon touching the pinkish child’s skin, Karn felt the resonant tingle of force sensitivity in the child. He made his decision at once and brought the child with him back to the Imperial Academy, where he could be schooled in the ways of the force and brought up as a Knight of the Order.

For many years things seems bright for Irsin. He was often hot-headed and impulsive, but the Imperial Knights were practiced at hammering discipline out of their energetic young charges, and over time his brashness was honed into an edge that would fight for the Imperium.

He trained hard and well, and if he showed a slight preference for some of the more harsh talents at a Knight’s disposal, including things like Lightning and Choke holds, the Knights were a pragmatic group, and valued getting the job done according to protocol, and anything that fit that definition was encouraged and honed rather than stifled in the way the Jedi might have.

Though they tried mightily, the one harsh edge they could not sharpen away, was Irsin’s obsession with the circumstances which brought him to the Academy. He was constantly researching, investigating, reading, and studying, every bit of information he could gather from security tapes and eye-witness accounts of that night which tore him from his parents. He held no illusions that his parents were saints without enemies, but they hadn’t deserved to be butchered in their home the way they had been. He was determined to find their killer and bring them to justice.

The desire for vengeance worried his teachers, and especially his master Karn whom he was apprenticed to. As he grew older the old wound became less altruistic and more festering, and Irsin began to spend more time in the holocron rooms than most would have preferred, reading old texts about lost legends and powers.

When Irsin was in his early teens, Karn took him on an investigative mission to the planet Kalee- a remote world where few off-worlders had traveled since the Clone Wars. The planet was in a state of rebuilding and terraforming, but there was a very persistent tension on the planet since the Old Republic had betrayed the Kaleesh people and fought against them on the side of their enemies the Huks. Karn and Irsin were dispatched there to investigate suspicious disturbances in the Force coming from the planet.

Upon arriving on the planet they got an icy but suitably respectful reception from the Kaleesh. the wounds left by the Old Republic were deep, and it would not be soon forgotten here that the Empire was borne from the ashes of that old order. But they knew better than to blame every agent of a given order for past wrongs.

The Huks were a different matter however. They had expected a more welcome response from them, but they were only barely shy from openly hostile to the two as they investigated the source of the disturbance. they got little or no useful information out of people as they talked with them, and what leads they did garner, almost universally turned out to be a dead end. After nearly a week of being given the run around, they finally heard a rumor about the son of the city’s governor. It seems that he had been gathering with other youths somewhere outside of town with someone shadily referred to as “the off-worlder”. So figuring they might have finally located their quarry, they decided to follow him.

The two proceeded with caution. By now they knew each other and their respective fighting styles well enough to work in harmony with almost no verbal communication. They found a small stand of trees near the meeting site the Huk had arrived at and hid themselves to observe. Standing in the middle of a clearing with maybe a dozen Huks in a circle around him stood a hooded figure. I was clearly orating in some way, so they each withdrew laser listening devices and tuned into the conversation.

The shadowed man spoke with a rumbling basso voice, reciting the pride and honor of the Huk people, and how they should not have to continue to bow before the Empire, or the Alliance, or anyone but their own might. They proved their worth against the Kaleesh many years ago, and the time to rise up was now.

The hooded figure went on like this for several minutes, before Karn and Irsin realized the man was trying to convert them. Some of them cast uncertain glances at each other, but most of them stared at the man with rapt attention. Karn’s head snapped up as a whisper of Dark Force energy leaked out of the man, and those with remaining doubts on their face seemed to go foggy eyed. Irsin had felt it too, and felt the bottom of his stomach drop out.

The Sith. The Sith were on Kalee. And they were recruiting. The Rule of Two did not seemt o apply to these Sith. Suddenly an image came to Irsin’s mind of a shadowed figure. A figure who had barely been glimpsed in the security footage from Ord Cantrell. Who had strode into an apartment more than a decade prior, and executed his parents and tried to kidnap him. Never Again! He swore to himself.

In sudden rage Irsin lept up from his hiding spot igniting his lightsaber and charged towards the Sith before Karn had a chance to realize what was happening. Left no other option but to try and protect his Apprentice before he got himself killed in a confrontation he was clearly outclassed in, Karn rushed forward igniting his own lightsaber.

The Huks, alarmed and surprised at the sudden intrusion scattered at the sight of two apparent Jedi storming into their secret communion with a Sith. They fled in all directions, leaving the Shadowed figure standing there alone, with his head slightly tilted as he looked towards Irsin’s oncoming charge, as though he was assessing an insect exhibiting unusual behavior. Almost casually, the figure drew forth a shaft of metal and ignited a red lightsaber. The blade parried Irsin’s strike as though it were more nuisance than real threat. The maneuver overbalanced Irsin’s awkward charge and sent him sprawling. The figure turned to Karn then as he moved forward, effecting a salute that somehow managed to seem mocking with his glowing blade the color of blood.

