Bastila Shan

Former Grand Master of the Jedi Order


In her youth, Bastila Shan was a prodigy in the rare art of Battle Meditation. When the Mandalorian Wars broke out, unlike many of her peers, she remained loyal to the orders of the Jedi Council and stayed out of the fighting when Revan led his dissidents to the front lines.

Her talents were nearly single-handedly responsible for allowing the beleaguered Republic forces to hold their own against the new Sith Empire when Revan and his apprentice, Malak, returned with their strange fleet and army of traitors. She also joined the strike team sent to Revan’s flagship to defeat him, and formed a Force Link with the defeated Sith Lord when Malak betrayed his master and seized control. Serving as the Council’s instrument in guiding a now-amnesiac Revan through a quest retracing his own steps to discover the source of the Sith Empire’s inexhaustible fleet kept her in the center of events. Danger, constant contact, and youth acted in concert with the Force Bond between the two to create an emotional connection as well, and the two fell in love on their adventure. When Bastila was captured by Darth Malak, and Revan re-discovered his true identity, everything nearly ended in disaster. But Revan and his other allies were able to recover Bastila, and their emotional connection was enough to overcome the brainwashing and temptations of Malak, turning Bastila back to the Light. She once more aided the Republic in the final battle against the Sith Fleet around the Star Forge, and was instrumental in the ancient factory’s destruction.

Following the war, Bastila and Revan married, and conceived a child. But Revan’s fragmented memories began to return, and he recalled the threat he had encountered in the Unknown Regions in his first life. Abandoning his wife and unborn son, he disappeared again into unexplored space to try to stop the threat once more. Left to raise their son alone, Bastila went into hiding when the subtle conflict known as the Dark Wars began to deepen, and did not emerge again until the Jedi Exile had put an end to the Sith Triumvirate, founded a new Jedi Order, and disappeared herself after her former commander, Revan.

Bastila returned to the galactic stage with her 5-year-old son, Vaner, in the year 3950 BBY, several months after the Jedi Exile had left her group of trainee Jedi behind. The collection of half-trained recruits soon learned of Bastila’s existence and hailed her return, all but forcing her to take on the role of Grand Master of the re-founded Jedi Order and lead them. She remained in this role for nearly 20 years, until her son married and had become a member of the Galactic Senate. Not long afterward, she stepped down from her leadership position and vanished from history. There is no official record of her death or where she went after leaving Coruscant.


This is Bastila Shan. Or, rather, an encoded echo of me, anyway. I hardly know why I’m recording this thing. After all, no one is likely to ever see it. I’ve no intention of leaving this place a second time, after all, and I’m the only one that ever managed it in the first place. I suppose I still feel some sort of obligation to the Jedi, even after all this time.

Perhaps I should elaborate. For all I know, whoever is hearing this has no idea who I am. Perhaps it has been millenia, and history has forgotten me. I fought in the Jedi Civil War, both against and beside Revan. Together, we ended the war, and destroyed the Star Forge, an artifact of the ancient Rakatan Empire. No doubt Revan’s name has not been lost, even if mine has. It isn’t often, after all, that the most powerful Jedi of an age falls to the Dark Side, brings the Sith Order back from the dead, carves out a new Empire for them, then turns back to the Light and undoes it all. But, I guess that wasn’t enough for him. Oh, Revan…

My apologies. The old get maudlin in their sunset years, and getting lost in memory is not why I’m recording this. After Revan disappeared once more, things began to fall apart again. Though the Sith had been defeated, they were not gone, and the ones that remained after the battle at the Star Forge eventually rallied. Those that consolidated power at the top apparently decided that targeting the Jedi in particular was their path to victory, because members of the Order, already greatly diminished by decades of conflict, began to drop like flies. Vaner had just been born, and Revan was gone with no way for me to follow. I just couldn’t afford to risk myself any longer. So I made the hardest decision of my life, and I ran away. I came here, with every intention of staying the rest of my life. After all, the legends did say none could leave.

Though that time was not without its challenges, looking back, they were the best years of my life. I had peace, companions, safety, and Vaner. Revan’s son began to grow into a fine boy. But then he started to ask questions of his father. And I realized I could not condemn him to imprisonment out of fear any longer. It took time, but eventually I found a way out, and we left.

Oh, how the galaxy had changed. The Jedi were all but gone, but then, so were the Sith. It seemed my worst fears had been realized in that respect, and I no longer regretted my decision to go into hiding. A small group of half-trained young people learned of my existence and brought me back to Dantooine, where they were attempting to reforge the Jedi. They told me the tale of their adventure together, with one of the old dissident Generals from the Mandalorian Wars that had returned from exile and toppled the trio of Sith that had siezed control of Malak’s leavings and destroyed the old Jedi. It reminded me vividly of our own struggles, Revan, Carth, and the rest of us against Malak. These new would-be Jedi had gained a surprising amount of knowledge of the Force in their short time with their Exile, but they had little grounding in the fundamentals—all of their training had been of necessity practical, and their mentor had abandoned them, just as Revan had me. They begged me to lead them in their mission to restore the Jedi Order, and, reluctantly, I consented.

Oh, Revan, I tried so hard to instill in them the lessons we learned together! I’m sure you could have managed it, but I just wasn’t up to the task. They all had this image in their minds of the perfect Jedi Order, destroyed by the evil Sith through treachery and deceit. They read the histories, and listened to the holocrons, and gave it all far more weight than my words. I did what I could, but I know it wasn’t enough. They hadn’t seen the flaws in the Order’s ways for themselves, and they couldn’t understand that the Jedi destroyed themselves as much as the Sith did. I stayed on until Venar was grown, with a family of his own. They allowed me to keep the title of Grand Master, though it was largely symbolic by then. I knew they didn’t really need me anymore, and my harping against the old ways had made me less than popular anyway. So I stepped down at last, and decided the best thing to do was return to obscurity. I considered seeking my lost love now that I was at last free, but I had no idea where to start. I had missed my only chance when the Exile took T3 and the Ebon Hawk away again. I had felt no hints in the Force of where Revan might be in all these years. I had to assume he was lost to me. And, if I was wrong, and he returned, Venar could tell him where I’d gone.

And so, here I am, and, I expect, here I shall remain. And I encode this holocron in case someone ever does come along that might be able to understand that the Jedi are not quite as wise as they think they are. There are not many that have fallen to the Dark Side and lived to return to the Light. In living memory, there has only been one other, and he was my husband. I like to think it offers us a unique insight into the nature of the Force. I record that knowledge here, in the hope that perhaps it can be of use to someone, someday.

Bastila Shan

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