Dalah Jeth

Arkanian Triumvirate Member


Technically descended from Arkanian offshoot stock, Dalah Jeth is actually a native of Anaxes, and currently the only member of the Triumvirate to have never been a senator herself. Instead, she rose to prominence through the military, despite not coming from any of the great Naval families of her birth world. 17 years ago, as a Lieutenant stationed on Tund, she was able to turn the tide of a vicious battle with pirate raiders who had descended on the recently re-colonized world. All her superior officers were killed in the initial attack, but she was able to rally the surviving military force and colonists to repel the raiders handily, despite significant losses, and even pursued them once they retreated, wiping out the remaining force before it could return to nearby Hutt Space.

Her heroism and tactical brilliance won her both accolades and several promotions over the next few years. Though some believed she was on track to become Supreme Commander later in her career, Jeth instead resigned her commission 6 years ago rather than accept another promotion, to Rear Admiral. In her public statement, she said she did not wish to languish behind a desk for the rest of her life. It was thus quite the surprise when she accepted the unexpected nomination to the Triumvirate 3 years ago. Though Triumvirate meetings are generally kept private, she is reportedly quite energetic and outspoken in debate with her peers.


Dalah Jeth

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