Darl Ang

Kel Dor Battlemaster at the Jedi Academy on Ossus


Darl Ang has been a Jedi Master for 16 years, spending the last 14 as both lightsaber instructor, and later Battlemaster, of the Taris Academy. While an instructor on Taris, Master Ang formed a extremely close bond with one of his most promising students, Q’ayla Ren. The Miraluka had incredible skill with a lightsaber, and was one of few Jedi, along with Van Onasi, who he trained in the art of Jar’Kai.

After many successful years of service to the Council on Taris, Master Ang was reassigned to the Jedi Academy on Ossus, where he now serves as Battlemaster to a new generation of Knights. Before leaving Taris, however, he gifted Q’ayla with a pair of Jar’Kai dueling sabers, as a symbol of both their deep friendship and her exceptional dedication to the art of the saber.

Darl Ang

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