Karn stood before him then, hoping to buy enough time for his Apprentice to return to the fight. Irsin was brash, but when he recovered his senses he was a skilled fighter, and Karn was not at all sure he could take this man alone.

Suddenly with dazzling speed the figure lunged, sweeping the red blade down in an arc almost too quick to see. Karn managed to parry it but he had to fall back, losing ground in the face of blow after blow. He knew almost instantly that he was outmatched if the fight lasted very long, but Karn manged to turn the figure’s assault before he was backed up into the stand of trees, and push back himself with a well-timed blast of force energy that took the hooded man off his feet. The man landed heavily several yards away. Karn was breathing hard, but he took a moment to glance in the direction Irsin had fallen and saw him cautiously making his way in a circle to flank the figure before he rose again.

The figure rose, and if Karn didn’t know better, he’d have thought the man was laughing.

“I had hoped you would have learned the truth on your own after all this time Irsin, but perhaps you need a little guidance.” The figure said as he stood back up. Irsin froze in place. How does he know my name? Irsin thought.

“I know a great deal about you Irsin. I’ve been watching you and your progress, hoping you would learn the truth of your circumstances on your own. The truth about who killed your parents.” The words hung like daggers in the air, poised to fall on the next person that moved.

“What are you talking about?” Irsin said coldly, barely containing the anger in his voice.

“I’m talking about how you were manipulated, twisted, and are being used by the Empire. About how they took your parents away from you, and then fed you a story about how a mysterious stranger killed them, and somehow escaped without taking you with him, when supposedly you were the original objective in the first place. Explain to me how Karn and his team arrived on the scene AFTER the shrouded figure had fled, and yet you were still there to rescue. Why would a man willing to kill your parents to get to you, simply flee with you unprotected? Can you not see how you have been controlled? How they have taken your entirely justified anger at the wrong done to you, and twisted it to their own purposes? They’ve been lying to you Irsin. From the very moment they had you within their grasp. And the king of the entire farce stands by your side each day, indoctrinating you into their thinking, and against those who would show you the truth.”

Irsin hardly breathed during the entire speech. He almost couldn’t believe it. Of course he couldn’t believe it…Karn had been like a father to him. He’d raised him like his own, showed him everything he needed to know to survive. Protected him when the Knights were concerned over his obsession about his parents. Told them he had to pursue this.

Irsin shook his head violently. “NO! I won’t listen to your lies!” And Karn and Irsin both charged forward simultaneously. The figure seemed surprised that his words hadn’t had more effect at first, and scrambled to parry the two-pronged assault. He was good, better than either of them alone, but Karn had been right. The two of them together steady drove the figure back, forcing him to give ground to prevent himself from being trapped. Without warning the figure ducked under a horizontal slash of Karn’s and released a radial blast of force energy that sent both Knight and Apprentice sprawling in opposite directions. The cowled man seemed to take a minute to catch his breath.

“Irsin,” He managed after a moment, somehow keeping his voice steady. “You must believe I have you best interests at heart. I am only trying to help you see the truth, the truth about who killed your parents!”

Karn’s head snapped up as he felt the rush of power behind the words this time. He hadn’t been sure with the previous speech, it had been a subtle thing, but this was much more overt, as if the figure were pressing against resistance and trying to batter it down. He knew Irsin was well trained, but there was no way he would stand alone against what appeared to be a Sith Master’s concerted effort to break down his mental barriers.

“Irsin!” He cried, putting the weight of the Force behind his own words, “Don’t listen to him! You know who I am and how I have helped you, don’t let this Sith Dog influence you!”

Irsin struggled within himself on his knees, unable to finish getting up as he tried to cope with both fronts of a mental battle he was hardly aware of. He was the battleground, and the two other men were the combatants. He knew Karn was a man he could trust, he’d had years to take advantage of Irsin if that had been his goal. What reason would he have had to raise him within the Knights? But then…why HAD the shrouded figure left him behind? What sort of kidnapper would do that? Unless….unless his true purpose only ever was to create a false pretense to “rescue” a child. To raise him under the thumb of the Empire. To use him. His parents were dead…dead because someone decided he was worth something. What if the person after him…after all these years of hunting him…had succeeded? What if the plan had worked flawlessly? And here he was, serving the people he believed rescued him, when they had been the ones who orchestrated the whole thing?

Sweat beaded out on Karn’s and Irsin’s face as Karn pressed against the force of the shrouded figure’s words, but he knew he was losing ground. He was competent at defending his own mind, but his skill had never been in mind manipulation. Karn did the only thing he thought would give him a chance, and got to his feet rushing up behind the cloaked figure, hoping that by re-engaging him in combat, he might break his concentration and give Irsin a chance to break free. Karn lifted his lightsaber and brought it down directly towards the figure’s back – only to be met by the blood red saber again. The figure hadn’t even turned fully, keeping most of his attention on the mental battle withing Irsin.

Irsin staggered back as though he’d been struck physically. Karn’s pitched attempt at distraction had also had the drawback of removing his influence from the battlefield. Karn lifted his eyes to Irsin, searching his for…what…? Checking to see if he believed the truth? Making sure his elaborate shroud of lies and illusion were intact? Whatever Karn did see…it made him flinch. He stared openly at Irsin, mouth hanging open as he tried to press his saber against the red one of the figure who came to speak the truth.

“Irsin, you can’t possibly believe him! He’s a Sith! He can’t be trusted!” Karn yelled almost pleadingly.

Irsin’s eyes turned dark then…and he gazed at a man he had thought he trusted, a man who he’d loved nearly his entire life…and he felt the ultimate betrayal. He was so angry, hurt, that he didn’t even remember the intense mental battle that had just been waged over his mind. The hammer of power that had manipulated him into believing the dark figure’s words, even though his natural disposition would never have allowed him to be so easily swayed. But now that the Mind Trick had done its work, the Truth was a relative thing, and the acceptance of his words as real, had changed….everything.

A strange yellow color oozed across Irsin’s eyes, and he flung his left hand up, streaks of blue lightning streaking from his fingertips towards Karn. Towards his….former…master. His Betrayer.

Karn, who had still been unwilling to accept that Irsin had turned failed to defend himself in time as pre-occupied as he was with the lightsaber battle in front of him, and the blast of electricity caught him full in the chest lifting him off his feet with shuddering force. He landed flat on his back with his saber disengaged a few feet away. He was still breathing, if labored, and there was a smoking hole in the center of his robes, exposing the scorched flesh beneath.

As Irsin stalked over to him, the hooded figure gestured with a hand an Karn was lifted off the ground and pulled vertical, suspended by unseen force that clamped his arms hard against his sides, locked in place. Irsin stared down at the man who he was sure now had killed his parents. The man who had played him for a fool all his life. Pure unadulterated hatred shown in his too-yellow eyes. Karn looked up at him weakly, trying to focus on him.

“Irsin…please…you have to believe me…he’s using you….” Karn managed to gasp. Irsin’s lips pulled back from his teeth in a vicious snarl, contorting his scarlet face into a mask of rage.

“No more of your lies. It ends. Now.” And Irsin plunged the blade of his lightsaber through the chest of his onetime master, a man who had never shown him anything but kindness, guidance and a firm hand, and friendship. And all of it that the previous day seemed so sweet, now tasted like ash in Irsin’s mouth. Karn fell limp against his invisible bonds, and his eyes glazed over.


Irsin withdrew his lightsaber from the body and extinguished it. Slowly he turned to the hooded figure who had already extinguished his own saber and was drawing the hood off his head to expose his features.

He was human in appearance, with a short cropped beard and dark hair. His eyes were slightly too sunken to look healthy or appealing, and there was a long scar running from one ear meeting at the corner of his mouth. The effect pulled his mouth in such a way as to make it seem like he had a perpetual mocking smirk on his face. And across the whole of his face, dissapearing under the collar of his robes, black swirling and jagged tattoos stood out in stark contrast to his pale flesh. He looked at Irsin and smiled.

“Well done Irsin. You are a formidable warrior, and I am glad you have finally seen through their lies after all these years. They will surely not accept you back after killing one of their Knights however. Will you come with me? It would be the least I could do to help you escape the rest of the way from your life of subjugation.”

Irsin nodded, anger still evident in both his expression and the set of his shoulders. He met the eyes of the hood man. “Will you teach me? Teach me so I can be strong, and never be a victim like my parents were?”

The figure could have laughed aloud, but he kept his face smoothed and serious. No need to take risks even now.

“I would be honored to train you myself, and teach you the ways of the Sith and the Dark Side, on our homeworld Kesh. My name is Vorman Grale, and I will be your Master. Follow me to my ship, and the beginning of the rest of your life. You have a bright future ahead of you.”

“Yes, Master.” Irsin intoned. And they walked away, leaving the broken body of Karn Logrin to fall limply to the ground.

Irsin Rashos

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